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   Star Wars Galaxies: Fan Sites

Gate Central: SWG
HyperDrive Radio
Star Wars Galaxies Online
Star Wars Lore
SWG Center
SWG Realm
SWG Stratics
SWG Vault
SWG Warcry


The Adventures of Greep Newbish Star Wars Galaxies
Buff Estimator
Corellian Corvette Walkthrough
City Planner Tool
Geonosian Biolab Revealed SWG Forums
Rem's SWG Weapon Damage Calculator
SEA's, Loots and Skill Mod Buffs Explained
Simsimsan's SWG Maps
SWG Character Builder
SWG Craft
SWG Creatures
SWG Faces
SWG Items
SWG Mail Manager
SWG Meetup
SWG Planet Regions
SWG Wiki
The Tempest Resource Co-operative

Gamigo (German)
Herederos De La Fuerza (Italian) (Japanese)
Star Wars Galaxies Australia (Dutch/Belgian) (French)
SWG Database (German)
SWGalaxies (Hungarian)
SWG Mystics
SWG Plays Online

Food Table (chef)
Medic/Doctor/Combat Medic FAQ's
Needful Things (tailor/be)
Chef FAQ Page
Chef Menu
SWG Medics
SWG Tailor

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