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Player Screenshot of the

   Jedi Archives Volume 3

Jedi Archives Volume 3


Ben hurries along one of the tunnels leading to the hangar where the pirateship waits. Just before he reaches the hangar, Darth Vader steps into view at the end of the tunnel, not ten feet away. Vader lights his saber. Ben also ignites his and steps slowly forward.

VADER: I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete.

Ben Kenobi moves with elegant ease into a classical offensive position. The fearsome Dark Knight takes a defensive stance.

VADER: When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.

BEN: Only a master of evil, Darth.

The two Galactic warriors stand perfectly still for a few moments, sizing each other up and waiting for the right moment. Ben seems to be under increasing pressure and strain, as if an invisible weight were being placed upon him. He shakes his head and, blinking, tries to clear his eyes.  Ben makes a sudden lunge at the huge warrior but is checked by a lightning movement of The Sith. A masterful slash stroke by Vader is blocked by the old Jedi. Another of the Jedi's blows is blocked, then countered. Ben moves around the Dark Lord and starts backing into the massive starship hangar. The two powerful warriors stand motionless for a few moments with laser swords locked in mid-air, creating a low buzzing sound.

VADER: Your powers are weak, old man.

BEN: You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

With Secrets of the Force going to the Test Center this week, there has  certainly been a lot of discussion and new questions that many players would like answered, so we will turn to the Jedi Archives again this week for answers...

In the new system, will my Jedi be able to own a house?

Yes, a Jedi may own player structures.

Can Jedi buy and use faction pets?

A Force Sensitive, non-ranked Jedi characters may declare overt and participate in the Galactic Civil War and may use faction pets the same as any player.  Ranked Jedi however will not be able to use Faction pets.

How many slots are available in each council?

There are 11 council ranks for the Light side and for the Dark side.  Each rank will have a limited number of players that may earn these titles.  In addition, there will be an unlimited amount of non-ranked or zero-level Force Ranked Jedi.  This enables those players for PvP and the right to work their way up the Force Ranking ladder.

Is there a prerequisite for becoming part of the PvP ranking system?  Can any Jedi join, or do you have to have mastered a complete tree first?

A Jedi Knight may advance into the Force Ranking system by advancing their Jedi character completely through the rank of Jedi Knight and complete the Jedi Knight trials.  It should be mentioned that a character may not become a Jedi Knight until they have spent all of their skill points on Force Sensitive and Force Discipline skill boxes and then complete the Knight Trials.  At this point, a player will make the transition into the Force Ranking system. 

At what point will a character start to lose "Jedi XP" (acquire XP debt) when they die?  While they are taking force sensitive skills, or not till they take their first Jedi skill?  Or as soon as they become force sensitive?

Jedi will start to lose Jedi XP and accrue debt once they have become a Jedi Padawan.

What is the new lightsaber damage type?

A new damage type has been created called, "lightsaber damage".  All armor is vulnerable to lightsabers, with the exception of Personal Shield Generators.  However more to the issue, there really wasn't a new name that fit besides "lightsaber" at the moment.  Some of the suggestions by players were "Glowing Beam of light", "lightsaber-energy", "Plasma", "Light" and "Extreme Heat".  When considering all of these things, we stuck with a very basic title that everyone could relate to.  "Lightsaber" damage is a literal description and describes it as well as we can without creating any form of confusion with existing energy weapons.


How many pearls/crystals will we get back from a deconstructed saber?

However many you put in based on its generation.  IE, a fifth generation lightsaber will yield four pearls.

How will their stats be determined?

Crystals and pearls that were deconstructed will have the stats they had previously, however they will be skewed towards the rebalanced lightsaber stats.  Pearls that are recovered from an old Lightsaber will be given a quality based on the stats of the saber.  A lightsaber crafted with the highest quality pearls available will return high quality pearls.  These pearls must still be tuned and their actual stats cannot be guaranteed but they will keep their relative power.

What is the decay rate on the new pearls and crystals?

Decay is based on usage.  Durability should range from 700 to 1400 per crystal/pearl.  Multiply those numbers by how many are in the lightsaber.

Will robe resists have hidden code like lightsabers to keep them in tune with the current game?

Yes, Jedi Robes will need to work a bit different before and after the combat balance.  The actual stats on the robes will remain the same, but how those stats are use may alter slightly.

Will Pearls still be the best insert I can have for my lightsaber?

Crystals and pearls are now comparable and in some cases, crystals will be better.  For example, a crystal off of a high level Nightsister has a strong chance to be better than a pearl from a Canyon Krayt.


