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   Crafting Chapter 2

Crafting Tools and You: The Right Tool For The Job

The item that I generally use to craft, especially at low levels, is called the Generic Crafting Tool. It looks like this:

This is the Artisan's best friend.

It's a little limited, in that there are certain things you can't make. For example, I have the skills to make bone armor. I can make the bracers and gloves with the Generic Crafting Tool. However, to make the leggings and chest plate, I need the Clothing and Armor Tool.

When you start advancing in the crafting professions you'll start to specialize in making particular classes of items. To do this you'll want to use the more advanced crafting tools. I have decided to become a weaponsmith, and that means that more often than not I use this device:

This is the Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Tool. I can utilize a much broader array of my professions schematics with this than I can with the Generic Crafting Tool shown above.

The other advantage to using a specialized tool is that you can begin to experiment. Experimentation is an important part of the crafter's repertoire of tricks, and allows Artisans to craft very powerful items that are more valuable.

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