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Soloing Mellichae

Hello all, I posted this as a reply on a different thread, but thought that others unlocking soon would be interested.� If you managed to solo Mel using a melee character, feel free to add your comments to what I have here.
I know this is a strange way to start a soloing guide, but�my first advice would be to do this mission with a group...I have helped several people do this quest, and it is much more fun with a group.� With that said though, when it was my turn to face him I was able to solo Mel as MDoc/ is how:
1) This seemed key: get yourself�a combat droid (A pet might work too, but I used a droid).
2) Start by taking out as many crystals as you can without aggroing mobs - make sure to begin with the green ones.�(I managed two before the camp aggroed).�
3) Hop on swoop, and draw mobs one or two at a time away from the camp.� You are looking to get Mel aggroed on you...once he is heading towards�you, then hightail it out of there.� Since he moves much faster than all the other sith, soon it will just be you and him.� Lead him away from the camp until he stops following.� IMPORTANT: Remember where you leave him!� He will wander a bit around the area, but won't return to camp.
4) Return to the camp, finish off all of the sith remaining, and destroy all of the crystals. (See the stickied guides for help with this - as a master combat prof. with comp armor this should be no problem.)
5) Find Mel again,�eat�all of your buffing foods�etc, TAKE OFF YOUR ARMOR (useless vs sabers)�and send in your droid/pet.�While Mel is whacking away at the droid, hit him as hard as you can.� I had a self-repairing droid, so Mel never did turn his full attention to me...he would occasionally attack me, but then the droid would aggro him again.
6) Eventually he will start wearing down your that point�burst run to your swoop and take off. Regroup, rinse, and repeat.� It only took me two passes to kill him, but I am speed-capped with a pretty nice hammer.
Your results may vary, but it shouldn't take too long using this method.� It took me about 20 mins to take out the whole camp and Mel.

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     ( 108 Posts) 3/18/2005 11:57:08 AM 
Very interesting strategy, where is this quest located again and whats the official name?

     ( 13 Posts) 3/19/2005 4:13:28 AM 
Its the village endquest so you can start the long but fun grind as jedi

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