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Player Screenshot of the

   Wookiee Armor

This concept for Wookiee armor incorporates much of what is known about Wookiee culture. Although certainly capable of creating and repairing advanced technology, Wookiees often build weapons and armor using natural resources from the world around them. This concept combines an emphasis on organic components with sturdy functionality that allows the Wookiees to combat dangerous creatures on their homeworld of Kashyyyk.

The above armor was added to Star Wars Galaxies on March 30th, 2004. We're already creating concepts for additional armor for Wookiees, to be added in the future. Here is the Kashyyykian Hunting Armor.


On their homeworld of Kashyyyk, Wookiees spend a great deal of time hunting creatures for food and resources. In the lowest reaches of Kashyyyk's massive forests, hunting expeditions are likely to encounter extremely dangerous beasts. For protection against these animals and other dangers, the Wookiees have developed various forms of "hunting armor." The armor depicted here combines functional protective coverings with trophies from past hunts.

Look for the April Newsletter to see another wookiee armor concept.