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Jedi Conversion Point Conversions

One of the elements of the Jedi Revamp is existing Jedi's to the new System.  Because of the major changes to rank, structure and powers, the system is not an easy "one for one" conversion.  Credit needs to be given for certain accomplishments in the old system that can then be spent on the new system.

Below is a list of how points are credited in the old system as well as an explanation of why specific points were chosen. 

In the old system of Jedi, you were given one Padawan box that cost 250 skill points, and everything else above that cost nothing.  In the new system, skill points are spent on 5 different trees, in any combination up to about two and a half trees full of points.

Assuming in the new system, two and a half trees would equal the completed old system Jedi, we need to devise point values for the levels in between.
We came up with the following chart:

Now, looking at the data, a ton of questions spring to mind, we'll start at the bottom and work our way up trying to explain why points were set on various boxes.   Since the Novice boxes and beginning boxes cost a good deal of skill points in the new system, we wanted to shift some points down to the starting levels to allow a bit more leeway in skill purchase.  In order to do this, we moved some skill points down from the top line of Padawan skills.  The net effect of doing this is that those that already have those skill or higher are unaffected by the change, those below get a sooner bump in skill points, allowing them to purchase the lower level 8 points boxes.

 Jedi Initiate: Why 32?
o 32 is a nice base number to start with because it gives you the 24 points needed for the Prerequisite 6 lines of Force Sensitive skills, along with 1 Novice box of your choice.

 Lightsaber 1-4: Why points there?
o This decision may not make sense to many, as these boxes are very easy to get, but they are a useful place to put points in for later on.

 Healing 1: only 3 points?
o  This box costs less than half of the other two same level boxes, however when combined with the Lightsaber boxes, we felt that giving 1 Novice and 1 Box was a good reward for getting the Lightsaber and one other box.

 Powers/Manipulation 1: Why 6?
o These skills cost more experience than Healing, so we felt should be give a bit more points. One of these boxes, when combined with Lightsaber gives the 1 box + 1 novice, and when combined with Healing gives yet another box, and when the entire first row is filled, allows for a full line in the new system. While a full line was a bit more than we wanted to give for that first row, we decided this was acceptable.

 Healing/Powers/Manipulation 2: Why 5?
o As all of these cost the same amount of experience, we felt they should be worth the same amount of points. While having only 1 of the skills does not help, giving one line is close to where we felt this power level should be. When purchasing all 3, this gives the ability to purchase a line and a half in the same skill box set.

 Healing/Powers/Manipulation 3: Why 4?
o Again since they cost the same, we felt the points should be the same. One box allows the completion of two lines in one skill trees, while all of the boxes allowed for 2 lines in one OR two skill trees. We felt the flexibility of deciding what trees to take the lines in made this the correct choice.

 Healing/Powers/Manipulation 4: Why 3?
o This point set is probably where most do not like the conversion numbers. This is the line where most of the points were moved down from, and when looking individually at this spot alone it looks out of place with other values, however the end result of being able to get 2 and a half lines is about where we wanted this to be. While technically nothing was lost, since this is the total number of skill points where this line would have been if we had not shifted the points down, there is a perception of this since an individual boxes are worth less. We apologize if you feel upset about this decision, however it is what we felt was the right thing to do.

 Jedi Padawan: why 12?
o The total point value of a Jedi Padawan allows for 3 full lines, in one or two different skill trees.  This is about where we felt this power should be.

 Jedi Apprentice: why 24?
o With this skill being over double the experience cost of the Padawan box, it should be worth more than the Padawan box. This allows a master and a novice box, or multiple lines in multiple trees, depending on personal choice.

After this point, the cycle starts again.  We did not move any skill points down to compensate for the increased cost of starting skills this time, since at this point so many options on how to spend the skill points are now available to the Jedi.  You may also notice this totals up to 257, not 250. We felt a small surplus of points would be a good idea in case someone happened to lose a skill box right before the servers go down for the Publish 9 update.

While we know not everyone will be happy with the conversion numbers, we feel this gives the best form of flexibility to start and balance after to convert from the old system to the new system.

May the Force Be With You.