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Vendor Search - Find anything and everything you want!

by: miraljz

To find anything and everything you want to price, locate, or buy in the entire galaxy, instead of spamming in front of the starport WHERE CAN I BUY A SWOOP 4000 times a minute, do this:

Go to any bazaar terminal. If you can't find one, type /find terminal:bazaar and it will create a waypoint and a yellow ribbon leading you right to it. Select Browse Market from the bazaar terminal. In the top row of tabs, select the Vendor Search option. Next, check the This Planet, or Entire Galaxy box (whichever you prefer), then simply use the categories in the left-hand box to search for whatever it is you want!


Combat Moves

This week, we have three combat moves from Gen00b, Jedi-of-the-Hills, and Etyrnal. Join in and post your own successful combat moves too!  

Rifleman Combo Move

Knee-cap shot (rifleman) is quite useful too if you want to slow down your opponent. They can't run for a few seconds which gives you the time to move out of their range and stay within rifle range (over 50m should do the trick). Combined with root this is very effective.

By: Gen00b

Carbineer Combo Move

Carbineer's have a pretty cool combination of abilities. First is Charge Shot. The target falls over and stays down for a round. Second is Crippling Shot. Kinda like rifleman Kneecap shot in that the target goes slow for the duration. If the target is a melee fighter, then this helps because Carbineers are good at firing on the move.

By: Jedi-of-the-Hills  

Bounty Hunter Combo Move

I have a tip I use on my Mater BHMaster commando Pistols xxx4. Using Stopping Shot with a commando weapon will make it an AOE. I have been able to root a whole group with this.

By: Etyrnal
"NO DISINTEGRATIONS!" "As you wish..."

Selecting Draft Schematics made easy

By: Warryyr

Someone mentioned this awhile ago, but I thought it was worth repeating. I just updated my crafting macro with it and it was great for when I learned new schematics and the schematic numbers resorted.

Instead of specifying:

/ui action selectDraftSchematic 01

In a macro, and having to deal with figuring out the exact draft schematic number in your datapad (which can sometimes be a pain due to changing numbers, new learned schematics at a new level, and so on), try replacing this line in your crafting macro (the selectDraftSchematic line) with the following:

/pause 1

/ui action defaultButton

/pause 1

Now, open up the crafting window of the crafting tool you want to use. Manually select the schematic you want to use with your macro, and click Next, so that you are at the window that lets you load resources into the schematic. Now press Esc to close the window (or hit the little x on the upper right).

Now, fire up your crafting macro.

The default chosen item to craft will be the one you selected the last time you opened the tool.

The defaultButton action and the 1 second pause will select Next for you, bringing up the "add resources" window, and you never need bother with finding a draft schematic number in your datapad again!


Grab Bag 'o Tips

Each week, many community members post great tips in this thread. This week, we've collected a few of the smaller tips that folks sometimes forget.

If you know a tip, please add it to the thread!


ALT-ENTER switches between windowed mode and non-windowed mode.

~ By: MajorXP


CTRL-ENTER will open and close your main chat window..

~ By: WizKid72


Musicians and Dancers can perform their special effects with different colors!

/dazzle 1, /dazzle 2 will produce different effects.

~ By: omadnay


Double-clicking on a droid in the datapad now calls the droid instead of examine it. You can also put your Droid into the Toolbar now, as you can do it with your bikes and pets. Clicking on the Droid/Mount in the toolbar calls it, if it's called, clicking on it will store it.

~ By: Drecki


If you use the Onscreen Waypoint Monitor you can select and deselect waypoints simply by clicking inside the monitor window. You can even open multiple windows by selecting a 2nd or so on waypoint. It's much quicker then accessing your datapad and sorting through waypoints (and if your like me you have 20+ to sort through haha).

~ By: Fion13

* SWG Classic Interface Users should right-click.


For those who like looking at themselves or their own accomplishments, or want to see how good their biography looks to other people, type:

/ex self

~ By: Trenkor


Best tip I've had yet. . .

go to Ctrl-O and click on the interface button.

Click on Keymap.

click on the Chat Tab and Scroll down.

On the boxes that say "Chat Copy", "Chat Cut", and "Chat Paste", rebind them to Shift+Ctrl+C, Shift+Ctrl+X, and Shift+Ctrl+V.

~ By: genkii


If you forgot which alias you already set use /alias and you'll get the list.

~ By: Arnwald



Don't Miss Critical System Messages

Tired of same color messages to every text, every system message? You can't realize you have been knocked down in PvP lag? Missing who called your name in spatial spam?  Tired of looking for message you wanted on long scrolls of your chat tabs?

Here is how to customize your message colors on your screen.

Right click on one of your chat-tab names and press "Add" and insert "System Messages"  from left selection menu to right and name tab as "System".

Open Options (CTRL+O) and click "Chat Color" from the left menu.

Type "knocked down" on the entry field at bottom of option screen and pick the color red and then press "Add Sentence Colorization".

You will see following messages as red color on your screen:

You have been knocked down.
You can't while Knocked down.

Another example, you are a Bounty-Hunter and often missing your droid location while waiting for location. Again type Your target has been located and press Green color and "Add Sentence Colorization" and you will see these messages in green. Or you want to know when your seeker droid lost track of your target lost track word in red with Sentence customization will help a lot on your long travels to your mark.

How about some more customization?

Type your name to field and pick orange color again "Add Sentence Colorization", you will see all messages with your name in it with orange color in spatial.

Type [GROUP] to field and click on yellow, this time "Add Word colorization" and you will see as:

[GROUP] NameA looted ItemA

"You have entered" sentence with "Add Word Customization" will let you see as:

You have entered Kor Vella

Examples can be expanded with your preferences on how much experience you gained and many possibilities of your profession, what you looted  and critical system messages you want to follow.




Secret Smuggler's Handshake
By: tralita_tusnami


This is a macro I was given when in game it makes meeting another player interesting and kinda fun.

/mood discreet;

/emote Gives %NT the SECRET Smuggler Handshake;



/mood smug;


It can be modified as you see fit for any occasion, such as a guild meeting:

/mood happy

/emote Gives %NT the ESF GUILD handshake;


/pause 2

/mood none


Have fun with it!

Managing Harvesters

By: KundoJet

Tip for managing Harvesters:

When you drop a harvester, a waypoint to the harvester is automatically created in your datapad (IF you have room!). Edit the name of the waypoint to show the resource you're harvesting, and the date by which you need to have checked the harvester.

This can be the date you think the hopper will be full based on your BER and the concentration, the date you think you will run out of power/maintenance, or the date you think the resource will shift out, depending on which you think will happen first.

It makes it a lot easier to go to your datapad, show waypoints on all planets, and be able to see there all you harvesters, with the resource type and the "check by" date clearly labeled.

