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   Hosting a Race

Whether on foot, on mount or in vehicles, races can be thrilling player hosted events. 

Since movement is generally the same speed (except for foot races uphill against Scouts, Ranger and Squad Leaders), the best way to make a competative race is to have one with lots of obstacles like rivers, trees and creatures or difficult terrain to negotiate.

Old Mesa Espa Circuit    2380 5000

Type 1: Existing Tracks - Go to one of the Old Swoop Tracks and use the protocol droid to record your racers' time. You can have racers attempt to start at the same moment, but make sure you use the droid's announced time to determine the winner.

Type 2: Cold Straight Dash - (Easiest for one person to host) All prospective racers are told to meet at a location, preferably indoors in a room (like in the third floor of a hospital). This is so they can all verify that their competitors are present at the "Starting line". The Race Judge is at the finish line sends a game mail to all racers to signify the start of the race. It includes the waypoint to the finish line (unknown to racers previously). The first racer to do a trade with the Race Judge is determined the winner (since spatial messages are latency sensitive, meaning the order on your screen might differ from the order on mine). An alternate method of determining winner is to craft three chairs labeled "First Place", "Second Place" and "Third Place" and tell the players to be the first to sit in the proper chair at the end of the race. That method requires that your finish line be in a player structure however.

Type 3: Observer Track - (Requires multiple hosts) Racers get email with all waypoints of the track before hand so they can practice if they want. At each waypoint, the hosts have a player stationed to ensure each racer goes through that area. Race ends with secure trade at the finish line like in the Cold Straight Dash.

Screens by Aartan Ridge

Type 4: Vendor Track - (One person to host but requires more set-up time) Small houses are placed at the checkpoints of the track. Racers must enter house and buy a custom object to prove they hit the checkpoint (game mail is automatically sent to the vendor owner as proof of time and racer identity). Beware of the possible grief tactic to buy out the vendor before other racers get opportunity get the object. Make it clear in your rules that racers will get disqualified if they purchase more than one of the items.

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