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Ithorians are a species of humanoids with large, domed heads atop sharply curving necks, commonly referred to as "Hammerheads." Ithorians have two mouths and glossy, brown flesh. In general, they are devoted environmentalists, staunch herbivores, and complete pacifists. Many have become galactic traders who peacefully travel the stars in giant herd ships. They will only resort to violence if threatened. Because of their mild demeanor, most Ithorians avoid the Galactic Civil War, although a few have joined the Rebel Alliance.

Ithorians are natives of the planet Ithor, a lush world with sprawling rain forests. The Ithorians worship Mother Jungle and long ago vowed never to desecrate their planet. Once they discovered repulsorlift technology, the Ithorians built expansive "herd cities" floating in the skies above their homeworld. The species migrated to these platforms, ensuring that Ithor would remain pristine forever.

Abroad, Ithorians have integrated well with the intergalactic community. Their own language is incredibly beautiful, yet difficult to learn, as the Ithorians have twin mouths on opposite sides of their necks. Fortunately, they can speak Basic, albeit with a strange accent.


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