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Player Associations and Grouping
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READ ME FIRST! Guild Encyclopedia!   [ Edited ]
Player Association Correspondent
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Registered: 10-08-2003

PA: The Rikana
Server: Kauri

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Welcome to the Player Association and Grouping forum! In this forum we focus on the dynamics of grouping through various means through meeting casual people or by joining a guild itself. Use this forum to discuss anything that involves guilds or groups!

I'm Rothin, the person chosen by the Developers to be the Player Association Correspondent. What this means is I communicate with the developers in an effort to get Guild or Group related questions answered, and put our most desired features on the table. I also try to maintain a Guild / Group community here in this forum through answering questions, posting guides, and requesting feedback.

This guide will contain all of the basics of starting a guild, as well as advanced tips for leading guilds.

{ { { - Start Here - } } }: The Basic Manual

How to Create and Manage a Guild: A guide to help those new to the process understand how to initially create and maintain a guild.

The Necessary FAQ: Commands and tips all PA leaders should be familiar with.

How to Get a New Guild Leader: An explanation of how to change your guild leader.

The PA Hall FAQ: Anything you might need to know about PA Halls.

The Character Purge and PAs: What to expect, how to cope, how to prepare.

Guild Wishlist: All of the features / fixes we'd like to see with guilds into the future!


Since our Forum now has the addition of group dynamics, I'm going to start this section off with a discussion thread. More to come!

Group Dynamics and Issues: A place to discuss anything group related.

Special Thanks: A huge thanks to all of those who have helped compile the various information included in these guides overtime. And a huge thanks to those of you who continue to provide helpful information to keep these guides updated!

MajorXP, AgekVahoba, Atytula, and Jascentia (The first Player Association Correspondent, now retired and living comfortably on Blue Glowie Island) for their contributions to the various aspects of the above guides.

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Rothin Skyshrine
Player Association Correspondent
"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
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Re: READ ME FIRST! Guild Encyclopedia!
Squadron Leader
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PA: Bounty Hunters Guild
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/jetPack for people to see!

I know it's stickied but sometimes people skip the top to see the regular posts

Villant Telroth
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