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10.3. Player Associations (Guilds)

Player Associations, also known as guilds or clans, are one of the cornerstones of the SWG community. The benefits of joining a PA, in addition to the benefits of belonging to a large group, includes extended community tools, ranking systems and special tags (after one's name).

The first step in creating a PA is purchasing or crafting a Player Association Hall deed. PAs are meant for multiple players so they take a lot more resources and maintenance than regular houses. The deed itself can only be made by Master Architects. For the most part, PA Halls follow the same rules as individual housing and includes a standard Structure Management Terminal for paying maintenance, setting entry permissions and the like. (see Player Association Hall layouts)

After you have placed your Player Association Hall (which requires 7-9 lots), you can begin to create your guild. The first step is to give your PA a name and an abbreviation. This must follow the same rules as character name creation. The abbreviation will show up after your name to other players (example "Jacul <SWGDA>"). You will then need to start recruiting members because PAs with only one member will automatically disband after several days. Note, other members in you guild can create their own guild halls that automatically become part of your guild.

All of your commands will be handled with the Guild Management Terminal found within your PA Hall. Your PA will continue to function if the PA Hall is re-deeded, but you won't be able to change anything without having access to the terminal. Using the radial menu on it, you will see the following options:

Guild Management

  • Guild Information: Displays info on your PA such as how many members are in your Player Association.
  • Guild Enemies: Lists enemy PAs. You can add PAs to this list. Note that this works similar to dueling. Your enemy must select you as their enemy as well. Once they do, members of both PAs can fight each other freely.
  • Disband Guild: Use this when you want to delete your PA.
  • Change Guild Name: Use this to change your guild's name and/or abbreviation. Note, it takes seven days for the change to occur.

Member Management

  • Guild Members: This will list all members with their titles. You can select one and hit "okay" to bring up the Member Options (see below)
  • Sponsored for Membership: This only appears when you have an invited member who is waiting to be officially accepted (or rejected) to the guild.
  • Sponsor for Membership: Use this to invite other players into the PA. Note, the player must be close to the guildhall and online for this to work.

Member Options

  • Set Allegiance: Selects this character as your choice to be the next PA leader. Each week the system checks to see who has the most votes and makes that person the PA Leader.
  • Set Title: Allows you to set a title for this character. Some PA's have rigid ranking systems, others use arbitrary titles. It's up to you.
  • Kick: Removes this person from your PA.
  • Change Permissions: Allows you to change what this player is allowed to do within the guild (see below).

Guild Member Permissions

+Mail: This member is allowed to send in-game mail to everyone in the guild. (disabled until Player Cities are implemented)
+Sponsor: This member is allowed to invite potential new members to the guild. The invited character will not be an official member until officially accepted.
+Title: This member is allowed to create/alter titles for other members.
+Accept: This member is allowed to officially accept or decline invited characters.
+Kick: This member is allowed to remove any member from the guild.
+War: This member is allowed to add other guilds to the enemy list.
+Change Guild Name: This member is allowed to change the PA's name and abbreviation.
+Disband Guild: This member is allowed to disband the entire guild.

Special Guild Commands

/guild - sends message to guild channel
/guildremove - remove target or self from your current guild
/guildstatus - tells you what guild your current target is in, and the target's title in the guild (if any).

If you are looking for a PA to join, check out the Galaxy Forums. At the top of each is a thread about P.A.s looking for members to join.



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