Thanks to Ka'chi for the idea!

Personal Whispers

By: Warryyr

If you type /whisper>PlayersNameHere Hi Fuzzball!

You'll whisper "Hi Fuzzball!" to the player (replace their first name with PlayerNameHere) that only they can hear.

A dotted-line text box pops up over you that says "Hi Fuzzball!"

Everyone else in the area sees:

Warryyr whispers to PlayersNameHere.

You will also do a whispering animation.

Speaking of animations while saying something, here's a nifty way I've mentioned before, to force your character to do an animation without saying anything in Spatial:

/sing hello

So long as you don't have Novice Entertainer, you'll perform the wave motion always triggered by saying hello. You will NOT say anything in Spatial. This is great for crowded gatherings, with a lot of waving and greeting going on, as it prevents spatial from being spammed with emote statements. Your character just does the animation. It seems more natural to me, because if I walk into a place and see some friends, I like the look of just nodding without having an emote pop up saying "Warryyr nods at JoeShmo." I just nod. Great for incognito actions by factional players On Leave

If you DO have Novice Entertainer, you get to use a text function no one else can - /sing - and it makes the text box you type stuff into look like a scroll! Great for reciting songs and poetry. And it's something unique to Entertainer.

EDIT: If you just type /whisper Hi Fuzzball!

Everyone around you will see:

Warryyr whispers, "Hi, Fuzzball!"

If you use the > between /whisper and the player's name, only you and that person will see what you typed.

Command Strings Made Easy

By: sciguyCO

To see a list of commands starting with a given string, type in what you know (or guess) is the start of the command, then hit ctrl-shift-tab. This will list all the slash commands starting with what you had. If only one command matches, it puts that into the entry line.

So typing "/nex" and hitting ctrl-shift-tab gets you /nextCraftingStage. Typing "/alarm" and hitting ctrl-shift-tab gets you:








For some commands, you can get useful info by doing "/help {command}", but most of the more esoteric ones (like /createPrototype) just come back with "command not found". This usually means that it isn't a "normal" command, so the help text wasn't put in.

Checking who's online from your guild

By Ehenn Gek of Eclipse

do a /chatroom who guild..guildchat to see who's online on guild. even /alias it.

to get your guild id:

on the "join chat channel" window, select "SWG", "YourGalaxy", "Guild", then guildid is the number you see there. if you see more than one guild id's there, your guild id is the one that has a "Guildchat" chatroom in it.


/chatroom who guild.12345.guildchat

("12345" there is the supposed guildchat id here. replace it with your own guild's id)

Aliasing it:

/alias gwho /chatroom who guild.12345.guildchat"

then do a:



and the results should come up like this:

Members of this channel:




SWG.Eclipse.system (this one always comes up)


Using the /alias command

By: JenTara

Are you tired of typing out /ui action toolbar blah blah?  Do you talk to people on other servers and are tired of having to type out something like /tell intrepid.jen'tara?

You can create your own slash commands!  Just type /alias followed by your command, followed by what you want the command to do.

A few examples...

/alias whatup What's up, %TT?



= What's up, Jen'tara Rhee? (Assuming I am your target)

/alias dancing /macro dancing

this would run your dancing macro without having to hotkey it or type out /macro

and finally my favorite...

/alias jentara /tell intrepid.jen'tara

will let you send me a tell just by typing

/jentara Hello, how are you today?


You tell Intrepid.Jen'tara Rhee, "Hello, how are you today?" (Assuming you are not on Intrepid, if you are then it will just do the name, no server, but still put the server in your alias so you can do it from any of your characters on any server)

Finally, be careful not to use already established emotes or commands, as your aliases WILL overwrite the game defaults... IF you need to delete an alias, then you must close the game, then go into your star wars folder and find the text file "aliases.txt" and just delete the aliases you want to get rid of, or if you are really adventurous... add more manually 

Special thanks to furryjackal that originally told ME of the aliases.


Asteroid Resource Dealers

Space Mining can be a profitable business...if you know where to sell your resources.  After you fill up your cargo hold, you can travel to one of the following space stations to sell your asteroid ore.  Keep in mind that asteroid dealers will only buy resources (not sell them) and different stations will buy resources at different rates.

Asteroid Vendor Space Stations:

Corellia: -206, -5208, -6748
Dantooine: -7483, 636, 92
Dathomir: -2709, -4335, 5159
Endor: 959, -846, 2598
Lok: -1692, -4270, -5411
Naboo: 2028, -5958, -7040
Tatooine: -5949, 0, 5944
Yavin 4: 6475, -6474, -6481

Getting within Healing Range, FAST!

This tip comes to us from Fractus ShiningShadow on the Gorath Galaxy:

Have you ever needed to heal a group member fast, only to select them and find that they are out of range? Medics across the galaxy know what I'm talking about. Well here's a tip for getting into healing range of any group member fast:

Using  Shift +[# key]  is a great way of selecting your group members or yourself fast. Followed by the heal of your choice. That's pretty basic healer stuff. But what if they are out of range and you haven't any idea where they are, or there is so much visually going on that you can't find them in the crowd? Well try using the /follow command. Better yet, assign /follow and /stopfollow actions (CTRL+A) to hotbuttons (F1-F12). Using /follow will automatically move your character within range the targeted group member. Now try that heal again, followed with the /stopfollow command or hot button. Bingo! You've moved into short-range healing or buffing range with the click of a button. This tip worked before the CU and still works with the CU. No worries there...

Here's a list of the commands I use, in the order I use them:

Shift +[#]              Selects groupmembers.

/follow                   Automatically moves you to your target groupmember.

/bactaShot            Any short-range healing action can be used here.

/stopfollow            Ends the /follow command, Freeing your movement.

Rinse and Repeat...

Hoping this helps beat the "out of range blues".

Special thanks to Imortissa, a long lost friend and my inspiration for becoming a healer, who taught me this tip. We miss you M'Love.

- - Fractus

Asteroid Mining Made Easier

When asteroid mining, the first step is to shoot the main asteroid with your mining laser until a big chunk breaks off. When that first big chunk breaks off, the next step is to chase it down and blast it into smaller, mine-able chunks. To make things easier, target the first big chunk when it breaks off (by pointing your ship towards the chunk and hitting tab or semi-colon) and set your ship to follow the asteroid piece as it floats through space. Your ship will follow it, making it easier to blast it into smaller chunks. It is also easier to hit the smaller chunks when it finally breaks apart.

Armor Break

The Brawler Profession has a great offensive special ability that works well both solo and in groups. The ability is called Armor Break.  Armor Break is a special ability that is granted at the Two-Handed IV skill box and acts as a de-buff on an enemy target.

