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Player Screenshot of the

   Nym's Scavenger Hunt

NOTE: This Event ended on March 9th, 2004. Winners are listed below.

Message from the Pirate King Nym:

"This is a call to all explorers. Yesterday some cargo transport ships were ... "damaged" while in orbit of the planets Rori, Talus, Yavin 4 and Lok. Rather than lose their cargo, the transport captains ejected whatever they were carryin' into space. You don't need to be a Cerean to figure out that they were probably transporting illegal supplies for the Rebellion. That doesn't matter to me, but I am lookin' for some data disks that were part of the cargo. Lucky for you, a few of the cargo drums may have survived the fall from orbit. So here is my offer: the being who supplies me with at least four waypoints to these data disks gets a salvaged wreck, delivered right to his or her home city by my crew. Keep whatever you find in the drums, but leave the disks where you found them and my salvage is yours. Get cracking, you aren't alone in this hunt."

The Events Team has hand placed several datadisks that are ALWAYS found within ten meters of a sparking drum (small prize in the drum for the first person to loot it). The disks are located in different spots on Rori, Talus, Lok and Yavin 4 for each Galaxy. We will place 3 disks on Friday, February 27th, 1 disk on Monday, March 1st and then 1 additional disk every other day until we have a winner on that Galaxy (meaning no one will be able to win in the first 3 days, but you can get a significant head start).

The first person to send a game mail to TestCenter.ScavengerHunt with the exact waypoints of at least four of those disks may be eligible for one of the following decorative objects for their player city:

Prize 1: Escape Pod

Prize 2: X-Wing

Prize 3: TIE Fighter

Game mail MUST include:

  • At least four waypoints of the datadisks, not the drums (It is recommended that you type /waypoint after targeting the disk for an accurate reading.)
  • Your Player City Name: (Include waypoint of City Hall and Planet Name)
  • Decoration Requested: (Escape Pod, X-wing or TIE Fighter - these are for decoration only)
  • Location for Decoration: (Must include Planet Name and Waypoint. It must be within city limits. We reserve the right to alter the placement of the decoration if we feel it impedes in game play or looks bad. The decoration will not be movable once placed.)

    Example of game mail entry form

    If any information is missing or incorrect, the entry will be disqualified. Double-check your information! Be sure to send it to TestCenter.ScavengerHunt (case sensitive) and not your own galaxy (we will only check the TestCenter inbox). We will announce the winners on the Galaxy Forums as we get them. 

    Although this event is geared towards organized player associations and cities, individual explorers can potentially make a tidy profit by locating a disk and selling the waypoint to city mayors.

    To get you started, there is a hint in the Knowledge Base - while in-game, open your Holocron (Control H), click on the Customer Service button and do a search for String: "Scavenger Hunt".

    May the Force be with you!

    SWG Events Team

    Update Mar 9th: The Final Winners' List
    (in order of completion)

    Corbantis - Freedom Valley - Ananen
    Naritus - Lok-and-Load - Sandoz
    Ahazi - City of Fate - Jarik
    Bloodfin - MASC City - Zel
    Tarquinas - Avatar City - Kavol
    Wanderhome - Consortia - Bhin'der
    Gorath - Midian - The DarkStalker PA
    Radiant - Hendola, Naboo - Element-Amy
    Starsider - Trinity City, Naboo - Tiber
    Flurry - Kampong, Talus - Renee'
    Shadowfire Dune, Tatooine - Veneshea
    Lowca - Goontown, Naboo - Josh
    Bria - Silver City, Naboo - PA's: TOSH & SNAFU
    FarStar (Euro) - Hoffnung Netzwerk - Arandur
    Chimaera (Euro) - Sapphire Lake, Naboo- Ipock
    Kauri - Mos Krayt, Tatooine - Falbala
    Eclipse - Neo-Rome, Naboo - Mad'ickoo
    Chilastra - Nemisis, Dantooine - Sacred Nemisis PA
    Intrepid - Vodo Falls, Dantooine - Tri-Gon
    Kettemor - Insurgo, Naboo - Cybre
    Scylla - New Alderaa, Naboo - Amola
    Tempest - Mos Vegas, Tatooine - High Rollers PA
    TestCenter - New UNity, Naboo - Ahsidh
    Infinity (Euro) - Mos Melius, Tatooine - Akuma
    Valcyn - Bartertown, Corellia - Tasha-Kay
    Sunrunner - Troy, Rori - Cinnabear

    Thanks to everyone who participated!