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The Nightsister Themepark - (a guide)   [ Edited ]
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Night Sister Faction Park
That Themepark is located on Dathomir at the Nightsister Stronghold POI. This is one of high end Themeparks - you should have mastered one or more higher combat professions and to know how you fight enemies like Singing mountain Clan sisters or Nightsisters.

I started the Themepark with 5000 Nightsister Faction Standing so i dont know the Faction Rewards for the missions - also i dont know if the mission will be bugged if you have less faction standing - WARNING EVEN WITH 5000 NIGHTSISTER FACTION STANDING - NIGHTSITER RANCORS WILL STILL ATTACK YOU - IF YOU COUNTERATTACK - OR ATTACK THE RANCORS - ALL NS WILL BE AGROED !!!!!!!

Ore Edwo - the protector near the cave - she just send you to the POI of the battle NS vs SMC
Vorxe Ornav - the tamer in the west of the stronghold - she sends you to the rancor cave - that cave is not a POI
Leandra - the spellweaver - near the southern exit - she send you to the POI of the Nightspider Cult

- First mission - Get the mistress a new Pet - its an imperial Sergant just talk to him and he will follow you - the two guys beside
  him didnt attack me im an Imp Colonel - It was really hard for me to hand my underling over to death - but my mistress ordered me....
- Second mission - Get a brainwashed NS back to her Sisters - The problem here is the brainwashed sister is guarded by two SMC guardian
  95K HAM and 100 % resist vs all except Electricity and Blast - but no need to fight them - because you need a high SMC faction to get near
  these 3. To talk with the reformed nightsister you have to kill NS first - its very odd and i think its bugged but you can make it - just go and
  kill after you took the mission some NS - (many of them) i did it so long till i had a faction standing of 5000 for the singing mountain clan -
  the i went to the WP - Surprise surprise the guardians still attack you - just lure them away from the reformed NS - talk to the NS and return
  to Baritha - of course i killed SMC so long till i got 5000 Nightsister faction before i returned - no reward
- Third mission - a replacement for the first mission she really need a lot of toys - hehe - this time its an Imperial Staff Colonel - talk to him and
  return to the mistress
The Stronghold Main Tower
all npcs are located in the second floor

Fath H'ray
- First mission - Get the mistress pet back - well in fact there is a NS Rancor Tamer at the WP - Just talk to her and head back - and get rid of
  the two SMC Tamers beside her - (350 Credits)
- Second mission - The SMC are trying to raid some Rancor nests stop them - simple kill and destroy mission -
  (enemies: 1 Clan Scout / 2 Tamer / 1 huntress) After killing the huntress the mission is done - (750 Credits)

- First mission - She is competeting with another NS healer for the place beside Kais - kill the other apprentice - you will loose 600 NS faction
  for killing her - so i went to the battlefield - and slayed more SMC to get my 5000 back - dunno if it was needed but i wanted to be loyal slave
  to my mistress - (100 Credits)
- Second mission - Find a SMC healer who is using Bac-ta - get this from the SMC and bring it to Diax - The SMC will drop an item called
  healing salve - its just deco - but looks nice in a medical center - so i did this mission 11 times - i just stored the item in my droid
  To do the mission multiple items - trade the item to a bot or another player - destroy the old WP - get the new WP (and loop this)
  When you give Diax the item she will give you a Damge Stimpack B with the following stats:
        Uses: 6
        Heal health Damage 149
        Heal action Damage 149
        Heal mind Damage 149
        Required medicine use skill: 37

- First mission - kill a gapping spider and get her fangs - Well the spider is in fact a Queen but the stats are a joke - i killed it in one hit - no loot
  just return to Kias - no reward
- Second mission - kill a malkloc - its a massive malkloc took me three hits - noo real enemy - no loot just return to kias - no reward
- Third mission - poisen the guards - you will get powdered posien bring it to the guard at the wp then return - no reward

- First mission - go and kill the Ex prime slave of her - then return - no reward
- Second mission - stop a SMC partol - kill the smc at the WP - (enemies: 3 Clan Scouts) - no reward
- Thrid mission - kill Aelta - similar to SMC Arch Witch - Kill her and return to the clan mother - no reward
- Forth mission - kill Chastina - similar to SMC Arch Witch protected by two SMC Clan Dragons- Chastina drops a slave collar - to obtain more
  slave collars just loop that quest - Kill her and return to the clan mother - I did that quest about 20 times the slave collar was my aim when
  i started that themepark - Its a great *gift* or present to some ppl ingame - my favorite wedding gift - bound for live - haha - No reward for
  completing this mission
Thats it hoped it help you a bit
My personal opinion its a nice themepark - and to walk among the NS in the stronghold gave me goose bumps
Ohh i forgot to add the current patch - for future use this was done at the times of Patch 13.0 around the 20th February 2005
Sioned Dor'thil
entertainer with passion


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Re: The Nightsister Themepark - (a guide)
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I was wondering about the viability of farming the Damage Stimpack B's, I take it you can only do this theme park twice, if you reset your records at the Planetary Record Keeper.
Once you hand in the first salves (say you got 11 from sticking them in a droid) in return for Damage Stims, can you hand more in or does it go to the next part of the mission?
It would be nice to have a toolbar full of these and a macro to call them in emergencies.

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Re: The Nightsister Themepark - (a guide)   [ Edited ]
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mmm never tried that but maybe it works - i have completed that park and there is no record keeper on dathomir (as far as i know) - so you can do it only once

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