Armor Break will increase the amount of damage that will be done to a creature, NPC or player for a short period of time. During combat, use the Armor Break ability and then follow it up with your strongest damage dealing move and you will notice a significant increase in damage done to your target. The Armor Break de-buff will last long enough to get off a few attacks - - it's not just a 1-2 combo!

While in a group, all of your teammates that land damage while the enemy is de-buffed will also benefit from the Armor Break effect.

For advanced melee characters, Swordsman Defense I offers Improved Armor Break and Advanced Armor Break at Swordsman Defense III. At the elite profession level, the Armor Break de-buff lasts longer and your opponent will take more damage.

Stopping Shot

The Pistoleer profession has a useful ability called, "Stopping Shot". Stopping Shot is a special ability that is a ranged attack against an opponent's legs and feet that has the ability to stop their forward movement for a very short time however very little damage is usually done.

This is a very useful ability to have either as part of professions or as a helpful member in a group because it "roots" or "stops" an opponent in their tracks for a short period of time.

he Pistoleer simply has to fire his Stopping Shot attack on an enemy. The group will know it was successful because they will all see fly-away text that reads +Rooted+ and also an animation of red rings around the legs and feet of the target. Once this combat message has been seen, it's time to let loose and do as much damage as possible for the duration of the rooting ability. If you have a melee combatant in your group, it is also helpful to root and enemy so they don't have to run very far and can do the maximum amount of damage.

Squad Leader: Volleyfire

Improve your group's combat ability and join up with a Squad Leader! Squad Leaders have a special ability called volleyfire that will give a 15% bonus to accuracy and damage to everyone in the group. Volleyfire not only gives a group bonus, but it will also "paint a target" that everyone in the group can see in order to direct their fire at a single target.

To make this happen, the Squad Leader needs to be the group leader and target an enemy. Once the Squad Leader is both the group leader and targets an enemy, they can activate their volleyfire icon and everyone will see the group target and get the volleyfire bonus.

Pass-Through Assisting

When a group member is in a tough combat situation, there is an easy way to help them out.

Simply target your group member and attack!

Any attack you execute will "pass through" your group-mate and on to strike your group-mate's target. The pass-through assist does require for your group member to have something targeted.

For example, I am in a group with Virrago and GarVa . GarVa comes under heavy attack by a group of creatures. For Virrago and me to "assist" GarVa, GarVa needs to target one of his enemies. Once GarVa has an enemy targeted, we simply need to target GarVa and attack. As a result, all of our attacks will "pass through" GarVa and hit whomever (or whatever) GarVa has targeted.


Center of Being

Center of Being is a great special ability for melee characters and using it successfully will have a huge impact on winning melee combat.

How to get it

All Brawlers can earn the Center of Being ability.  It is earned at Unarmed I, One Handed II, Two Handed III and Polearm I.  It is offered in each of the Brawler skill trees so  all melee  players  use the skill without having to pursue additional non-related skill trees .  At the Elite Profession level, practitioners of Teras Kasi can earn Improved Center of Being at Balance I.

How it works

To effectively use the Center of Being ability, activate the ability as combat begins and at least once every 30 seconds to keep it active.  You will be able to tell when the ability is about to fade because the  buff  icon will blink.  When this happens, you can choose to reactivate the ability for a longer more defensive attack or switch to a more offensive role and press your attack without Center of Being on your side.

Using the Center of Being ability this way will give a melee character much better defenses in combat.  Not only will it reduce the number of hits, but also the amount of damage for each hit during the attack.

Game Options

New players and veterans alike don't always take advantage of the "Game Options" menu on the launchpad. Once you log into the game, the "Game Options" button will become available and there are 6 tabs of options that can be very useful.

Tab 1 - Information

This tab lists all the information about your computer including your drivers, memory and other useful technical references. There is also a a button so you can quickly copy this information to the clipboard.

Tab 2 - Graphics

This tab contains a host of graphics options that can be helpful including the ability to run the game in a windowed mode (though it takes a lot of system resources to do that), along with a variety of rendering options.

Tab 3 - Sound

This tab can allow you to enable and disable your audio as well as choose the source for game sound. This is especially helpful for musicians and technophiles out there with more than one sound card.

Tab 4 - Game

The game tab has a checkbox for those that want to turn off the opening animation sequence as well as a drop down window for choice of joysticks and language options.

Tab 5 - Advanced

The advanced tab does indeed have advanced options, but in particular, if you check "Disable World Preloading", you can increase the performance of the game on some computers.

Tab 6 - Debug

This can be an especially helpful tab if you are having technical difficulties. Click the "configure" button to change the options. There are options for crash logs, character ID, hardware information and even a flag so that it makes it easy for you to flag yourself for customer service and tech support to contact you. Lastly, there is even a button so that you can easily reset all of your in-game options if you need to.


Cross Game Email!

You can send in-game email messages to your friends on other servers, or to those who play EverQuest or Everquest 2.



Your friends who play in EQ or EQ2 can send you mail too!



Disabling Ship Reactors


There are several different mission types in Jump to Lightspeed.  For many of the missions, the main objective is simply to destroy enemy ships.  There are other types of missions however where the primary objective is to inspect a ship or other type of activity.  


If you need to disable a ship without destroying it, you can target specific components on an enemy ship.  To do this, you use the targeting commands for, "Cycle Component Forward" and "Cycle Component Backward".  Simply target a key component and blast it!  This technique of disabling ships is also handy if you get ambushed by powerful enemy ships.  If you can take out their reactor (or weapons), you might be able to make a getaway!


These targeting commands start out bound to the following keys:


Target an enemy ship then use either of these keys to cycle through the various components on an enemy ship.  The name of the component will appear in the targeting window.  Cycle through the components to target the specific one you want to disable.  This could be the reactor, weapons, engine, etc.


To make this even easier to accomplish in combat, you can re-map these keys to something you prefer or if you have a joystick, you can re-map the "Cycle Component Forward / Backward" to a joystick button for fast action.


You can re-map this (or any command) by:


• Open your Options window (CTRL-O)
• Press the Controls Button on the Left
• Click the "Target" tab to find all of your targeting options
• Find the option you want to remap and click, "Rebind"
• Click the button you want to use and then click "ok"
• Click the "Apply" Button and then "Done"

Do you have a useful tip that you want to share with your fellow Star Wars Galaxies players?

Programming Fireworks Displays


"Many players know how to load different fireworks into a Show Package and launch it for an impressive display. However it's a little known ability of the Entertainer profession to program these packages. Anyone with Novice Entertainer can adjust the timing and order of the fireworks, creating dramatic pauses, colorful clusters, or long steady displays. A programmed package can then be given to anyone else, and launched as normal. It's a great way to celebrate a special ingame occasion."


