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   Hosting Player Events

Star Wars Galaxies is more than a game; it is also a virtual world sandbox for role-playing and socializing. Creative players have found ways to use the existing game rules to create fun activities for their fellow players.  These guides will help you to host various fun events for your friends, guildmates and city neighbors.

 How to Promote Your Event

 How to Host a Race

 How to Host a PVP Tournament

 How to Host a PVP Event

 How to Host a Scavenger Hunt

 How to Host a Wedding

 How to Host a Big Game Hunt

 How to Host a Successful Event (General Tips)

 Information on the SWG Events Team

Please visit our Events Forum or your specific Galaxy Forums to discuss events further.

This page is for reference only. For "Host a Wedding" go to Oct. 17th, 2003. For "Host a Big Game Hunt" go to Sep. 5th, 2003. -Biophilia