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   Skill Enhancements
Loot Revamp: Skill Enhancements

Currently, there is an In-Concept document that discusses the ideas driving how we plan to make the "loot game" more fun for all SWG players. In the first pass of the loot enhancements, we discussed a variety of skill enhancements and here they are. Each is a loot drop that requires only you to double click to use the enhancement.

Muscle Flexibility Enhancer
(Unarmed Speed)
By increasing muscle flexibility you can increase the speed with which you make unarmed attacks.

Perception Focus Augmentation
(Unarmed Accuracy)
By increasing your focus, this chemical makes your unarmed attacks more accurate.

Tensile Muscle Supplement
(Two Hand Melee Speed)
By increasing the tension in your muscles you can attack with heavy two-handed weapons faster than normal.

Ligament Extension Formula
(Two Hand Melee Accuracy)
By enlarging the ligaments of your muscles for a brief time you can hit more accurately with heavy two-handed weapons.

Metacarpal Facilitation Booster
(Rifle Speed)
By increasing the metacarpal muscles reaction time you can increase the speed with which you can fire a rifle.

Pinpoint Vision Amplification
(Rifle Accuracy)
Your accuracy with the rifle is improved by this chemical by allowing your vision to focus at a longer range than normal.

Sinew Expander
(Polearm Speed)
By expanding different parts of the muscles in specific ways the speed with which you can wield a long weapon (pole-arm) is increased.

Bicep Advancement Shot
(Polearm Accuracy)
Your accuracy with a polearm is increased with the use of this shot, giving your biceps a temporary boost.

Phalange Intensification Injection
(Pistol Speed)
By increasing the muscle tension in your fingers you can increase the speed with which you fire a pistol.

Enhanced View Cone
(Pistol Accuracy)
By increasing your focused vision you can become more accurate with pistols using this formula.

Flexible Tendon Bolsterer
(One Hand Melee Speed)
By increasing the flexibility of your tendons you become faster with one handed weapons.

Tricep Stretching Chemical
(One Hand Melee Accuracy)
With the triceps stretched to above normal standards your accuracy improves with one handed weapons.

Aroma Screen
(Mask Scent)
This liquid contains specially designed pheromones that hide the smells normally produced by a living organism, allowing them to hide from creatures that use scent to track predators and prey.

Carpi Ulnaris Flexor
(Carbine Speed)
By increasing the muscle mass of the wrist and forearm you can fire a carbine weapon with greater speed.

Carpi Radialis Aligner
(Carbine Accuracy)
By aligning the muscle mass of the wrist and forearm you can fire a carbine weapon with greater accuracy.

Keen-Eye Solution
(Thrown Accuracy)
By increasing the vision of your eyes and making it easier to track targets, this solution increases your accuracy with thrown weapons.

Brachii Intensifier Compound
(Thrown Speed)
The Brachii muscles contract faster after an injection of this compound, allowing you to throw weapons faster.