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Ships: G1-M4-C Dunelizard

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Hutt "Dunelizard"
MandalorMotors G1-M4-C starfighter

As Outer Rim merchants forged relationships with high-end starship armor and shield system suppliers, the Hutt crime organization had to change their tactics. To continue unfettered piracy of the remote regions, (and to maintain profit margins) the Hutts commissioned a second ship from MandalorMotors – a more capable, more heavily armored starship with significantly increased firepower over the "Scyk," but without sacrificing too much of the maneuverability upon which Hutt pilots had grown to rely. The result is the G1-M4-C "Dunelizard" starfighter: a lean, muscular space craft with impressive agility, and a generous weapons loadout.

Ship Specifications

Ship Type: Medium Fighter
Faction: Privateer
Pilot skill required: 1
Availability: Craftable
Crew: Pilot Only
Mass Range: 85, 000
Weapon Mounts: Projectile weapon x2
Ordnance x1
Flight Control Upgrades: Flight Computer
Customizations: Trim and Body Colors, Textures

Ship Customizations

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