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Looted Tailoring Schematics   [ Edited ]
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Publish 6 Looted Tailoring Schematics

by n'Jessi

This is a constantly growing list of the name, location found, ingredients, stats and restrictions of limited-use looted schematics. This page will be updated frequently, as the information comes in.

Most of this information is pieced together from hearsay on the SWG forums. A special thank-you to those tailors who posted information and pictures on the forums.

Danger! Not all mods work at the moment because the mods remained the same but the Combat Upgrade made them useless.

A report has come in that opening the schematic in your crafting tool, but not actually making the item, will waste the use. Please check ingredients in your datapad or in your crafting tool without opening the schematic.

What Tools Do I need?

Please remember that all these items are complexity 30 - which means you must use a specialized crafting tool (clothing & armor) and be next to a private clothing & armor crafting station (either in someone's house, or a droid - but you don't need to be the owner yourself).

What Materials do I need?

The materials required are so far the same as you would have around for general tailoring. With the exception of the following:

  • flora food (chef apron)
  • aluminum (lightweight military backpack)
  • mythra copper (for exquisite leotard)
  • Rori Vegetable Fungus (spec ops agent pack)
  • Food & Chem Crafting Tool, Clothing/Armor Crafting tool, Structure Crafting tool (for the apron)
  • weapon repair kit (weaponsmith tool kit) These take any sort of metal.
  • droid repair kit (droidsmith tool kit)
  • 6 identical warhead mechanisms (for demolitionist belt). Weaponsmiths make these.
  • dagger (for clothing apron). Apparently this is an artisan item, though perhaps some engineering skill is required.
  • Various looted components (see end of this document)

Does material Quality Count?

At this point, I (n'Jessi) have made one schematic with the worst materials possible, and the stats came out exactly the same as all reports. So I would say no. However, I have not made any schematics that require crafting tools or repair kits, so the quality on those may make a difference.

What if I crit fail?

The way it is supposed to work (according to the devs): In a crit fail you will lose your materials, but not lose a use on your schematic.

Can I use BE tissues in these items

There have been reports of various tissues working or not working in specific items. I'm updating as the information comes in.

Same style, different stats: the Apron

Crafting aprons of the same "style" have different ingredient requirements which lead to different stats. Aprons, as noted below, can add to clothing, food, or medical experimentation. You will not know what type of apron you have until you learn the schematic and see the ingredients. You may not substitute ingredients to attempt to get a different array of stats.

Learning multiple schematics

If you try to learn a schematic that you have already learned an identical schematic, you will not be allowed to learn the identical schematic. However, if you try to learn a schematic that has the same form, but different substance, you may learn 2 schematics. For example, you may learn the medical apron at the same time as the clothing apron, even though the two are both classified as a "crafting apron."


Schematic name: Exquisite Dancer's Leotard

Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats

Location found: Jabba's Theme Park

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients:60 hide, 3 identical trim, 2 identical jewelry settings, 50 metal, 3 identical synth, 2 identical synth, 20 mythra copper, 20 amorphous gemstone, 1 Crystalline Clothing Treatment

Stats: Dancing Mind Enhancement 5, Battle Fatigue Healing (Dancing) 5, Wound Healing (Dancing) 5 These stats are non-functional

Appearance: Identical to exotic leotard.

Restrictions: Presumably, like the original Exotic Leotard, it's female only

Palette: Limited Palette, same as Exotic Leotard

Additional Info: BE tissues will work in this item. Picture of Enhanced Leotard here.

Schematic name: Lightweight Military Pack

Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats

Location found: Emperor's Retreat on Naboo, Jabba's theme park

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients: 20 fiberplast, 10 hide, 1 heavy duty leather, 5 metal, 15 aluminum, 5 polymer

Stats: General Ranged Aiming 5, Melee Defense 3, Ranged Defense 3, Cover 5

Appearance: Looks like military travel pack


Palette: none

Additional Info:

Schematic name: Droidsmith Tool Set >

Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats

Location found: Imperial Theme Park, Col. Veers

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients: 1 cargo pocket, 20 fibreplast, 15 metal, 10 metal, 1 reinforced fibre panel, 15 non-ferrous metal, 1 droid repair tool, 2 identical heavy duty clasp from a factory crate

Appearance: Mercenary Bandolier

Stats: Droid assembly 5, Droid customization 5, Droid Experimentation 3.

