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Reminder about Malicious 3rd Party Programs
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Recently, there have been some programs being advertised in and out of game throughout the community.  Some of these programs are cheater programs that violate the End User License Agreement, but there are also some that report to perform feats of magic such as reduce lag.  We know of at least two of these programs to be Trojan Horses that are “keystroke loggers”.  Keystroke loggers are programs that “spy” on your computers keyboards to steal information.  These are malicious third party programs that might even lead to identity theft. 


Just as a community reminder, please do not use or install 3rd party programs onto your computer that claim to enhance the game.  3rd party applications are a violation of the End User License Agreement and we have banned people for using programs that violate the EULA and will continue to do so. 


We encourage you not to install anything on your computer that does not come from a trusted source.  Please be very careful when choosing and installing programs onto your computer.

Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl
Community Relations Manager
06-23-2004 01:40 PM  

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