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Two-Strap Bandolier

The perfect tool for any up and coming mercenary, this bandolier does not actually store blaster clips, but it makes you look just a little more like Han Solo.

Wookies may also use this item. Groooooowf!

This one has it's own funky palette - everything comes out ummm, a little bit pink

Bandoliers may not be worn with backpacks.

This one now has many more color options - but most still come out a bit pink. It is recommended to contact the tailor directly about color options.

Combat Enhancement Options:
Melee and Stun Resist (Scout)
Mask Scent and Scent Camo
Intimidate and War Cry
Bleed Resist

Pick a color from the "Color..." link, and click on the color to choose it.
Leather Straps Color...

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