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   Combat Upgrade: Armor System Enhancements - Faction Armor
Faction Armor

Both Rebel and Imperial Factions will be getting two new sets of armor with the Combat Upgrade for a total of 6 sets of Faction armor in the game.  The previous Imperial Stormtrooper and Rebel Marine armor will also be incorporated into the upgrade armor system.

Scout Trooper armor has always been a big desire with the fans and it is coming with the Combat Upgrade!  Scout Trooper armor and Rebel Marine armor represents the first tier of armor class called, "Reconnaissance Armor".

This Marine Rebel Armor will be improved to fit into the new combat upgrade armor scheme as Rebel  Reconnaissance Armor.  This armor will be for fast paced movement and light combat skirmishes.

The second tier of armor is "Battle Armor". This is a new type of rebel armor developed specifically for the Combat Upgrade.  Instead of being given out by faction recruiters, Armorsmiths will be able to earn faction points to purchase faction armor schematics and craft them.

Different professions will be able to utilize different sets of armor to their advantage.  This is to make sure that all sets of armor are not only in the game and available for use, but also useful in both PvE and PvP combat.  Seen here is the Second tier of "Battle" armor which for Imperials will be the much loved familiar Stormtrooper armor.

This Imperial Shock Trooper Armor and it is at the third armor tier called, "Assault Armor".  This is also a new set of armor developed for the Combat Upgrade.

Last but not least, yet another Combat Upgrade special design: Rebel Assault Armor!

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