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   Jump to Lightspeed: Getting Started as an Imperial Pilot

Jump to Lightspeed: Getting Started as an Imperial Pilot

Many claim that the Empire's greatest strength is its ready supply of talented and ruthless pilots. The Imperial Pilot serves the Emperor, battling Rebels, pirates, and others who threaten Imperial rule. An Imperial Pilot is expected to become proficient with the Empire's signature craft: the TIE fighter. Advanced pilots gain the right to fly TIE variants, including the deadly TIE Interceptor and experimental TIE Aggressor. The Imperial training program requires Imperial Pilots to master proven Imperial Navy tactics and become well-versed in the use of special navi-computer programs that enhance starfighter performance.

Imperial Pilots are devoted to winning the Galactic Civil War. They undertake some of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy and continually exterminate Rebel forces wherever they are found.

Join the Imperial Navy!

Once a player begins Jump to Lightspeed, we want players to be able to get into the fun quick and easy and also to feel like they are being drawn into the Star Wars experience. The first thing that will happen to you is you will receive three email messages. As the various factions try to gain your favor, they will contact you within the first few moments of the game by sending you a message. Each recruitment message is tailored to their presence in the galaxy and will give you a chance to scope out who's who.

Once you have made a decision, you should save the waypoint to your datapad, take a moment and find out what planet and city the recruiter is and travel to meet your contact.

Finding your Space Quest Trainer

  • Travel to Tatooine, Naboo, or Corellia as it is listed on your datapad. Highlight the attachment included in your recruitment email and it will list the planet you need to be on.
NOTE: There are no beginning Space Quest Trainers on any planets other than Tatooine, Naboo and Corellia. If you are not on one of these worlds, you will need to travel to the correct planet before you can begin searching for them using the planetary map as described below.

  • Open the planetary map (CTRL+V by default).

Tip: If you save your email attachment from the recruiter, when you open your planetary map (CTRL+V by default), you will see the waypoint on the planetary map. Further, if you activate your waypoint attachment, the planetary map pointer will also be lighted. This will make finding your Space Quest trainer more accommodating.


Acquiring a New Profession

As with An Empire Divided, your character can learn new professions in-game. All four of the new professions can be gained after character creation by interacting with an appropriate Non-Player Character (or NPC), usually called a "Trainer." Trainers can teach you the basic piloting skills (or Novice Shipwright). In addition to a novice skill, pilot trainers (also called "Space Quest Trainers") can provide you with the certification necessary to fly your first starfighter and dole out missions that will earn you credits, experience, and the opportunity to advance in your chosen Pilot profession.

Each pilot type has specific trainers. If you want to be an Imperial Pilot, you should talk to an Imperial Space Quest Trainer. These trainers are located in major cities on Tatooine, Naboo, and Corellia. Your recruitment email will give you the first waypoint and then when you sign up with the recruiter, he or she will give you your next waypoint which will direct you to the pilot trainer. Space Quest Trainers will only train like-faction or neutral players. For instance, if your character is a declared "Imperial", she will not be able to learn Imperial Piloting skills from a Rebel Space Quest Trainer, and vice-versa.



Once you see the recruiter, he will help you choose your assignment and send you to the pilot trainer. The pilot trainer will give you your novice pilot box. Your recruiter will give you the next waypoint on your journey. You can find out the location of the pilot trainer and travel to his or her location in the same fashion that you found the recruiter.


Finding your Space Quest Trainer

If you accidentally delete your waypoint to the Space Quest Trainer, you can use this method to re-locate your chosen trainer.


