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   Jump to Lightspeed: Getting Started as a Rebel Pilot

The Alliance Pilot serves the Rebel Alliance - - the ragtag coalition of heroes who oppose the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. As an Alliance pilot, you will have access to a wide range of powerful starships, including the versatile X-wing and the incredibly fast A-wing. Alliance pilots also learn special Rebel piloting techniques and custom astromech programs that improve a starfighter's defensive capabilities and other features.

Because the Rebel Alliance is embroiled in a violent war with the Empire, the life of an Alliance Pilot is fraught with danger. If you start down this path, you can expect to clash with Imperial forces on a regular basis.

Signing up with the Rebellion!

Once a player begins Jump to Lightspeed, they are on a fast track to get into their ship and the fun. Most importantly, players are drawn into the Star Wars experience. The first thing you will notice in Jump to Lightspeed is that there will be three e-mail transmissions on your in-game email system (press CTRL-E or use your data toolbar). As the various factions try to gain your favor, they will contact you within the first few moments of the game by sending you a message. Each recruitment message is tailored to their presence in the galaxy and will give you a chance to scope out who's who.

After looking at the three recruitment e-mail messages you will receive, you should make a decision about where your loyalties lie. Once you have made a decision, you should save the waypoint to your datapad, take a moment and find out what planet and city the recruiter is and travel to meet your contact.

Finding your Space Quest Trainer

  • Travel to Tatooine, Naboo, or Corellia as it is listed on your datapad. Highlight the attachment included in your recruitment email and it will list the planet you need to be on.

    NOTE: There are no beginning Space Quest Trainers on any planets other than Tatooine, Naboo and Corellia. If you are not on one of these worlds, you will need to travel to the correct planet before you can begin searching for them using the planetary map as described below.

  • Open the planetary map (CTRL+V by default).

    Tip: If you save your email attachment from the recruiter, when you open your planetary map (CTRL+V by default), you will see the waypoint on the planetary map. Further, if you activate your waypoint attachment, the planetary map pointer will also be lighted. This will make finding your recruiter more accommodating.

    Acquiring a New Profession

    As with An Empire Divided, your character can learn new professions in-game. All four of the new professions can be gained after character creation by interacting with an appropriate Non-Player Character (or NPC), usually called a "Trainer." Trainers can teach you the basic piloting skills (or Novice Shipwright). In addition to a novice skill, pilot trainers (also called "Space Quest Trainers") can provide you with the certification necessary to fly your first starfighter and dole out missions that will earn you credits, experience, and the opportunity to advance in your chosen Pilot profession.

    Each pilot type has specific trainers. If you want to be a Rebel Pilot, you should talk to a Rebel Space Quest Trainer. These trainers are located in major cities on Tatooine, Naboo, and Corellia. Your recruitment email will give you the first waypoint and then when you sign up with the recruiter, he or she will give you your next waypoint which will direct you to the pilot trainer. Space Quest Trainers will only train like-faction or neutral players. For instance, if your character is a declared "Imperial", she will not be able to learn Imperial Piloting skills from a Rebel Space Quest Trainer, and vice-versa.

    Once you see the recruiter, he or she will help you choose your assignment and send you to the pilot trainer. The pilot trainer will give you your novice pilot box. Your recruiter will give you the next waypoint on your journey. You can find out the location of the pilot trainer and travel to his or her location in the same fashion that you found the recruiter.

    Finding your Space Quest Trainer

    If you accidentally delete your waypoint to the Space Quest Trainer, you can use this method to re-locate your chosen trainer.

  • Locate the "Trainers" tab on the right-side pane of the planetary map interface.
  • Double-click "Trainers" to open a list of trainer categories.
  • Double-click "Pilot" to expand the list of specific NPC Space Quest Trainers (you can also double-click "Shipwright" to expand the list of specific NPC Shipwright Trainers). Each Space Quest Trainer's name and factional affiliation will appear here.
  • Right click on the Space Quest Trainer that interests you.
  • Select "Waypoint" from the menu that appears when you right-click. This will create a waypoint in your datapad.
  • Close the planetary map window (CTRL+V by default).
  • Activate the waypoint to your quest trainer by opening your datapad (CTRL+D by default), selecting the "Waypoints" tab, and right-clicking on the waypoint object that you just created. The waypoint object will bear the name of the Space Quest Trainer by default. Choose "Activate" from the right-click menu.
  • Close the datapad (CTRL+D).
  • Follow the waypoint indicator - the blue arrow on your radar - to your trainer. As you near the waypoint, it will become visible as a beacon of bluish light on the horizon.

