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   Jump to Lightspeed: Getting started as a Privateer: Part I


A Privateer is effectively a mercenary pilot. Loyal to neither the Rebel Alliance nor the Galactic Empire, most Privateers are willing to fly missions for any group with enough credits. Privateers might find themselves working for the Smuggler's Alliance on Tatooine, the Corellian Security Forces (CorSec), or even the Royal Security Forces (RSF) of Naboo. Privateers utilize a variety of craft, including those originally designed for criminal groups such as the Hutts and Black Sun. Through rigorous training and various underworld contacts, Privateers learn exotic piloting techniques and master black-market droid programs.

The life of a Privateer involves a great deal of conflict. Privateers who work for reputable groups might find themselves policing systems and battling pirates. When running missions for the Hutts or the Smuggler's Alliance, a Privateer is likely to run afoul of local authorities or even the Empire.

Hooking up with the Privateers

Staying out of the war and keeping your engines hot is what being a privateer is all about.  Once a player begins Jump to Lightspeed, they are on a fast track to get into their ship and the fun.  Most importantly, players are drawn into the Star Wars experience.  For those that want to get into the action, but stay clear of picking sides (Empire or Rebellion), there is another choice:  Privateer! 

The first thing you will notice in Jump to Lightspeed is that there will be three e-mail transmissions on your in-game email system (press CTRL-E or use your data toolbar).  As the various factions try to gain your favor, they will contact you within the first few moments of the game by sending you a message. For those of you that want to fly for profit, you need to get hooked up with the privateers!

After looking at the three recruitment e-mail messages you will receive, you should make a decision about where your loyalties lie.  Once you have made a decision, you should save the waypoint to your datapad, take a moment and find out what planet and city the recruiter is and travel to meet your contact. 

  • Travel to Tatooine, Naboo, or Corellia as it is listed on your datapad. Highlight the attachment included in your recruitment email and it will list the planet you need to be on.

NOTE: There are no beginning Space Quest Trainers on any planets other than Tatooine, Naboo and Corellia. If you are not on one of these worlds, you will need to travel to the correct planet before you can begin searching for them using the planetary map as described below.

  • Open the planetary map (CTRL+V by default).



      Tip: If you save your email attachment from the recruiter, when you open your planetary map (CTRL+V by default), you will see the waypoint on the planetary map. Further, if you activate your waypoint attachment, the planetary map pointer will also be lighted. This will make finding your recruiter more accommodating.



      Acquiring a New Profession

      As with An Empire Divided, your character can learn new professions in-game. All four of the new professions can be gained after character creation by interacting with an appropriate Non-Player Character (or NPC), usually called a "Trainer." Trainers can teach you the basic piloting skills (or Novice Shipwright). In addition to a novice skill, pilot trainers (also called "Space Quest Trainers") can provide you with the certification necessary to fly your first starfighter and dole out missions that will earn you credits, experience, and the opportunity to advance in your chosen Pilot profession.

      Each pilot type has specific trainers. If you want to be a Privateer, you should talk to a Privateer Space Quest Trainer. These trainers are located in major cities on Tatooine, Naboo, and Corellia. Your recruitment email will give you the first waypoint and then when you sign up with the recruiter, he or she will give you your next waypoint which will direct you to the pilot trainer. Space Quest Trainers will only train like-faction or neutral players. Non-factioned / neutral characters may become Privateers. Players who have declared to a faction on the ground may become privateers, but in space, their association will be with the privateers and not with their associated faction. Those who wish to be a Rebel or Imperial pilot should visit rebel or imperial recruiters. 





      Once you see the recruiter, he or she will help you choose your assignment and send you to the pilot trainer. The pilot trainer will give you your novice pilot box. Your recruiter will give you the next waypoint on your journey. You can find out the location of the pilot trainer and travel to his or her location in the same fashion that you found the recruiter. 



      Getting started as a Privateer: Part II