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   The Corellian Corvette
The Corellian Corvette

The Corellian Corvette is our first "space-based" adventure and a familiar Star Wars setting with nine separate quests. Glistening white hallways and dark access ways crisscross the decks of the famed Rebel blockade runner from A New Hope. Players must complete one of nine possible missions to receive a shuttle ticket to the Corvette. There are three missions for Rebels, three missions for Imperials and three missions for neutral players. Depending on which quest players take will depend on which objectives must be achieved while on the Corvette.

One of the most unique things about the Corellian Corvette is that it is "instanced". This means that your group and your group alone moves through it. We plan to make many of our future adventures instanced so that players can maintain immersion in their adventure.

A single player may choose to go to the Corvette. Be warned though, there are many strong opponents to defeat and the objectives of the quest must be completed in time. Players who are unable to complete the quest in time won't get the badge or the rewards, so be prepared...and bring friends.

Rebel Rescue Mission

CorSec officers have arrested a Rebel under the suspicion of terrorist activities. The Empire has gone out of their way to implicate him and plant false evidence of his treason and guilt. The Alliance's only hope is to rescue him before the CorSec ship reaches its destination, Dathomir, where he will be tried and placed in the Imperial Prison there. The ship is almost entirely manned by the Imperials at this point, since they've taken command of the ship as a prisoner transport. Only a small group of CorSec officers (all loyal to the Emperor) remain on board.

Adar Tallon is concerned for the safety of the Rebel, since he's a well-liked, highly-decorated Alliance pilot. The Empire used CorSec to arrest him under false pretenses and he wants to get him back before they do something horrible to him in the Dathomir Prison. The problem is, Tallon needs the security override codes in order to be able to get close to the CorSec ship. He can't get them from CorSec because they're still convinced the man actually is a criminal. CorSec has been somewhat sympathetic to the Alliance so Tallon doesn't want to directly involve them in either clandestine operations or a direct attack. He's looking for some Rebel help...

Rebel Assassin Mission

A particularly ruthless Imperial commander has been on the Alliance's list of priorities since almost the day he was promoted. He's infamous within the Alliance for butchering anyone and everyone in his way, and for using the most extreme torture methods available. Rumor has it he was directly involved in the creation of the ITO prototypes. Now he's gone a step further; he's actually overtaken a Rebel blockade runner, eliminated the entire crew, and plans to crash the ship into a suspected Rebel city on the surface of Tralus.

Pashna Starkiller has finally broken down and realized that the only way to deal with someone as ruthless as the Imperial is to assassinate him. Pashna isn't happy about this decision, but given the circumstances it seems to be the best course of action. Of course, the primary objective of the Rebels should be stopping the blockade runner before it crashes into Tralus, but as a secondary objective, the assassination of the Imperial should be looked into.

Rebel Destroy Mission

The Imperials have struck upon a brilliant political maneuver. They've stolen a Rebel blockade runner, filled it with explosives, and are planning to send it hurtling into Centerpoint Station near Corellia. The plan being, make the Rebels look both foolish and dangerous at the same time. They plan to use this maneuver to force the hands of Rebel sympathizers and to garner political support in the Press. Rebel spies found out about the operation just as it started, and now it's time to do something about it quickly.

Master Sergeant Crowley is in charge of this operation, and she's definitely the woman for the job. She knows it will take some time for the Empire to rig the ship, and to acquire all the explosives they need and have them transported. She needs to use the time wisely though, in order to get her agents to the Corvette before anything goes wrong.

Imperial Rescue Mission

There are some scientists who agree whole-heartedly with the Empire's xenophobic views of the universe. One of these is Dr. Bledsoe, an Imperial expert in the field of disease and medicine. Dr. Bledsoe has been abducted by a group of Alliance terrorists, and is being whisked away for questioning at one of the Rebel insurgence camps. Someone must rescue him before it's too late.

An Imperial colonel who is on the verge of retirement heads the rescue operations. He feels it is his duty to make sure all Imperial hostages are freed before he gives up his post. The Colonel needs a group of ragtag Imperial supporters to board the Rebel blockade runner and make sure that Dr. Bledsoe is freed before any harm befalls him. Who knows what those ruthless Rebels will do to a poor scientist who can't even defend himself properly?

Imperial Assassin Mission

Imperials will be sent to the Corvette to eliminate a Rebel officer of high rank. Assassinating the Rebel will be a difficult task because the Corvette will be well guarded and filled with traps and locked doors.

Lt. Sabol, an Imperial Officer who sees no reason Rebel officers should be allowed to live. Women are a rarity among Imperial officers, but she will be cold and ruthless as any male. She will not tolerate failure.

Her current problem is that she's in charge of gathering information for her superiors and her underlings have proven useless time and time again. What she needs is someone to steal Rebel documents for her.

Imperial Destroy Mission

This ship is on its way to deliver a payload of weapons to a group of Rebels preparing to slaughter outnumbered Imperial soldiers. The Empire would like to simply vaporize it with a nearby Star Destroyer, but fear the political ramifications since the Corvette has been tagged as a medical frigate. Therefore, the dirty work will have to be done from the inside, so as to allay suspicion.

A brash young Imperial officer, who is ambitious and not afraid to show it, believes that he can use these destructive missions to further his political career. He won't like it if his agents fail. Before he can send them, though, he needs the destruct sequence for the ship. He doesn't have it handy, but has some ideas where he can get it. Once the player brings him the codes he will send them to the Corvette to do their job.

Neutral (Criminal) Rescue Mission

Jabba the Hutt is not happy. One of his top assassins has been captured on Corellia and will be transferred to the prison on Dathomir as soon as possible. Jabba wants this Trandoshan named S'lee rescued, if for no other reason then because he is worried that the man will trade secrets about Jabba's organization in order to lessen his sentence. Jabba has put one of his most trusted lieutenants on the case, a Zabrak known as Yondalla. She's a tough customer, and she needs some shady characters to find out when and on which ship Jabba's assassin is being transported. Once her hired guns have found the information and handed it in to her, she will send them to the Corvette.

Neutral (Criminal) Assassin Mission

A Rebel commander with the Alliance has a gambling problem and has repeatedly failed to pay off his debts to Jabba. Jabba, not happy with the situation, has placed a bounty on the man's head. He thinks he's safe because as a Rebel he maintains a low profile anyway, but it won't help him this time. Bronell, the Mon Cal, has decided that he will collect the bounty on this Rebel commander, but first he needs to find a group of hired guns who can actually do the task for him, since he's something of a coward. He is smart though, and knows a few things about the Rebel in question, so he should be able to help his agents find him if they follow his instructions. Bronell knows, for example, that Jabba isn't the only person the Rebel owes money too. He's found out through various underground sources that a group of pirates also took some bets for him, but unlike Jabba's unimaginative underlings, these pirates actually kept up with where the Rebel went. They don't want him dead just yet (he doesn't owe them as much as he owes Jabba) and they don't want Jabba killing him either (how will he pay them when he's dead?) so they're keeping the information for themselves.

Neutral (Criminal) Destroy Mission

One of Jabba's minions has betrayed him, spilling valuable information in order to lessen his sentence. This information is currently stored on a hard disk and is on a CorSec transport on its way to a council of Galactic Judges. Jabba can't possibly let that ship make it to its destination. It's the player's job to make sure it doesn't. Jabba will pay handsomely for the destruction of that ship, but before anyone can even get to it, there will be some work involved. Jabba knows the ship in question, and knows that he needs destruct sequences to destroy it. He has some ideas where he can get that information.

Good Luck!