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   Friday Feature Village of Aurilia
The Village of Aurilia:

"I don't know. You can't see the stars here." Paemos complained.

"You can't see the stars anywhere on this planet, can you? I mean with the trees and the clouds..." Noldan stopped speaking and turned his head towards the elder, Rohak.

Rohak knelt down to the ground and lifted a handful of dirt to his face. He breathed in deeply, relishing the smell.

"It's good here. Green. Life."

The others nodded their heads in agreement. The three men stood and looked at each other for only a moment before Rohak spoke again.

"This is where we shall begin. The Village of Aurilia. The dream becomes reality..."

The Village of Aurilia was formed on the planet Dathomir by a small group of like-minded Force sensitive refugees who had, for one reason or another, abandoned their old lives. Some of them were hunted by agents of the Empire, their strange knack for piloting, healing, or combat making them dangerous to the Emperor, and the rumors of a Sith Lord who held a high power amongst the Imperials. Several of them had dealings with the Jedi Council. Some were brought forward by Jedi warriors after discovering their natural abilities. Others who brought themselves to the Jedi, hoping to be trained or at least given some explanation for these strange gifts that made other people look upon them with fear or trepidation. All of them were turned away for various reasons: political ramifications (one of the villagers has a father in the Imperial Navy), age (many of them were too old to begin the training), aptitude (many did not display the qualities of a Jedi Knight), or disinterest from the person themselves.

The Village is located in a desolate corner of Southwest Dathomir. This village is a remote primitive environment, with only a few of the comforts of modern society. The Village has stood undisturbed for years. The people live a rustic and agricultural life; they bother no one, trade with no one, and cause no trouble for the Empire, the Rebellion, or any of the various criminal organizations that exist throughout the galaxy. They've hidden themselves in plain sight. They don't do anything to actively discourage anyone from finding them, which in itself keeps them off the radar of most governments. Though they have no formal training many of them have become quite confident in their abilities, and they have no qualms about teaching what they've learned to anyone who is willing to listen.

Village Phases:

The Village changes dynamically over time as the story unfolds. A change in phase can result in the addition/removal of buildings as well as NPCs. It also determines what Quests are available. There are four phases each lasting for several weeks. They are as follows:

Phase I:

The Village has recently repealed a vicious attack by the enemy. Much of The Village defenses have been eliminated, buildings are destroyed, and many people have been hurt or killed. At this stage, The Village is preoccupied with picking up the pieces, healing the wounded, and determining the remaining strength of their enemy. The quests at this stage reflect this.

Phase II:

The Village continues build defenses. It is discovered that the enemy is regrouping. Another attack seems inevitable.

Phase III:

In an effort to repeal another invasion, The Village begins construction of a shield generator. Search and destroy operations are conducted to help keep the enemy at bay. The Village continues to grow in size. It is now walled from the defense building of Phase II.

Phase IV:

The shield generator is complete. The Village is at its maximum size. Despite this, it is attacked. Throughout this phase, waves of the enemy appear in coordinated groups. This phase culminates with a final onslaught. Although the enemy is repealed, The Village is all but destroyed. Return back to Phase I.

Marite shook her head. All the meetings had gone this way for the last few months. If she could just get Rohak to choose a side it would all be over, one way or the other.

He'd been increasingly obstinate. It was obvious he couldn't decide on a path. Perhaps, Marite thought, it's time for someone else to take over.

The thought had barely registered within her when he stood, his age making this take several seconds, and his weary bones creaking with every inch he gained in height. When he finally stood fully from the chair his height was still impressive. When he spoke everyone listened.

"Marite, you are right. We have no choice in this. The Force brought us together, gave us this land. The Force chose each and every one of us. We can not deny this. And it is the Force now that speaks to us. Listen with your hearts my fellows. Listen and you shall hear it too."

Marite felt her spirit lift. This would turn the tide. The decision was made.

"It's settled then." Quharek said. The Mon Cal sighed and looked over the gathered villagers. "From here out we shall invite those who possess our unique talents to join us. We will train them. We will help them. And we will be one with the Force. All agreed?"

The shout of triumph could be heard throughout the galaxy.

Players who have meditated at the shrine in order to become Force sensitive will meet with ambassadors from Aurilia. One of them (usually Marite) will send a message, and the player will be told where The Village is. It will, of course, be possible for players to stumble across Aurilia without being ready to be guided down that path, though the Aurilians will not train anyone who is not prepared.

Once players are on the right path they will be welcomed to The Village with open arms, and will be given the training they need to understand how their Force sensitivity works.

Accepting the Village Quests:

The Village quests are initiated by talking with specific NPCs. The player may also talk with the Village Elder to see what tasks are currently available and what skill branches they unlock. The player may only accept and complete one quest per village phase. If he is unable to complete it by the end of the phase, it ends in failure. He must start over the next time it becomes available.

Players who wish to achieve Force Sensitivity will go through a series of quests for The Village, and one of the things they can do is to gather specific resources for the creation of The Village's defenses.

  • Crafting Quests: Crafting tree skills
  • Combat Quests: Combat tree skills
  • Reflex Quests: Reflex tree skills
  • Survey/Healing Quests: Senses tree skills

Earning Force Sensitive Skills:

Force sensitive skills are broken into four disciple skill trees: Combat, Reflexes, Crafting, and Senses each having four branches. In order to unlock a branch, the player must complete the corresponding quest. Once complete, the branch is automatically unlocked. Unlocking the branch simply enables the player to learn those skills from the village skill trainer. He still must meet the experience requirements. Because a player may only commit to one quest per village phase, it requires at least six phases to unlock the six branches needed to qualify for Jedi. Although only six are required, the player is free to unlock as many branches as he wishes. Once a branch is unlocked, the skills within it must still be purchased through experience.

Force Sensitive Experience:

Each Force sensitive tree requires its own experience type. These experience types are granted through the conversion of standard experience types (any experience type the player can currently earn - crafting, combat, medical, etc). For example, purchasing Force sensitive crafting skills requires Force sensitive crafting experience. By talking with the village Counselor, the player is able to convert experience attained through normal crafting professions into something useable for the Force sensitive skills. Certain experience types may only be converted into certain Force sensitive types (only combat experience types can be converted into combat Force sensitive experience).

After successfully helping The Village of Aurilia, The Village Elder will set you on the path to Padawan.