Changing the Color of the Musician and Dancer Flares

It is possible for Musicians and Dancers to change the color of their special effects (skill tree 4/0/0/0 in each profession).  To do so you can activate any of the abilities listed below - - provided the necessary requirements are met - - with a 1, 2 or 3 as an added parameter.  This will change the color/style or general flare of the special effect. 


For Example: instead of typing /dazzle, type /dazzle 3


The following abilities can have different colors:






New Double Click Actions:

On February 4th, we showcased a user interface layout that wasn't dependant on using the "Alt" key.  We have currently added some new features to the modeless interface.  These are the new "Double Click Actions".


The way to execute the default action on an object in the SWG is to double click the left mouse button while hover the mouse over the object. This makes performing frequent actions easier than always having to select them from a menu of several options. We are updating default game actions to make game play easier for the player by making some pretty common actions more quick and easy to access. This is not to say they are the only way to access these functions, but just a shortcut to them using the mouse.


In addition to the Double-Click actions, the newly added default actions include:

Keep Track Of Those Resources

"It's easy to keep track of which resources are new and which ones are soon to disappear ! Simply open your surveying device each day or two and take screen shots of all the resource types you might be interested in. When you need to move your harvesters, compare the current resources with your screen shots and its easy to see which ones are new and likely to be around a while and which ones are soon to disappear."

Keeping Behind Enemy Ships


Having trouble keeping behind enemy ships? If a ship keeps flying past you, turning, and zooming by you before you can shoot it again, just hit the “end” key , and half a second later hit the “home” key to return your ship to full speed. During this interval of deceleration and acceleration, you will have a much smaller turn radius, allowing you to get back on your target’s tail.


Mouse Inertia makes SWG game play snappy!

To get things started:


If you change your Mouse Inertia to a setting between 3-4, you will get a snappier feel to gameplay.  Here's how you can do it:

1. Press CTRL-O to open your "Options" window.


2. Press the "Controls" button on the left side of the window


3. You will see a slider titled, "Game Mouse Dead Zone Inertia" Fly your cursor over the slider and you will see a tool tip that will give you the exact number the mouse inertia is set to.


4. Click "Done"

How to Cut And Paste in-game:

Do you want to be able to "Cut and Paste" from outside the game and get it to your /notepadOr how about your /notepad to a word processor out of game?  Or how about from your notepad into your chat window?

Here's how to do it:

1. Under the chat tab, there are three commands that you will want to re-bind:


2. Assign your Copy, Cut and Paste commands:

          1. Open your "Options" window by pressing CTRL-O

          2. Press the "Controls" button on the left

          3. Press the "Keymap" button on the bottom of the Controls Option window

          4. Click the tab that says, "chat" in the Keymap Window

          5. For each of the commends (Chat Edit Copy, Chat Edit Cut and Chat Edit Paste):



A handy set of keys to use is:

Chat Edit Copy = CTRL+SHIFT+C

Chat Edit Cut = CTRL+SHIFT+X

Chat Edit Paste = CTRL+SHIFT+V


3. Click "Ok"

4. Click "Apply"

Getting a list of Slash Commands

If you ever need a full list of slash commands, simply type // and enter into the chat window and you will get a full list of slash commands.


What tip do you have that you can share?

Finding an Entertainer


One way that you can find an Entertainer now is with the planetary map.  Entertainers can register at cantinas to let other players know they are there and ready to entertain you.  You can find out which cantinas have registered entertainers this way:


1. Open your Planetary Map (CTRL-V).

2. Look for "Cantinas" on the list

3. Double click "Cantinas" to get the full list of cantinas.

4. Any cantina that has a registered Entertainer next to it will have a sun symbol next to the cantina.


Then all you have to do is make a waypoint and head on down to the watering hole of your choice and sit down for a drink and a dance!

Droid Storage Access made easy:



If you have a droid with storage capacity, you don't have to use the radial menu to put stuff into the droid when it's out.  Simply drag the object over the droid and if there is room in its storage bin, it will take the object in and keep it for you.  You still have to open the storage window to get it back out though.


One of the little things that new players not know of and that veterans may overlook from time to time is the handy notepad.



Dont forget about the notepad! 


Type /notepad and you will pull up a notepad that will save your notes.  You can save plans for a player event, jot down bazaar notes and information, reminders of things to go back and check into and all sorts of things.

Change in and out of Armor and Outfits with 1 button:


Are you ready to head into battle or maybe a Wedding?  Do you have a favorite suit of armor or clothing you like to wear?  Well, here is how to switch your sets of wearables with one button on your toolbar:


1. The first thing you will need to do is choose a toolbar pane.


The toolbar is meant to be an easy method for performing virtually any action quickly and efficiently. Each box on the toolbar corresponds to one of your Function keys (F1- F12 ). You can click on virtually any icon, action, or piece of equipment; and then drag it into the toolbar to assign it to a Function key. Cycle between toolbar banks using the toolbar arrows or the CTRL+ ` keys.


You have access to 6 toolbars (numbered 0- 5). You can drag the edges of the toolbar pane to expand the toolbar to two rows. The second row can be utilized by hitting the SHIFT key and the corresponding Function key.  (Don't forget to pull your toolbar down and double the amount of available buttons


2. The next step is to open your inventory and click-and-drag your armor or outfit items that you want to be able to change into and put them on the toolbar slots on the toolbar pane.


3. Next, open your Abilities window CTRL-A.



4. Click the "Macro" tab in your abilities window.



5. In the Abilities, New Macro window, choose a name for your action.  (I titled mine, "SuitUp")



6. In the Abilities, New Macro window, choose a Toolbar Button for your action



7. In the Abilities, New Macro window, set up your macro text:


          a. The first command is /ui action toolbarPane01;


·         This switches the toolbar pane to the second available pane or toolbar pane 01.

·         The word "Pane" in toolbarPane must be capitalized.

·         There are six toolbar panes numbered 0-5.  The command will access whichever toolbar you put at the end of the command.

·         Toolbar Pane 00 is your default toolbar pane

·         There must be a single space in between the words, "/ui" and "action" and also between "action" and "toolbarPane01"


Toolbar Pane Numbers:

Toolbar Pane 1 = toolbarPane00

Toolbar Pane 2 = toolbarPane01

Toolbar Pane 3 = toolbarPane02

Toolbar Pane 4 = toolbarPane03

Toolbar Pane 5 = toolbarPane04

Toolbar Pane 6 = toolbarPane05


          b. The second command is /ui action toolbarSlot00;


·         Toolbar Slots are the various buttons on each toolbar

·         There must be a single space in between the words, "/ui" and "action" and also between "action" and "toolbarSlot00"

·         The word "Slot" in toolbarSlot must be capitalized

·         Repeat this command in order, depending on which slots on the toolbar you have a wearable item in.  For instance, If you had a shirt in the first slot, pants in the second slot and shoes in the third slot, you would need to to have a /ui action toolbarSlot command for slots 00, 01 and 02.