Restrictions: Like all bandoliers, presumably cannot be worn with a backpack

Palette: Presumably leather/white like the mercenary bandolier

Schematic name: Weaponsmith tool kit

Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats

Location found: Dantooine rebel missions, Mon Mothma; Jabba's theme park

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients:1 cargo pocket, 15 metal, 10 metal, 20 plast, 1 rfp, 15 nonferrous metal, 1 weapon repair tool, 2 identical heavy duty clasp

Stats: +5 weapon assembly, +3 weapon experimentation, +5 weapon repair

Appearance: Multipocket bandolier

Restrictions: Like all bandoliers, presumably cannot be worn with a backpack

Palette:Leather, white secondary

Additional Info:

Schematic name: Spec Ops Agent Pack

Screenshots: Ingredients & Stats

Location found: Mon Mothma, Rebel quest

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients:3 cargo pockets, 1 heavy duty leather, 5 metal, 20 Titanium aluminum, 10 Rori Vegetable fungus

Stats: Camo 5, Foraging 5, melee def 3, ranged def 3

Appearance:Like Spec ops pack



Additional Info:

Schematic name: Crafting Apron

Location found: Jabba's Theme Park

Number of Uses: 3

Variations: You will not know until you learn the schematic which ingredients the apron requires - and therefore which stats it will have. You may not "substitute" ingredients in order to try to make the apron come out with different stats.

  • Crafter's Apron (Clothing)

    Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats

    Ingredients: 2 identical Heavy Duty Leather, 8 chem, 3 chem, 1 synth cloth, 50 hide, 1 dagger (artisan item), 1 clothing/armor crafting tool

    Stats:Clothing Assembly 5, Clothing Experimentation 5

  • Crafter's Apron (medical)

    Screenshots: Ingredients; Stats,

    Ingredients:2 identical Heavy Duty Leather, 8 chem, 3 chem, 1 synth cloth, 50 hide, 30 organic, 1 Food & Chem crafting tool

    Stats:medicine assembly 5, medicine experimentation 5

    Confirmation: Ingredients by n'Jessi

  • Crafter's Apron (chef)

    Screenshots: Ingredients

    Ingredients: 2 identical Heavy Duty Leather, 8 chem, 3 chem, 1 synth cloth, 50 hide, 10 flora food, 1 Food & Chem crafting tool

    Stats: food assembly 5, food experimentation 5

  • Crafter's Apron (Architect)

    Screenshots: Ingredients

    Ingredients: 2 identical

    Stats: Architect assembly 5, Architect experimentation 5

Appearance: It seems as if you can choose appearance of finished product: the crafter's apron, plain shirt, dress shirt, casual shirt, or wooly shirt. The apron itself is a new design, while presumably the other options look like the originals.

Despite the fact that you can make a shirt version or an apron version, you cannot wear the shirt version and the apron version together, such that they stack. Technically all of the incarnations are classified as a "vest"

***NOTE: According to members of Test Center, the "shirt" version will be removed in publish 7. So if you want it, make it while you can.

Restrictions: Wookiees cannot wear the apron in apron form or in shirt form (possibly because classified as a "vest"). This is a sad day for Wookiees.

Palette: Color 1 is white, color 2 is leather palette. Others have reported no secondary color.

Additional Info: Although at first it seemed that one could not put enhanced tissues into the apron, many tailors now report successful enhancement. Screenshot of enhanced medical apron.

Human Male wearing Apron

Kara wearing the apron!!!

Schematic name: Demolitionist belt

Screenshots: Ingredients

Location found: Jabba's theme park

Number of Uses: 3

Ingredients: 50 inert petro, 25 metal, 35 iron, 6 non-ferrous, 6 identical medium warhead mechanism (from a weaponsmith), 1 heavy duty clasp

Stats: Grenade Assembly 5, Grenade Experimentation 3, Thrown Weapon Accuracy 5

Appearance:Looks like grenadier's belt



Additional Info: It seems as if some of the stats refer to Commando crafting, which was taken out of the game. Hence: probably useless.

Lootable Sub-components

Component name: Heavy Duty Clasps

Location found/monster: Nightsisters (rancor tamers, stalkers), Dathomir; Tuskans; Rebel NPC's; meatlumps

Used in: Demolitionist belt, Droidsmith Tool Set, Weaponsmith Tool Set

Component name: Heavy Duty Leather

Location found/monster: Nightsister Stalker, Nightsister Spell Weaver, Dathomir; Evil Hermit, Bestine; Tuskan kings, Tuskan Elite Guard, Tuskan fort; Jantas; Jawas; rebel NPC's; Gondola Ewoks, marauder theme park, Endor; Ermm ewoks.

Used in: Crafter's Apron, Lightweight Military Pack

Component name: Crystalline Clothing Treatments

Location found/monster: Nym's guard, Lok; Jawa, Tatooine; Corsec; Valarian thug(?); rebel major NPC; a locked container (go figure); Tuskan Guard; Tuskan warlord; RSF commandos outside Theed

Used in: Exquisite Dancer's Leotard

Also, random POI npc's will drop components, so you might get lucky. In general the tougher mobs (i.e. nightsisters) may drop more than one, while the lower level ones will drop something occasionally.

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