  • Locate the "Trainers" tab on the right-side pane of the planetary map interface.
  • Double-click "Trainers" to open a list of trainer categories.
  • Double-click "Pilot" to expand the list of specific NPC Space Quest Trainers (you can also double-click "Shipwright" to expand the list of specific NPC Shipwright Trainers). Each Space Quest Trainer's name and factional affiliation will appear here.
  • Right click on the Space Quest Trainer that interests you.
  • Select "Waypoint" from the menu that appears when you right-click. This will create a waypoint in your datapad.
  • Close the planetary map window (CTRL+V by default).
  • Activate the waypoint to your quest trainer by opening your datapad (CTRL+D by default), selecting the "Waypoints" tab, and right-clicking on the waypoint object that you just created. The waypoint object will bear the name of the Space Quest Trainer by default. Choose "Activate" from the right-click menu.
  • Close the datapad (CTRL+D).
  • Follow the waypoint indicator - the blue arrow on your radar - to your trainer. As you near the waypoint, it will become visible as a beacon of bluish light on the horizon.


    Gaining your first Pilot Skill box

    To gain your first piloting skills, you'll need to talk to your Trainer. You can automatically start a conversation by double-clicking on the Trainer or using the radial menu and choosing the "Converse" option.

    Once you've started a dialogue, follow the conversation options to sign up for your Novice Piloting skill box. Upon receiving your Novice Piloting skill box, you'll earn at least one starship certification (which gives you "license" to pilot a specific type of ship) and your "starter ship".


    Imperial Pilot Commands

    As you advance in your chosen profession, you will gain access to special commands that you can execute during combat. All commands are skill based; meaning that the more levels of ability (Pilot Special Tactics skill modifier) the pilot has, the more easily the command can be executed successfully.

    With most abilities, there is a period of time that must elapse before the pilot can use another one. This is shorter for simpler commands, and longer for more complicated ones. The tactical training that Imperial pilots receive is second-to-none. As Imperial Pilots advance, they will learn new performance-enhancing commands and gain the ability to call in support craft for aid.

    Pump Reactor


    The pilot attempts to overcharge his reactor's reactant injectors and squeeze some extra juice out of the generator. This will increase overall available power to some degree. At the same time, the pilot overloads the output coils leading to the ion drive units, producing additional available thrust over normal operating parameters. When the pilot does this, there is a risk of the automated flight control systems detecting the overload as a threat and shutting the system down, or "scramming" the reactor. If the reactor scrams, the ship will basically shut down until the systems automatically reset.

    The additional power and speed provided by this tweak are very handy in a space dogfight, but sitting motionless in space while you wait for your reactor to re-ignite can be deadly. Thus only the more daring pilots are known to attempt this feat with any regularity.

    Running this command increases the power available to all ship subsystems, and ship speed. A failure to run the command will shut the ship down; and the greater the failure, the longer the downtime.

    Emergency Weapons


    This ability allows the pilot to temporarily circumvent the ship's normal power distribution parameters and instead dump all power normally meant for recharging the ship's shields into weapons instead. Note that this doesn't increase how much damage the weapons do, but instead how much power for recharge is available to them. Shunting shield power directly to the weapons allows firing bursts of extended lengths, at the cost of recharging the damage deflection screens.

    Running this command temporarily shuts down recharge for the shields and increases the weapon capacitor recharge rate dramatically. A failure to run the command will shut the ship down; and the greater the failure, the longer the downtime.

    Bomber Strike 1


    Although not in command of a strike force themselves, pilots can, from time to time, call for assistance on standard Imperial command frequencies. If local non-assigned strike assets are available, they will be routed to the pilot's locale where they will engage the requested target. Once the target is destroyed, or extreme casualties have been suffered by the strike package or its escort, the vessels will leave the area. A skilled pilot will be able to convince the local kill-zone Controller into giving him higher quality assets in the package, increasing their chance for success and survival.

    To run the Bomber Strike, select a target, and type /bstrike1. If it's something you could attack and a skill check is passed, a strike package will arrive and engage the target squad. Once the target, the strike package, or the strike package's escort is destroyed, the remnants of the strike package will leave the area. The success level of the pilot's skill check will affect the types of ships in the strike package.

    Bomber Strike 2


    Identical to the Bomber Strike 1 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to a larger strike force.

    Bomber Strike 3


    Identical to the Bomber Strike 2 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to an even larger strike force.

    Imperial Ships

    Victory for the Empire!