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Star Wars Galaxies
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Accolade Badges
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Hello everyone.fficeffice" />


We have started to give out our Events Team "Accolade" badges on the servers and I wanted to explain a little about them.  


The accolade badges are given out one at a time by me, one of my team members, or Q-3PO and are meant to be fun for players to get and fun for us to hand out. We have an assortment of badges that are given for various player actions, though several relate to good role-playing.


It should be noted that these badges are very, very, very (Q-3PO made me add the third "very") rare. We hand out only a few of these every week on all servers so your odds are about 1 in 10,000 each week. When giving out badges we do not limit ourselves to cantinas or starting planets or cities or player events. We can range far and wide and take advantage of that ability. Did I mention that these badges are rare?


As an example, we sometimes sneak up on people and read their profiles. If we come upon a particularly well written or interesting biography, we may award the "Accolade: Fascinating Background" badge. Other people will see "...has been recognized for having an exceptional biography" when they examine you.


If you get a badge, you'll know it. Trust me, you'll know...unless you're AFK, then it will be a surprise. To view your own badges, you can press CTRL-C  (on default keymap)  to open your character sheet and click on the "Personal" tab. You can also select yourself with CTRL - 1 and type /examine. 



The one thing everyone should know is that the Accolade badges the Event Team hands out have no bearing on opening a Force Sensitive character slot. Not even a little bit. You can check that off your list of criteria now.


Good Luck!

Jason "Pex" Ryan

SOE Events Manager
09-18-2003 01:32 PM  

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