When I log on, how will I choose my new skills?

When you log on, you will see a dialogue box pop up and you will be able to choose your boxes and skills, but be careful.  There are more skills and abilities than before and it is not mandatory to choose improved skills in the lightsaber skill tree.  Not all Jedi were masters of the lightsaber and if you do not choose these skills, you will only even have a training lightsaber unless you sacrifice Jedi Skill boxes and learn the skill.

Will I have to retain my Force Sensitive skills after I purchase Force Discipline skills?
Yes.  As other professions have requirements so do the Force Discipline skills.  A player must purchase 6 full lines (24 skill boxes) of Force Sensitive skills to qualify to purchase Force Disciplines.

* UPDATE - Please read Keldarin's Update to the Jedi Conversion System posted on June 7th.

I really *want* to continue my progress this month but now I'm sitting here asking... Do I continue doing 10 more professions this month in hopes that I'll really get "credit" for EVERY one?

We are paying particularly close attention to this issue.  A specific answer is unavailable at this time because the work is still in progress.  The design goals for this work do include rewarding players for each of their completed professions.  When this work is complete and we have a specific answer, we will reveal that information in future Jedi Archives as soon as it is available. 

I read this as we will have skill points equal to the number of boxes we have completed, and not based on how much experience we have gained. However, can you please make it absolutely clear?  I would hate to work at earning 1 million exp points trying for another box just to see them go poof with the patch.

Jedi XP will not be altered during the conversion process.  If you had 2 million XP towards the next skill you will still have that XP after the conversion.  The only thing that could alter your total stored XP is if you have more XP than your Jedi XP cap after purchasing all your Jedi skills during the conversion then you may see a reduction, this will be extremely unlikely.

I know you guys haven't determined a system to credit mastered professions toward the quests somehow which is fine, but what about Professions mastered before "Master Badges" were available to us in game?  Will these be counted? Can they be counted?

While it is true that when we added "Master Badges" to the game so that players could display what professions they had mastered, there was no way for us to determine which professions had been previously mastered.  Because of this, any professions mastered and also dropped before master badges were in the game, they couldn't be counted, but the Jedi Professions Tracking system is a different game system.

There is a bit of code on each character that tracks the raw number of professions a player has completed and whether or not that specific profession was required to unlock their Jedi slot.  In short, yes we do know how many professions each player has completed and whether or not it was required to unlock the player's Jedi slot. 


So is this a 100% YES that our current Jedi slot will be the character slot that gets the conversion?  Or will it be our Main slot?  Is it safe to level my Main slot to a full Regular Skills template without worrying about having to drop any skills for Jedi skills after Publish 9?

If you already have an existing Jedi character, your existing JEDI slot will remain the Jedi slot and your main character will remain as it is.  So yes, you may continue to level your main any way you wish.

Will my Main slot be FS?  Or will I have to redo all the quests if I want him to be Force Enhanced too?

Yes, you're main slot will be force sensitive, but it will be at a Padawan level with all of your original skills intact.  You may choose to develop your Main Slot up through Jedi Knight.  If you develop this main character up through Jedi Knight, you will have to sacrifice your regular professions.  If you want to develop your second slot as your Jedi Knight, you may choose to do all of the Force Sensitive Quests over again thereby unlocking the slot.  By completing the Force Sensitive quests you can make your second slot Force Sensitive also.  You may even choose to develop your second slot as a full status Jedi knight.  You may even choose to develop both of your slots as Jedi if you wish.  There are many possible combinations, but because there is a quest based system in place now, your main slot must be the starting point of Jedi character development after Publish 10.

If I don't unlock my Jedi slot by the time Publish 10 is released, will I be forced into making my primary character into a Jedi?

Not entirely.  Yes your main character will become your Force Sensitive character.  There is nothing that says you must make it a Jedi however.  You may still choose to go through the Force Sensitive quests again with your new character slot and then advance that character as a Jedi.  We understand the frustration that this paradigm shift may cause, but there is no easy way to solve it.

If I complete the Force Sensitive quests after publish 10 and open up my Jedi slot, will my main slot or my second slot be Force Sensitive?

After Publish 10, "Trials of the Jedi", a player's Main Slot will become Force Sensitive.  At this point, a second character slot will open up.  You may choose to develop your main character as a Jedi Knight or you may use your second character slot to develop as a Jedi Knight (thus being able to leave your main character in tact), but you will have to complete the quests from the beginning with the second character.


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