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   Happy Holidays 2003

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have three gifts for our community.

For Your Friends

This week all current Star Wars Galaxies players will have the chance to invite a friend to join them exploring our universe.  Players will receive a 7-day subscription key by email to pass along with their PC-CDs to get the invited player started. 

New players taking advantage of this offer will be able to fully explore the Star Wars Galaxies universe - the beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, mounts and vehicles - while starting their own character on their own unique path in this virtual world.

After the week trial concludes, new players can keep their characters alive in the game by purchasing Star Wars Galaxies.  And for a limited time, all Buddy Card purchases on the LucasArts website receive free shipping and a Star Wars Galaxies mouse pad.  Purchasers of the Star Wars Galaxies Collector's Edition will receive free shipping and a FREE 60 Day Game Card

For Your Character

This week all veteran characters (at least 3 weeks old) will be receiving a special gift in game, a Jedi Holocron. For you who aren't interested in gaining a clue towards your path to the Force, you can always sell it in-game. Be warned, the market for them may drop considerably for a little while.


From the Event's Team

Life Day is upon us. Traditionally celebrated on the Wookiee home world Kashyyyk, Life Day is a time to reflect on the renewal of life and to remember those who have passed on. In recent years Life Day traditions have been adopted by many species across the galaxy. Wookiees will often brave adverse conditions to make it home for this holiday, as it is an important time for family bonding and thankfulness. Life Day has become increasingly important to Wookiees since the Imperials have enslaved many of their kind.
Player's are encouraged to celebrate Life Day during the month of December and early January (see our player hosted events page). For our part, we have begun to drop Wookiee Life Day Orbs and Wookiee Life Day Robes throughout the galaxies. These ornamental items are typically displayed during the Life Day ceremony.
During the initial stage of distribution, we have been dropping numerous orbs in the city halls of those player cities that are registered on the planetary map. The hope is that city mayors will hand them out to residents (or be voted out for being greedy).

In addition to letting mayors hand them out, we have been attending various live events and handing out orbs to players and merchants to give away or sell (we hope you give them away in the spirit of Life Day). We will continue to hand out orbs and Wookiee robes throughout the month of December and into January.
As with all live events, there is no guarantee that you will get one of the Life Day gifts, but we are working to ensure they are not exceedingly rare.

Happy Holidays and may the Force be with you!

-Star Wars Galaxies Team