Toolbar Slot Numbers:

00 = Top row of toolbar slots, first button from the left.
01 = Top row of toolbar slots, second button from the left.
02 = Top row of toolbar slots, third button from the left.
03 = Top row of toolbar slots, fourth button from the left.
04 = Top row of toolbar slots, fifth button from the left.
05 = Top row of toolbar slots, sixth button from the left.
06 = Top row of toolbar slots, seventh button from the left.
07 = Top row of toolbar slots, eigth button from the left.
08 = Top row of toolbar slots, ninth button from the left.
09 = Top row of toolbar slots, tenth button from the left.
10 = Top row of toolbar slots, eleventh button from the left.
11 = Top row of toolbar slots, twelfth button from the left.
12 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, first button from the left.
13 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, second button from the left.
14 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, third button from the left.
15 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, fourth button from the left.
16 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, fifth button from the left.
17 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, sixth button from the left.
18 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, seventh button from the left.
19 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, eigth button from the left.
20 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, ninth button from the left.
21 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, tenth button from the left.
22 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, eleventh button from the left.
23 = Bottom row of toolbar slots, twelfth button from the left.


c. The last command is /ui action toolbarSlot00;


·         This button simply returns your toolbar pane to its default location.

·         There must be a single space in between the words, "/ui" and "action" and also between "action" and "toolbarPane00"



A completed list of commands to change your shirt, pants and shoes might look like this:


/ui action toolbarPane01;

/ui action toolbarSlot00;

/ui action toolbarSlot01;

/ui action toolbarSlot02;

/ui action toolbarPane01;


Basically, what this does is switches the toolbar, clicks each of the buttons you listed in the macros and then switches it back to the default toolbar.


This is handy for suiting up your armor or switching from street clothes to your pilot suit.  Another neat trick for entertainers is to add their theatrical puff of smoke in the line commands so that they do a quick change with a...well...a theatrical *poof* of smoke.

Landing at the Emperor's Retreat


Naboo Space Station

Type: Station

Location: -2491  905  -6460         

Home of the Royal Security Forces, the space station can provide emergency repairs or clear travelers to land at any of Naboo's star ports.

"Naboo system: Rescue the freighter"

The station says, "A loyal pilot... and just in time too! We need your help, stat, pilot!"

The player asks, "What's the emergency?"

The station replies, "An Imperial freighter is under attack by the Rebel filth and needs help right away, but I can't seem to get in touch with the Imperial space station."

If the player replies, "I'll save that freighter!" then he will be granted the "Rescue the Freighter" mission. Completing that mission series will give the player access to land at the Emperor's Retreat, and access to enter the retreat.

Getting the most out of your Space Zone Map

Your "Space Zone Map" is accessible by the default keys and acts similarly to the planetary map, giving location information for places and objects in the sector of space you currently occupy.  It is a three dimensional map of the space zone with a range of extra controls that allow you to manipulate the viewable map.


The first part of the tip is that you can make a macro button to access the map easily:


1. Press CTRL-"A" to open your "Abilities" window

2. Click the "Macro" tab

3. Click the "New Macro" button

In the macro button window:

4. Click Ok.

5. Drag and Drop your icon from the Abilities Window to your toolbar.




Basic Controls


These basic controls move the camera "inside" the zone map like this:


Left Mouse Button: Pan camera around "inside" zone

CTRL+ Left Mouse Button – Rotate camera

CTRL+Mousewheel Camera Zoom

Slider under Zone Map Window - Camera Zoom

Reset View – This centers the camera on your ship

Show - There are 8 items you can toggle on and off by clicking these radio buttons:


Different Items Include:


The neat thing about the Zone Map is that you can double click on the menu items on the right hand side to reposition the camera around the zone on the fly.  This allows for an easy "browsing" of what is in the zone.


Also, by right-clicking on the menu items, you can easily select the options of "Make Waypoint" and "Autopilot to location".


If you forget any of this while you are in game, click the "Show Help" radio button and the tool tip windows will go over the basics with you at any time.


Adding color to your SWG Bio


Here is a great tip not only for adding color to your SWG biography, but also enable your ability to have "cut-and-paste" in-game for use with your notepad and other sorts of things.


To add color to your SWG bio, the first thing you have to do is enable your cut-n-paste commands.  The second thing you have to do is add the HTML color tag to your bio outside of the game and then paste the whole thing in your Character Sheet.  Here's the step-by-step:



1. Enable your Cut-N-Paste Commands

Chat Edit Copy

Chat Edit Cut

Chat Edit Paste

·         One at a time:

o        Select the item in the list by clicking on it with your mouse

o        Click the "Rebind" button

o        Press the keys you want to use to assign to the button.  A good selection to use for these commands is:

§         Chat Edit Copy: CTRL+SHIFT+C

§         Chat Edit Cut: CTRL+SHIFT+X

§         Chat Edit Paste: CTRL+SHIFT+V

o        Click "Ok"

o        Click "Apply"


Now you are done with the first part.  What you have done is enable your cut-n-paste commands.  Next is actually changing your bio.


2. Changing the color in your SWG Bio:

·         Open up your Character Sheet Bio by Pressing "CTRL-P"

·         Next, click on the "Character" Tab.

·         Select your bio text with the mouse and press CTRL+SHIFT+C (This puts the text on your windows clipboard).

·         Once you have done that, press ALT-TAB and minimize your game. 

·         Load up a text editing program such as Notepad, Wordpad or Text Pad.

·         To change the colors of the text, use the following command:


\#FF1234\This is my bio text....


Reference any HTML color list to select from a wide variety of colors.


·         Once your have chosen a color and completed your SWG bio in the text editor, you need to send it to your clipboard.  Press CTRL-A (to select all the text) and then CTRL-C to copy the text to the clipboard.

·         Press ALT-Tab and open up your game window.

·         Put the mouse in your character sheet bio window (make sure you see the cursor)

·         Click CTRL+SHIFT+V (or whatever you assigned as your Chat Edit Paste command


Then click "Done" to save the data.  Type CTRL+1 to select your character and type /examine to view your own bio in all of the colors you wanted.


VOILA!  A bio with color.

Find out how much time you have logged as a Veteran

Type /GetVeteranRewardTime and you will receive a system message that will tell you how many days you have accumulated.

