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   Story Arc

Story Arc FAQ

The Cries of Alderaan is an episodic Story Arc broken into three acts. In each act, there are two possible outcomes that can occur. Players effectively "vote" by successfully accomplishing special story objectives. Players who accomplish the stated goal during the act receive a Story Badge for that act. These objectives can be completed at any time during the act, but they can only be done once each per player. When an act is over, players can no longer participate in it.


How big are the story events?
Consider the Story Arc to be icing on the cake. The real Star Wars Galaxies stories happen between you and your friends within the game. The Story Arc provides a series of high profile activities that will give all of you a collective Star Wars experience. Expect at least a couple hours of game play each act.

Will they give out huge rewards?
Do not expect Uber Loot. In addition to receiving the special badge, a player's prime reward is the direct participation in the direction of a galaxy's story. Note that there may be some other rewards and potential additions to the game, such as new schematics or in-game locations.

How hard with they be and are they for all professions?
These story activities are meant to be "Star Wars" adventures. They may involve conflict, combat, and travel. All players are welcome to participate, but these activities are tailored more for the well-rounded character than for specific professions. The difficulty level may vary per player.

After The Cries of Alderaan will there be more Story Arcs?
Potentially, however we've changed our publish structure. Going forward, we will have a theme for each major publish, such as The Imperial Crackdown and Droid Invasion. There will be story missions and live events to accompany these themes. Additionally, we intend to open a new "dungeon" between major publishes (mini-publishes). In the future, we may add more three act story arcs.

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Story Arc FAQ
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