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   Character Metrics

Percentage of characters with specific novice skill

Live server report date: Oct 20th

Starting Professions
57.91% Novice Marksman
51.66% Novice Scout
36.47% Novice Medic
34.84% Novice Artisan
32.60% Novice Brawler
17.93% Novice Entertainer
Elite Professions
8.66% Novice Creature Handler
6.76% Novice Pistoleer
2.58% Novice Bounty Hunter
2.11% Novice Doctor
2.01% Novice Merchant
1.98% Novice Rifleman
1.86% Novice Smuggler
1.80% Novice Ranger
1.68% Novice Architect
1.55% Novice Commando
1.53% Novice Weaponsmith
1.47% Novice Teras Kasi Artist
1.47% Novice Carbineer
1.08% Novice Combat Medic
1.00% Novice Tailor
0.98% Novice Bio Engineer
0.97% Novice Dancer
0.93% Novice Armorsmith
0.91% Novice Droid Engineer
0.71% Novice Musician
0.61% Novice Swordsman
0.46% Novice Squad Leader
0.35% Novice Fencer
0.31% Novice Image Designer
0.30% Novice Chef
0.25% Novice Pikeman
0.00% Novice Jedi Padawan

Notes: This list includes characters that were created but potentially never used (it doesn't include deleted characters).

Percentage of characters in specific factions

Live server report date: Oct 20th

76.06% Neutral
13.59% Rebel Covert
7.87% Imperial Covert
1.09% Rebel Declared
1.39% Imperial Declared

Notes: There are 10% more factioned players than in early September. Rebels currently outnumber Imperials by 63%. We need to find ways to encourage more players to join the Empire as covert agents.

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