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Player Screenshot of the

   Lady Luck

Star Wars Galaxies is pleased to announce the first veteran reward for longtime players! Veteran players are those players who have subscribed for at least 6 consecutive months. These players will receive the deed for the multi-passenger ship model SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 the day Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed launches. This starship model has been popularized in Star Wars fiction by Lando Calrissian's personal vessel, the Lady Luck. Non-veteran players will receive the reward once they become veteran players. Similar to the Special Edition goggles, this item will not be tradable.

"Her name says all you need to know. The Lady Luck's fickle, but when she's smiling down on you, you're bound to win. She hasn't given up on me yet." - Lando Calrissian
Image and text from pages 82-83 of The New Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels courtesy of Ian Fullwood and Haden Blackman respectively