Re-mapping the Alt Key


This is my favorite tip and it literally changed my gameplay.  Re-mapping your ALT key to the Mouse Wheel can be very handy.  (If you don’t have a mouse with a mouse wheel, then my second tip is to go get a mouse with a wheel )


1. Open your Options Window (Ctrl-O)

2. Click the “Controls” button on the left of the options window

3. Click the button that says, “Keymap

4. Press the keymap tab that says “UI”

5. Scroll down until you see the option for “Toggle Mouse Mode” and select it

6. Click the “Rebind” button

7. Click your mousewheel button.  You’ll know it worked because it will say “mousebutton2” in the re-bind window.

8. Click “ok”

9. Click the “Apply” button

10. Click “ok” and “Done”


Now, whenever you want to shift between your user interface modes, all you have to do is click your mousewheel. 

Village of Aurilia Crafting Quest Tip


If you are working on the Village of Aurilia quests trying to gather the required resources, you can either try to slay the Sith Shadows OR instead, you can wheel and deal with other players doing the village quests.  There are players who will be working to finish a harvesting quest during the same phase who you can trade with to acquire the resources

Moving Furniture Made Easy


Moving furniture with the radial menu is an ok place to start, but when you find yourself wanting a finer touch to fixing up your house, shop or other type of personal space, you really need a better way to easily move things around.

Try this set of macros to make things easy and fun:

·      Move your tool bar to one of the layers you don’t use a lot.  (Toolbar level #3 or 4 works well and stays out of the way).

·      Press ctrl-A to pull up your “Abilities” window

·      Select the “Macro” tab

·      Press the “New macro" Button

·      In the box where it says, “Macro Text”, add your movement.  For example:


o  /rotatefurniture left 5

o  /rotatefurniture left 45

o  /rotatefurniture left 90

o  /rotatefurniture left 180

o  /move forward 20

o  /move forward 10

o  /move forward 5

o  /move forward 1

o  /move back 20

o  /move back 10

o  /move back 5

o  /move back 1

o  /movefurniture up 10

o  /movefurniture down 10

o  /movefurniture up 5

o  /movefurniture down 5

o  /movefurniture up 1

o  /movefurniture down 1


·      Name it in the name window.

·      Pick an icon and add it to the list.

·      Then drag the icon to the tool bar and moving things become much easier by using the customized buttons you just made.


Remember that wherever your avatar is pointing is "forward".  Then simply target the item or piece of furniture you want to place, and press the toolbar buttons to get it onto place just how you would like it.

Getting Involved with Live Events

Lately, I've seen a lot of posts commenting on Live Events and folks not knowing how to get involved.  Today's Tuesday Tip is a list of ways to find, start and getting involved the Live Events run by other players.

Screen Shake Toggle


One of the big player requests for a long time was to stop the screen from shaking!  There are various events in game like big creatures hitting the ground and other sorts of ground shaking events that...well...make the screen shake.


There are many of you that wanted the ability to turn the screen shake off and now you can!


·         Open up your Options Window (Ctrl-O)

·         Press the "Misc" button on the left hand side of the window

·         There, you will find a check box titled, "Screen Shake"


It's "on" by default, but if you want the shaking to stop, just un-check the box and you will

shake no more!

Weapon Decay


Weapons decay with usage; each time you use it, the item decays.  When the condition of the weapon reaches 25% of the item's maximum total condition, the weapon’s minimum and maximum damage starts to decay.  The item reaches a decay threshold at the 25% mark. 


For every 1% below the 25% condition threshold, the weapon’s minimum and maximum damage is decreased by 1%.   This usage decay will drop a weapon's effectiveness down to 0. 


What you can do when your weapon reaches 25% is to "roll the dice" and try to repair your weapon.  It's a long shot, but it is a chance to get your weapon repaired.  A weapon repair kit is an old fashioned dice roll chance to repair your weapon. If you "get a good dice roll" and repair a weapon (or have it repaired for you) back above the 25% threshold, the weapon’s initial min/max damage is restored.   For smugglers, slicing in no way effects the rate at which a weapon decays, but a sliced weapon will make the weapon repair even chancier than it already is.  Weaponsmiths have a slightly greater chance of repairing a weapon than other professions.  Additionally, trying to repair a weapon with less than 25% gets more and more risky with each percentage point and will probably destroy the weapon outright. 

Sharing Waypoints


Waypoints are useful for finding POI’s, marking favorite locations or even your own structures and equipment, but have you ever wanted to get a friend to meet you at your house?  Have you ever needed to tell a possible customer where your main shop is?  How about tried to plan a raid and invite someone new to come join you?  Well there are a few ways you can share waypoints:




Slash Command


If you’re chatting with someone and you want to meet someplace, you can instantly create a waypoint by using the slash command.  Simply type:


/waypoint x y


(X is the first number on your radar to the left and y is to the right.)



e-mail attachment


You can also use the in-game email system to share one or more locations.  This is handy for telling customers where your new store is, planning raids and other group activities.  You can do this by:


1. Create a new waypoint in your datapad.

2. Pull up your mail window (CTRL-E) and open up a new mail message.

3. Click and drag the waypoint into the mail window and drop it in the little box in the lower right titled, “Attachments”.

Option: If you want to share the waypoint with lots of friends, you can send the mail to a few friends by separating each name with a semicolon, like this: JustG, Keldarin; GarVa;

4. Click send and you’re done.


For business people


If you own a business or run a service and want to share a waypoint with a client/prospective customer, visit a Droid Engineer and check into getting yourself a merchant module!  The merchant module enables a droid to play back a recorded message and give out waypoints by request.

Crafting Inventory Control


In Publish 10, there is a handy new option for crafters.  A new feature has been added to the options window to help organize and reference resources. Open up your options menu by pressing Ctrl-O and then the Interface button. Scroll to the bottom of the window and you will find a list of crafting values. By checking the corresponding box, your inventory will now display the number of your choice on your resources.


Not only will it display your choice resource value, but it will also display the average value of all the checked boxes. For instance, if you wanted to see the average of a resource’s resistances, you would check the boxes marked, Entangle Resistance, Cold Resistance, Decay Resistance, Heat Resistance and Shock Resistance and when you open up your inventory, the resource will display a little yellow number that will be the average of all those numbers.



Now with a glance, you can open your inventory and check get an inventory average value for the following resource values:



Combat  Positions

If you are having trouble killing a target at range, change position to kneeling or prone (lying down) and you will improve your accuracy. But on the down side.... once they get closer you are more vunerable to melee attacks.


Placing player structures:

Manage your SWG Mail!


There is a “save mail” command that will save your in-game email to your hard drive.  This is handy if you are a crafter with a lot of email or a player who runs a lot of events and has to manage a lot of email.


In-game, simply type:




After you enter the command, the computer will prompt you to wait for a moment while it saves the mail to your hard drive.  When it is complete, it will give you a message in your chat window that notifies you what directory the mail has been saved to.  Then, later on, you can access the mail by using the explorer to browse to the following sample directory:


"C:/Program Files/StarWarsGalaxies/profiles-Your station name/galaxy you play on/mail_your character name"


Inside the last folder will be all of your mail saved as a *.mail file.


