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Player Screenshot of the

   Geonosian Bio Lab

Whispers of a Hidden Geonosian Bunker

Bothan spies have intercepted transmissions from an Imperial Officer named Lt. Harmon Vintollo in Kadaara and an undercover Rebel operative in a hotel in Tyrena named Teraeza Furloti. They both speak of a hidden bio-genics lab run by the Geonosians. The information was leaked to the holonet so we are able to re-transmit to you here:

Lately, rumors have been floating around about a secret Geonosian biogenics research lab where the Geonosians were experimenting on creatures, giving them horrible powers. Some creatures were being engineered for use in the Geonosian execution arena. There are even Acklay being twisted for their foul purposes. Other, more sinister creations such as mutated Kwi's and Klikniks with force powers were being developed for use as minions of Sith. This base is quite real and is hidden.

Recent seismic events have compromised the bases integrity, disabling the holo-generators that hid the entrance to the complex. The tremors have also caused minor cave-ins, structural collapses and sporadic power loses resulting in mass chaos throughout the complex.

The bases security system seems to be malfunctioning, the sentry droids have gone berserk, there are toxic leaks in areas and stores of volatile materials that could explode at any moment, large chunks of falling rocks constantly fall from overhead...not to mention the genetically engineered monstrosities roaming the hallways...

The Geonosian Biogenics lab will be the first of many in our efforts to add more content in the form of player dungeons. A couple of weeks after each major publish, we will be launching a "mini publish" that will have these fun and exciting new dungeons for the game. These dungeons are a lot of data, so we're going to push out the big chunks of data with the main monthly publish, then add the final touches to the dungeon and then launch them in the mini-publish.

Each of these dungeons will have new loot, new content and expand the game both visually and contextually. The Geonosian Bunker for instance, has 3 "heralds" in the game that players can interact with to find the dungeon while staying immersed in their game play. Players can also expect new types of challenges in the dungeons, such as: keypads that may only be unlocked with special codes that have to be attained by NPCs in the dungeons; lightning traps; and fearsome new creatures.