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Player Screenshot of the

   Player City Gardens
Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo mayors, want to spruce up your player city? How about adding a large, medium, or small garden with a gazebo, fountains, a gnarled tree, or a meditation area to your city? Just craft a deed and pick a garden (out of 15 choices) that's right for your tastes.

For a more "exotic" feel, choose a garden type transplanted from Dantooine, Dathomir, or Endor. (Note that, while these "exotic" garden types can be placed on any planet that you can build player houses on, the Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo garden types can only be placed on their respective planets.)

Note the game only displays the gardens by name. Click on the links below to preview what your garden will look like.



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