If you have never opened a *.mail file, your computer will ask you to find a program to open the file with after you double-click the file.  You can use a text notepad to read the files. 


Also note that in the same window, there will be a checkbox asking you if you ALWAYS want to open the mail files with a notepad or other type text program.  If you choose, “yes”, you will be able to double-click on any mail in your mail directory to open it with your notepad.  If you choose “no”, you will have to browse for the application to open the mail file each time you double click on the file.


Make sure to choose what works best for you.

Visual Tip: If you are fighting creatures that are particularly tall such as rancor or pickets, try going into the options window (Ctrl-O), click on the “Graphics” button and slide up the "Field of View" slider.  This will let you see a much greater area and manipulate the camera to a much higher altitude.



Boarding Tip: You can use /bo trans at the starport ticket terminal to jump right on the shuttle and save that precious run back or avoid having to try and double click on ol’ silver britches in a busy Coronet starport.

Droid Handling

You can program droid names and commands very quickly by setting up macros and then dragging those to one of your toolbar slots.


·         Create a new Macro ("Droid-Store") and in the body, type:  "/tellpet Store;"

·         Drag this newly made macro icon to your UI Toolbar (since you'll want it there anyway).

·         Call the droid and select "Program", then "Store"

·         Hit the UI Toolbar button for the "Droid-Store" macro you made and that command is programmed.

·         Repeat for other droid commands.


Once you set this up, you should be able to both name and fully program a droid's command in a mere matter of a few moments.

Getting the most out of your visits to a Vendor

You can use your mouse to grab a chat channel tab and drag it from the chat box to create a new window. Cycle through the chat channel tabs with CTRL HOME and CTRL END.

Tomorrow, we will be releasing Publish 9.1 with two new default chat channels, a planet-wide Auction channel for wheeling and dealing and a current Planet channel to help find groups, entertainers, medics, help and other services or for announcing events. We also fixed user-created chat channels to be persistent. See the Online Manual for more info on Chat Channels.


Remember you have two tools for blocking spam. The first is the new option for ignoring all AFK messages and the second is the /addignore command for specific people who are annoying you.

When you use certain smileys in your text chat, your avatar will automatically perform animations based on the smiley (if there is one). It will only detect the last emoticon in the line.

beam        =D
blush    *^_^*    *o_o*    *O_O*    :")
cry    (    :'(    :,(    ='(    =,(
curse    >    >
eek    8o
evilgrin    >    >=)    (6)
eyebrow    -_^    ^_- o_^    ^_o O_^    ^_O
frown        =(
fume        >=(
gape        =O
grin    :>    =>
groan    :/    =/
halo    o    O    o=)    O=)    (a)    (A)
kiss    :x    :X    :*
laugh    )
love    (L)
nausea    :&    :-&    (&
no    (N)
ponder    .oO
rose    -<@    @>-    (F)
shush    :$    :-$
smile        =)
smirk        =|
snarl    :[    =[
snore    |)    |-)
steam    x(    X(    :@
surprised        =o
tongue            :b    =P    =p    =b
yes   (Y)

New as of today's publish

, you can filter out chat from /afk players if you desire. Simply go into the Options Window (CTRL O by default), select the Chat tab and uncheck the Show Chat from AFK Players box.

You can change the style of the chat bubble

by using different say commands like /huff (style 5), /jabber (style 9) and /threaten (style 13). Go to the Online Manual - Chapter 19.4 to see all of the chat commands.


Some Mission Terminals

tasks will have their difficulty based on the weapon you are currently equiped with. If this is not the weapon you plan to use you will want to unequip it and equip the weapon you will use to get a mission of appropriate difficulty

If you auto-run,

remember you can hold down the SHIFT key to temporarily slow down to walking speed (or speed up if you auto-walk by default). This is particularly useful when speeding through cities on swoops; it is much easier to navigate if you shift down around the corners.

If you hold down CTRL and roll your mouse wheel while in any inventory or chat channel, the size the items or font will enlarge or shrink, making it easier for you to manage them.

Right click on the waypoint monitor and you can select waypoints to activate or deactive without going into the datapad. You can turn the waypoint monitor on and off in the Options window (CTRL O by default) under the Misc tab.

You can send tells to mulitple people at once by putting a comma between names (no spaces). For example, /tell GarVa,Pex,Thunderheart Hello! will send a separate tell to each of them.  For game mails, use a semicolon to separate the names.

You can use many variables when typing or in a macro, here is a list of the available variables:

%KU - your profession title
%KT - your target's profession title
%NU - your first name
%NT - your target's short version name (first only)
%OT - him/her/it for your target
%OU - personal objective pronoun: him/her/it for the speaker
%PU - possessive: his/her/its for the speaker
%PT - his/her/its for your target
%RU - your species
%RT - your target's species
%SU - personal subjective pronoun: he/she/it for the speaker
%ST - he/she/it for the target
%TU - your full name (first and last)
%TT - your current look at target target's full name

Want to transfer group leadership to another player (preferably a Squad Leader)? Just target or select that group member and type /makeleader.

With today's publish, anyone can use the droid customization tool and the colors last longer.  Droid Engineers do get more options with the tool though. Have fun!

Here's a trick for matching colors to existing customer armor or clothing while crafting: Use /examine on your customer when they equip the item. This view shows the true colors without being affected by directional lights or shadows.

Since the Corellian Corvette is opening today (currently on live in the US, be on live a little later on the European galaxies during their normal downtime), be sure to check out the other adventure areas like the geonosian bio-lab and warrens. They should be less busy now...

You can disable the intro movie by going to the Launchpad Options (button on the update screen) and then to the "Game" tab.  

In the Options window (CTRL O by Default) on the AFK tab, you can change the time it takes to automatically go "AFK" and the message that other people get when they send you tells while you are away from the keyboard. 

Bewarned, it isn't aways safe to go AFK in highly public spaces. I've seen AFK players wiped out during a recent droid invasion. The Events Team doesn't intentionally target AFK players, but the NPC droids sometimes have a mind of their own over where they will go and whom they will attack.

There are many slash commands.  An easy way to reference all the available slash commands is by typing // and in the Spatial Chat window.  A full list of all slash commands will be displayed in alphabetical order.

DigiDante typed up the list for us here: Link

SirLestat typed up a UI Action list for us here...

As requested, you can now move items vertically in your player structures with the /moveFurniture UP (1-500) and /moveFurniture DOWN (1-500) commands!

