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Star Wars Galaxies
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New Game Experience: Status Update - November 5th, 2005
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Hello everyone,
For those that I have not met, my name is Mario and I am a producer for SOE working on Star Wars Galaxies.  We wanted to update you folks on what we have been working on to address some of the issues you have been experiencing.  We are happy that everyone is playing and posting about their experiences.  The entire team is excited about the NGE and your gameplay feedback is very valuable to us.  Here is the latest on what we have been looking into:
1.  Server Load:  Last night we made several hardware / configuration changes to make sure that the tutorial was running on our fastest equipment.  We have a group of engineers that are monitoring the loop times (or lag) to make sure that we are keeping these processes running smoothly.  We are testing a new build that should also help with some of these issues.  Right now our QA Team is testing it and if we decide it looks good then we will push it out to you as soon as we can.
2.  Population:  It's good to see a lot of interest in the changes and because of that we brought up another Test Center this morning to try and handle the additional population.  Right now our three Test Servers are being monitored very closely and we are raising the population caps as people complete the tutorial.  We are also working on getting a fourth European Test Server up so that all of our European subscribers can get a look at the changes with a much better connection.  We have engineers here working around the clock trying to get some additional capacity in this area and Tiggs or I will update you regularly on what we are doing so that more people get to play through this new experience.
3. The Falcon:  I have seen a lot of posts about people being stuck and we have both our design and engineering teams looking into fixes.  Right now we have a design fix for the sequence that the QA Team is also testing as I type this.  Once I get confirmation that this fix is good I will make sure it gets pushed out to TC-Prime, TC-5 and TC-2 ASAP.  In the meantime please report any bugs to the bug threads in each of the forums.  Please try and limit the discussion in each of those threads to the issues you are experiencing in-game so that the information can be processed and handed off to the developers right away.  We also recommend that if you are unable to board the ramp of the Falcon you need to log out of the game and create a new character until we can address this issue.  
4. Information:  The team and I are passing information off as quickly as possibly to Tiggs so that you are updated on what we are doing.  We will be posting updates as we get new information here on the changes and fixes we are testing.
5. Testing:  We have received several reports from the players that some people are disrupting testing by spamming in the tutorial and on the planet.  We have authorized the Customer Service Team to have Game Masters log onto TC-Prime, TC-2 and TC-5 to deal with any disruptions to gameplay.  Anybody that is spamming the game on these TC's will be removed from play. 
Thank you again folks.  We will keep you posted as I hear of any other changes. 
11-05-2005 03:24 PM  

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Re: New Game Experience: Status Update - November 5th, 2005
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Quick update-

We have a hardware issue with TC-5 that is being looked into.  We'll let you guys know as soon as we have a fix ready to go.


Mario Rizzo
Associate Producer, Star Wars Galaxies
Sony Online Entertainment

11-05-2005 03:55 PM  

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