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   Ship Customizations
Friday Feature November 5: Ship Customizations

Today, our Friday Feature focuses on many of the ship customizations that are possible. Players can customize their ships with different colors and patterns. Here are the pattern styles for 8 different ships. (Imperial ships, as part of the Imperial Navy do not offer customizations).

How to Customize your Spaceship

Once you move past the starter ship and get your own space ship, you can customize it and give it some of your personality. There are two different aspects to customizing your space ship. There are "texture" customizations and "color" customizations. Respectively, there are "texture customization" kits and "color customization kits". Textures are the designs and color customizations change the color of the textures.

You can either visit a bazaar/vendor to find these customization kits or visit your friendly neighborhood shipwright to see if he or she will craft one for you. You can check to see if there are any on the Bazaar under "Ship Components". Once you get your ship and your customization kits, here is how they work:

Texture Customization

Texture customization kits are created based on the level of the crafter. A low level texture kit may only offer you the basic level of pattern. The advanced kits will offer you more patterns. Once you have your ship customization kit:
  • Open your inventory (CTRL-I)
  • Pull up the radial menu item on the Texture Customization kit and select "Change Texture"
  • Select your ship (If you have more than one)
  • Click "Change Texture"
  • Your ship will have a new texture based on what is available for your ship and the texture customization kit.

Color Customization

  • Go to a starship terminal and "Use" it with the radial menu
  • Select the ship you want to customize
  • Click "Manage Components"
  • Open your Inventory (CTRL-I)
  • Click the Color Customization Kit
  • Use the radial menu on the Color Customization Kit to "Set Color"
  • A window will come up asking you if you want to set your primary or secondary colors.
  • Once you select which color set you want to change, the color palette will come up and you will be able to select your color and see what it is going to look like in the "Manage Components" window.

You can do this without going to a starship terminal and using the "Manage Components" window, but you wont be able to preview the color change.