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   Image Designing
The Image Designer is one of the most unique MMO professions Star Wars Galaxies offers. In most other games, after character creation, you are forever stuck with your initial choices in the base look and stats of your character. In Galaxies, you only need visit your local Image Designer to make sweeping changes to the appearance and feel of your avatar (though you may want to make a quick trip to an in-game Tailor to change your outfit as well). Publish 8.1 introduces some additional functionality for Image Designers.

How to Find an Image Designer?
Image Designers can be found in various parts of the galaxy. The easiest way to locate them is to stop by your local Image Designer Tents.

These tents are located at:

  • Theed   -5130 4260   (next to the cantina, visible from star port area)
  • Moenia   4790 -4730   (next to the star port, visible from the cantina)
  • Bestine   -1440 -3700   (back behind the cantina)
  • Coronet   -360 -4690   (off of any beaten path)
  • Vreni Island   -5150 -6370   (next to the cantina)

The tent's primary function is to act as a central location for Image Designers to advertise their services and perform their craft. These locations also house Image Modification Terminals which grant the ability to facilitate the stat migration and reduces the amount of time needed to perform an change in half for the Image Designer.

If you don't see an Image Designer there or want to get some work done elsewhere in the galaxy, you can always try to use the search function in the Community Window. Press CTRL P (by default) to bring up the Community Window, select the Search tab and pick "Image Designer" in the drop down menu under Profession. This will bring up all Image Designers near you. Finally, you can locate Image Designers offline in your Galaxy Forum or on the Image Designer Forum and make arrangements to meet in-game at a future point. Image Designers are very good about keeping prearranged appointments.

How much do they cost?
Like most services, the price will be set by the individual Image Designer. You can generally expect to pay between 1,000 and 10,000 credits per modification. During the Image Modification session, the Image Designer and client can haggle over the price for the displayed design changes. Only upon selecting the confirm button for the Image Designer's changes in the "after" window will the client be billed. This is a secure transaction, so they don't need to worry about being stiffed for a tip (though tips are still welcome to most I.D.ers)

What services do they provide?
During your sessions with Image Designers, they can go over all of the services that they can currently provide (limited by the skills they've earned). A window opens up displaying the "before" and "after" of your avatar and you can see any proposed changes in real time. Feel free to work with the Image Designer to get the new look you are after.

Completing a session does require some time. Minor cosmetic changes will require 2 minutes, body modifications will require 5 minutes, while stat migration will take the longest at 10 minutes.

Cosmetic & Physical
In addition to changing your avatar to most any configuration seen during character creation, Image Designers can offer new color options or hair styles. Hair color, skin/fur color, lip color, cosmetics, eye color, markings and tattoos are all customizable. You can have your height, weight, and features changed. Pretty much the only thing that can't be altered about your character is your species and gender.

(Images provided by Kara)

For special occasions, Image Designers can sell you "Holo-Emote" particle effects. These "holographic" images can be used for a short period of time and require charges (supplied by Image Designers). When you have purchased Holo-Emotes, type /holoemote help to see instructions and a list of the Holo-Emotes you now own. Type /holoemote [emote name] to use one of your Holo-Emotes; for example, type /holoemote Imperial to display an Imperial Symbol over your head for a few seconds. There are 16 different Holo-Emotes available.

Stat Migration
After leaving the new player space station, you won't be able to adjust your basic stats unless you visit an Image Designer. Image Designers can readjust any of your stats during an Image Design session. These sessions take 10 minutes to complete. After your session, your stats will be instantly altered to the new values.

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