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Star Wars Galaxies
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Mass Gatherings Policy
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Mass Protest Policy
Occasionally in Star Wars Galaxies, players feel the need to express their discontent with mass protests.  With mass gatherings maliciously organized to disrupt other’s play experience, we will restrict the number of players gathering in any one area to maintain the stability of the service.
Mass gatherings of players in a concentrated area are problematic due to the underlying technology shared by all massively multiplayer games.  First and foremost, the technology of Star Wars Galaxies does not allow for hundreds of players to gather in a single area of the world without interfering with the play experience of all players in that area and potentially disrupting the operation of the entire game world. 
Large-scale gatherings that harm the experience of other players are a violation of the game’s terms of service (TOS).   If you are attending any kind of large player gathering and the performance of your client degrades significantly, you should consider leaving the area before further degradation occurs.  If a large-scale gathering occurs and a Customer Service Representative (CSR) requests that you leave the area, please do so immediately.  Failure to follow the requests of CSRs is also a violation of the TOS.  Any violation of the TOS can result in sanctions on your account, including suspension of play privileges and/or cancellation of the account.
We value our all of our customer's feedback and opinions, but such feedback needs to presented in a way that doesn't interfere with your fellow players’ game experience or the operation of the service.  Your feedback is most effective when it is constructive and routed to the appropriate channel of communication.
Proper Communication Channels

1.     Our community forums are the most appropriate place to give us feedback on policies, game issues and other general feedback to the team   We look forward to hearing from you and please remember our Usage Guidelines and Community Policies when posting.

Usage Guidelines
Community Policies

2.     For customer service issues directly affecting your account, contacting us through email at is appropriate.

3.     For technical support or other issues which prevent you from playing the game, please contact technical support at 858-790-STAR or through our live web chat located at Our phone hours are 9am-1:30pm and 3:30pm-6pm Monday through Friday (PDT time zone), and Live chat hours are 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.
4.     Another way to report issues to us, is with the /bug command.  In the spatial chat window, simply type /bug and it will pull up a reporting window with several drop-down menus to help focus the report so we can best respond to the information you submit.

5.     Also anytime you need technical or game help on a question, please use our knowledge base located at

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