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   Friday Feature RIS Armor


Friday Feature - The Legend of RIS Armor

Today's Friday Feature is an intercepted transmission recovered from a Bothan Spy. It tells of a rare and powerful armor and of the Master Armorsmith who can teach others how to craft this armor:

*crackle*...I heard him speak of a Master Armorsmith...a Bothan who holds the secret of Reinforced Insulated Sheath Armor. It is rumored that he can teach Armorsmiths how to make this ancient warrior's armor. The legend says that warriors can use this armor to protect themselves in combat against great and powerful beasts and against...** He told me that the Master Armorsmith is on...Dantooine.

After close inspection of the information we were recovered from the disk, experts say that RIS armor is a new type of armor in the galaxy with exciting attributes and characteristics:

  • The armor supports multiple layers
  • Has an additional armor sheath layer to reduce armor weight
  • High impact armor that is useful for melee combatants
  • Unique, exciting look

This is an exciting new quest for Armorsmiths. There is a clue in the transmission that tells players where they can begin the quest and once players find the Master Armorsmith, he will teach players how to craft the armor step-by-step.

Good Luck!