Travel Guide
Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things... but you do! Here we present ten cool adventure locations. These aren't themeparks, battlefields or random missions, they are places to go and kick some tail.

Zicx Bug Bomb Quest

Overheard in a cantina on Rori:
"It's Goru something, not sure of the name. He went into hiding a long time ago. He used to be some kind of hotshot weapons designer before those problems started. Apparently, both sides of this war wanted a piece of him. Anyway, I think he's the only one in the galaxy who can build the Zicx bug-bomb... What's the Zicx... uh, I probably shouldn't have said anything. Just forget it okay. Trust me, it's more trouble than you want to deal with."

Naboo Kidnapped Royalty

Transmission picked up on Naboo emergency frequencies: 
"I repeat we are located at coordinates -1500 by -1730. Please send help. These pirates are holding several members of the royal family and intend to execute them if their ransom is not met. They believe their base is still secret. I repeat, send help to coordinates -1500 by ..."

Nighsister Spider Cave

Legend told around scout camps at night:
"It is unknown how a clan of Nightsisters came to inhabit a cave so close to the lands of their most hated foes, the Singing Mountain Clan. Those few who have ventured into the area and lived to tell the tale speak of large gaping spiders working as companions to the Spider Clan Nightsisters... helping with such things as daily chores and guarding the cave. The deepest recesses of the cave are home to the largest of the gaping spiders and even the Spider Clan witches rarely dare those depths. Only the web dancers venture into the deeper areas when in search of new spiders to train, but even they don't know what awaits in the darkest corners of the cave. Some say the cave is near -1200 6250."

Captain Hassk's Rori Gungan Swamptown

Message from Captain Hassk in the Gungan Swamps of Rori:
"Yousa Gungans no wanna deal with them Imperials no more? Yousa tinken them Naboo Gungans actuh like helpless nuna? Isa say we take Rori. Meesa camp isa located at -2060 3300. If yousa tinken Gungans need to be more war like, yousa come see me and bring weapons. If yousa thinken wesa Gungans should be saddled like kaadu, then yousa come see meesa so Isa can spit on you. Ptuh!"

Erran Sif and Company

From the Bothan Spynet:
"Alert, interesting information leaked from Empire. Subject Erran Sif, known Rebel. This individual was in fact a spy for the Empire sent to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance. Imperial agents gave us her identity after learning that she sold Rebel AND Imperial information to the Hutts. Her identity exposed, she has fled from Corellia to Talus. Our spies indicate she is in the vicinity of 2150 - 5625. Beware, she's hooked up with a mercenary crew that includes a number of scary Trandoshans and along with Erran's two brothers: Hirsch and Doak, two very powerful soldiers."

Pygmy Torton Cave

Excerpt from biologist article on the Holonet:
"Many years ago a female torton, her growth naturally stunted from birth, found her way into a cave not far to the Southeast of Narmle (-1815, -4530). She found the cave an environment suitable to her needs: the passages were easy to defend, the proximity to the swamps allowed bountiful hunting, and the interior depths of the cave were a perfect place to incubate eggs. Due to the lengthy lifespan of the species many people say that the matriarch is still there, and since the many years have past, an impressive bale of tortons must inhabit the caves by now. Biologists, take caution when conducting studies for this interesting species."

Fort Tusken

From a personal voice recorder found in a Jawa junk sale:
"We've finally managed to fight off the remaining Sand People from Fort Tusken. As the last one fell, I was overwhelmed with profound pride as the fortress had at last been recovered from the hands of the foul murderers who have soiled its halls for so long. I look forward to sending word to... what's this... another wave of Tusken Raiders has appeared! They seem to fight with renewed vigor and have reinforced their numbers with much more powerful warriors this time. Perhaps my thoughts of victory are far too premature..."

Rebel Occupied Imperial Base

Intercepted Rebel Transmission:
"... repeat, the small Imperial Base in the deep southern hemisphere of Yavin 4 coordinates 4030 -6220 is now under our control. We have little hope of defeating all of the Imperial forces on this Yavin moon, but at the very least we've disrupted their ability to search for others of the Alliance who are stranded here. We intend to hold this base for as long as possible and weaken the Imperial position here as much as possible, but we've already had to defend against a patrol of stormtroopers. Please advise on the availability of reinforcements!"

Mordran, Borvo's Champion

Overheard by Borvo the Hutt:
"Foolish Gungans will now know what becomes of those who cross a Hutt. I have dispatch my most feared champion, Mordran, to bring pain and wisdom to those traders who thought they could back out of a business venture without proper compensation paid to me. Their Sacred Place will be of no protection against Mordran. There is none who can stand up against him and save these Gungans. Ha ha ha. Mordran shall bring me my payment ... in Gungan hide!"

Giant Fynock Cave

Recovered Travel Journal Entries Description:
Day 12: "We had trekked about 2500 meters to the northeast of Dearic when the storm hits. Luckily Trenrel found a cave, so we've taken shelter inside. The cave's eerily silent at the entrance and for some reason we're hesitant to venture much further into the darkness. We safe from the storm, though, so we stay and try to sleep."

Day 13: "We've decided to investigate further into the cave. The path we follow is dark, but it's also large and fairly easy to navigate. It opens suddenly into a vast cavern, and we decide this would be a great place to set up camp. Once the tents are set and a campfire is crackling, the cavern almost feels comfortable."

Day 14: "The attack was sudden and without warning. Several scuttling creatures overran our camp while large flying creatures dove at us from above. As we tried to gather ourselves, I saw Mitsh and Trenrel fall, unmoving and instantly covered by a swarming mound of chittering, insect-like creatures. One of the flying ones struck Yill'uop as she turned to run, but that's when terror took hold of me. In panic I burst down the path to the cave entrance. As I left the cave, I stopped and turned. Two others had been behind me... Heitop and Frann, I think... but there was no sign of them now. I waited nervously just outside of the entrance for what seemed like hours though it was probably only a few minutes. No one else from my group emerged from the cave, but none of the creatures did either. I slept, sporadically, in a tree near the entrance."

Day 15: "Somehow I found the courage to return to the cave. My friends were all dead, but I was unwilling to just leave them. I found some stones and fashioned them into grave markers. Then I began the task of laying my fallen comrades to rest. I only managed to collect and bury two of them today, but at least I have all the grave markers ready. Tomorrow I should be able to finish and then leave this place."

Day 16: "..."