    Gaining your first Pilot Skill box

    To gain your first piloting skills, you'll need to talk to your Trainer. You can automatically start a conversation by double-clicking on the Trainer or using the radial menu and choosing the "Converse" option.

    Once you've started a dialogue, follow the conversation options to sign up for your Novice Piloting skill box. Upon receiving your Novice Piloting skill box, you'll earn at least one starship certification (which gives you "license" to pilot a specific type of ship) and your "starter ship".

    Rebel Pilot Commands The Rebel Alliance navy is a ragtag group of pilots who rely on a diverse fleet cobbled together from stolen, borrowed, or illegally purchased starfighters. Because the Rebels have worked so hard to build their fleet, Alliance commanders stress the importance of bringing back each starship intact. Thus, the abilities that Rebel pilots master include protective measures and tactics for increasing survival. Like their Imperial counterparts, Rebel flight officers can also call on allies.

    JumpStart 1

    /jstart1 This command expends the player's weapon capacitor charge to re-charge the targeted ship's shields.

    JumpStart 2

    /jstart2 This command expends the player's weapon capacitor and half of the player's shield energy to charge to re-charge the targeted ship's shields.

    JumpStart 3

    /jstart3 This command expends the player's weapon capacitor and 90% of the player's shield energy to charge to re-charge the targeted ship's shields.

    IFF Transponder Scramble

    /iffscramble With this command, a pilot can scramble his ship's on-board identification code. This allows the starship to temporarily broadcast a "friendly" recognition code to an enemy currently attacking the ship. If the transponder scramble is successful, attackers will cease fire. They will react if attacked, or eventually realize that they have been fooled by a transponder scramble and re-engage.

    Emergency Shields

    /eshields This ability allows the pilot to temporarily circumvent the ship's normal power distribution parameters and redirect all power normally meant for recharging the ship's weapon capacitor into shields instead. The weapon capacitor will no longer recharge for the duration of the effect and may shut down completely. However, the command will increase shield power levels and shield recharge rates. A failure to run the command will shut down the starship down; and the greater the failure, the longer the downtime.

    Ship System Emergency Repair


    By using this ability, the pilot initiates various subroutines to redirect power and programs from the vehicle's most heavily damaged system to intact systems. If the pilot successfully executes this command, the most heavily damaged system is repaired somewhat, but the power overload causes damage to other systems. Slightly more damage will be incurred or repaired depending on how successfully the pilot executes the command (in a skill check).

    Cannibal Repair is not a replacement for normal systems repairs. Instead, it is meant to get a heavily damaged ship back into operation in order to finish a mission or escape enemy forces.

    Emergency Repair Other Ship's System


    This variant of the Cannibal Repair ability allows the pilot to sacrifice some of his own ship's integrity (or "health) in order to improve a friendly ship's integrity. To execute this command, the pilot must first select a friendly ship and come to a complete stop next to that ship. Once the command is successfully executed, the pilot's ship will "donate" integrity from its own systems to repair the most heavily-damaged component on the recipient vessel.

    In Space Repair


    The pilot can invoke this ability to call a friendly repair vessel that carries a supply of low-level replacement components. A few moments after the pilot executes the command, a repair ship hyperspaces into the area, flies near to the pilot's craft and provides limited repairs. If the repair effort is successful, the pilot's ship will be restored to (at least) basic operating capacity.

    If combat erupts during the repair period, the repair ship will cease making repairs and make a hasty retreat. Pilots should also not that a repair ship will not hyperspace to your location if you are already engaged in combat.

    Underway Replenishment


    With this command, a pilot can summon an ammunition hauler. The ammo vessel will re-supply the pilot's weapon stores with all manner of guided ordnance (missiles, torpedoes) and counter-measures. Much like repair vessel pilots, ammo ship captains will not reload craft that are under fire, and will run at the first sign of trouble.

    Repair and Replenishment


    Rebel pilots can also receive aid from larger Alliance ships that have both repair and reload capabilities. These vessels will re-supply a pilot with fresh starship components, missiles, torpedoes and counter-measures.

    Like their specialized counterparts, these Repair / Reload vessels are very skittish and will run at the first sign of a fight.

    May the Force be with you!