There are many commands that don't have key commands by default. Open your Options Window (CTRL O by default), click on the Controls tab, press the Keymap button and explore the various fields. Personally, I set key commands for things like UI-Help (Knowledge Base), UI-Chat Room Browser, Chat-Chat Edit Copy, Chat-Chat Edit Cut, Chat-Chat Edit Paste, and several of the Custom macros I made (for example, I've changed /t to reference a custom macro /earthTime instead of the default /tell).

Type /emote to displays whatever text you follow it with as an action of your character. For example, if your name is Laine and you type "/emote loves Tatooine." then "Laine loves Tatooine." will be seen by everyone in your area.

You can save all your mail to read later with the /mailsave command. You can read the .mail files off-line by opening them with a text program like Notepad.

The Inventory Window (default CTRL I) shows item attributes in the the left hand window now. Simple click on the little left arrow in the upper left of the window.  Click on a item so see its attributes.

Unless you have a tactical or role playing reason to spam others   use /tellpet when issuing commands to your pets.

You can now communicate across Galaxies! Use [Galaxyname].[Charactername] in tells and game mail. For example, if you are on Ahazi and want to send a message to your friend Luuke on Sunrunner, simply type /tell Sunrunner.Luuke hello. You can type /addfriend Sunrunner.Luuke and he will be on your Friends List (default CTRL P). Don't forget the important, /addignore Sunrunner.Luuke if you don't want him bothering you...


Use aliases for stuff you find yourself typing out, but don't want to use a toolbar slot for.  Best are two letter acronyms, so you can remember them.  For example, /alias mb /mount Speederbike Swoop to get on your bike and /alias dm /dismount  to get off of it.

While waiting for a shuttle you can use the ingame alarm feature (Control-O then choose alarm) to set a reminder for when it is going to take off. Then you can freely shop, or chat without having to worry about missing the next one. (You can just type  "/alarmaddin <hours> <minutes> <message>"  for a timer alarm or "/alarmaddat <hours> <minutes> <message>"  for a specific time, like 2:30pm.)


By default, CTRL T automatically starts a /tell. CTRL R starts a /reply. CTRL G starts a /groupchat.

You can use hex code with in-game emails to add color to text in the message body, however the system will not display the characters while you type. For example, if you type "Hello my old \#ff0000\friend." The "\#ff0000\" would not show up as you typed it but "friend." would appear as red.


ALT-ENTER switches between full screen and windowed mode. Useful for checking out of game email or checking websites. You can also ALT-TAB to switch to other applications, good for fooling the boss into thinking you are working.

You can potentially speed up travel between starports/shuttleports you often visit (if you are miner or other frequently traveling profession) by purchasing a couple travel ticket instead of just one, that way you can simply jump ship to ship and often travel up to 5 times before the ship leaves for 10 minutes.

Many people will likely want the swoop bike simply because it is the fastest vehicle around. You should weigh the pros and cons of each vehicle and mount.  Going fastest has some pretty big trade-offs (especially for the traveler on a budget).  Chapter 12 of the online manual goes into some additional detail.


You can rotate furniture in fine tuned angles by typing rotate left or right in smaller measurements by such as /rotate left 1 (for one degree) up to 360.


Use /examine on enemies to see what type of damage they are resistant against or vulnerable to. You may want to switch weapon if the one you are using does little or no damage against the enemy.


Use /notepad to take personal notes. Note, these are stored on your computer (not the server). They are also not character specific (meaning you can see your notepad notes regardless which character/server you are playing on).


In your Friends List (default CTRL P), you can easily send mail to multiple people by highlighting their names (with SHIFT click or CTRL click) and then press the Mail button; it will bring up a new message with their names automatically separated by semi-colons.


By default use CTRL and Mouse Wheel to change the size of icons or text when hovering the cursor over your inventory, datapad or chat window.

Use /r for replying to the last person to send you a tell. Use /rt to reply to the last person you sent a tell to. It cuts down on sending messages to the wrong person accidentally.



Here's a trick for getting Apprentice XP- create a hotkey macro that has a polite invitation (such as "I would gladly teach you that skill, friend.") and /invite. When you see someone asks for a skill that you can teach, immediately hit the hotkey. Your speedy group invite and cordial message will usually gets better results.


There is a copy/paste text command in the Key Map listing. By default they are not assigned to to any keys, but you can easily change them if you are used to using those commands in word programs.


For those with terrain movement bonuses, hold down your shift key (walk) every once in a while to let slower group members catch up. That way you don't have to continually stop to wait for them. 

Looking for an entertainer? In the "Find a Location" listing on your planetary map, cantinas that have a sun symbol next to them have a registered player Musician or Dancer at work there.

Talk to NPCs especially the ones near the exits to towns. They sometimes give descriptions of and waypoints to interesting locations.


Use CRTL UP ARROW to go to a previous command.

In your Options screen under graphics, you can easily adjust your Field of View slider. By default it is 60 degrees to simulate normal perception (for your computer screen). Some people like to move it up to around 90 degree to be more like First Person Shooters (allowing you to see more of what's around you but with a slightly "fish-bowl" perception)

Missions given out at terminals will have their difficulty based on the weapon that you currently have equipped. If you have your primary weapon out, but plan on using one with which you have less skill, you will probably be in over your head when you get to the spawn. Same goes for the number of people in your group.

You generally don't need to type all of the letters in a command. You can shorten the command as long as there isn't a similar command that comes before it alphabetically. For example, /dia will do the same as /diagnose.

Under Options (Ctrl O), in the Misc section, you can now check the Show arrows to Waypoints Onscreen option. This will show direction and distance to all of your highlighted waypoints. Right click on it to bring up a list of all your waypoints. Left click to activate one or more.

Beware of the hermit droid engineer on Lok. He doesn't take kindly to those who enter his cavernous home which is rumored to be within 100 meters of 3200 -4800.

Send game mail to yourself with important notes. Some players write reminders for when to pay maintenance and the like in the subject line. When they log on, they just open their mail (CTRL E) and sort by user to see what notes they left for themselves.

Always examine an item before you click accept trade (or purchase).  There are some scoundrels out there looking to pass off shoddy goods as rare gems.

Fill out your character profile by opening up the Character page in the Community Window (default CTRL P). You don't have to be long winded, just give a little information about your character and his/her goals. Examining other players to see their biography is a great starting point for role playing. "Hey I grew up in the outer rim too, where ya from?"


Type /LFG to let others know you are interested in joining a group. You can so a /who lfg to see everyone near you who is also looking for a group to join. Type /lfg again when you are no longer looking for a group.

Pick up multiple starting professions. It costs a lot of skill points, but you can always surrender these novice skills back later when you need the points. Having several starting professions makes you more versatile and helps you to figure out what you like doing.


After using the /find command in a city, type /find clear to remove the waypoint and arrows.