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FAQ for Customers   [ Edited ]
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How to Find Stuff in this FAQ

First, scroll through the main categories. There may be a category that helps with your issue.

If you have a specific question, try searching for keywords. On your browser menu, use "edit" and then "find (on this page)" and type in your keyword.

Example: if you are looking for information on bandoliers with storage, type in "bandolier." Keep hitting "find next" until you go through all instances of "bandolier" in the document.

Happy Searching!

Tailoring FAQ for Customers

What can a Tailor do?
A tailor can make clothing that looks fashionable, and with the help of a bioengineer, can make clothing that has stat bonuses.

Bioengineered clothing
Credit to Jame'thiel Dreamweaver's BE Guide and Darksky's BE clothing

How does bioengineered clothing work?
A tailor takes a tissue and puts it in either a synthetic cloth or a reinforced fiber panel. Those go into clothing.

What bonuses are available?
For synth cloth:

  • Injury & wound treatment
  • Entertainment wound healing
  • Wild/vicious creature taming
For Reinforced Fiber Panels
  • Bleed Defense
  • Intimidation & Warcry
  • Melee & Stun Defense
  • Maskscent & Camo
  • Cover
These are the only bonuses available. The rest are from skill tapes (see below).

Why do I care whether it's Reinforced Fiber Panels or Synth cloth?
First of all, the articles of clothing that take reinforced fiber panels are rather limited, so it's not the most stylish, whereas synth cloth is in many more fashionable pieces.
Second, the articles that do take reinforced fiber panels only take one bonus. Therefore, in order to get the full +25, you must wear two articles of clothing. Many items that take synth cloth, however, have 2 synth cloth slots, and therefore will give you the +25 bonus standing alone.

Why do some fancy items cost a lot more, even though the bonus is the same as other items?
Fashion comes at a price. Many of the high-end items require "2 (or 3, or 4) synthetic cloths from a factory crate" which go in the same slot. If that is the case, cloths that must go in the same slot do not stack bonuses. This means the tailor is using two cloths and two tissues for one bonus, and therefore must charge for the "wasted" tissue.

Is there a cap on bioengineered bonuses?
Yes, bioengineered stat bonuses cap at +25, regardless of what your character displays.

Can I bring my own tissues to my local tailor?
Some tailors will use a customer's tissues, and other tailors may not. If the tailor is willing to use your tissues, be aware of three things.

  1. Critical fails are always possible, and you should be armed with extra tissues
  2. The garment you want may require crated tissues, and you may end up wasting a tissue on making the schematic, and then another tissue when the tailor puts 2 identical panels in the same slot.
  3. Be prepared to pay a premium. You're still using the tailor's skill and time, and nobody likes to be treated as a crafting machine. Be polite and courteous and never complain about price.

Skill tapes, Sockets, and Decay
Credit to Padrebook's Skill tape guide

I want four sockets. MWah!
Sockets have been "nerfed" by the wookiee armor patch. Previously, tailors could get 4 sockets 90% of the time. Now it's 10% of the time. It's completely random. If you want 3 or 4 sockets, expect to pay for the redos required.

How do skill tapes work?
You drag a skill tape onto your item and drop it on. Each skill tape takes up one socket.

Why won't my skill tapes fit into my skirt?
That is a known bug which has been brought to the attention of the devs.

Are there limitations on how to apply skill tapes?

  • Armor attachments go into armor, clothing attachments go into clothing
  • There is a maximum of 6 stat modifiers for a piece of clothing, which includes stat modifiers from Bio-Engineered tissues added into clothes items at creation
  • You can only get one skill stat bonus from a tape to stick, with others being lost (i.e. a tape that has 2 or more stat mods will only allow one to stick, see below)
  • Stat mods do not stack, you do not get benefit from putting additional tapes with the same type of stat mod on a single item of clothing as they do not add together
  • If you place a single stat mod tape on a piece of clothing with a higher stat mod of the same type as one that's is already on the item, the higher number will stick
  • when placing an attachment with 2 or more stats, the highest value stats will be the only one applied regardless of the order of which the stats are listed on the SEA.
For a complete guide on how to apply your skill tapes so that the skills you want "stick" you MUST read PadreBook's Guide to Skilltape Application. See also: LordoftheStrings' guide and Imaridril's guide.

What is the maximum bonus?
+25 to a stat, same as BE clothing.

What if my clothing decays?
As of patch 10, clothing that is at 0 condition will be unequippable. So please insure, repair, and if it's not a combat article, leave it at home.

What is the most number of items I can wear which have sockets?
Shirt, pants, vest or jacket, gloves, boots, hat, bandolier, belt. Jewelry does not socket. If you wear a vest you may wear armor bracers, but those take armor attachments.

How many items of clothing can I wear with armor?
You can wear a shirt and a bandolier. That's it.

My backpack is socketed. Can I put skill tapes in it?
No, backpacks do not accept skill tapes. They will simply be placed inside the backpack container.

Loot: Jabba Schematics, Heavy Duty Leather, Heavy Clasps, Crystalline Clothing Treatments
Credit to Ackdel's FAQ

I got an apron schematic as a loot drop. What do I do with it?
A tailor can learn the schematic, and then can use the schematic three times before it disappears from datapad.

How do I know what level tailor is needed to make my schematic?
The schematic should say what skill is necessary to make the item. Often you don't need a master tailor to make the item in question. This is also how you check whether you need a tailor or an architect to make your item.

Does the tailor need any special ingredients to make the limited-use schematics?
Yes, these items require looted components. The looted components used in tailoring are:

  • Heavy Duty leather: for backpacks and crafting aprons
  • Heavy duty clasps: for droidsmith toolkit and weaponsmith toolkit
  • Crystalline Clothing Treatment: for the exotic leotard
  • The tapestry only requires generic materials

What NPC's drop these components?
Nightsisters...Tuskens...Meatlumps. Pretty much all NPC's can drop them, though the number of identical pieces dropped seems directly proportional to the difficulty of the NPC.

I looted exceptional or legendary I a God?
Although when someone asks you if you're a God, you should definitely say YES, exceptional or even legendary leathers, clamps, or clothing treatments are exactly the same as the more mundane varieties.

What can I expect to get for these schematics and components?
No idea. Ask your trade forum. As a rule, the dancer leotards and components are not worth much because dancers don't generally have a lot of money.

So if I give my tailor the schematic and the components, he'll make me my item?
It is really really unwise and rude to treat a tailor as a crafting slave. If you bring your own components and your own schematic, expect to pay generously for the service of making the item. Sometimes a reasonable deal would be to have your item made and in exchange the tailor can use the remianing 2 uses on the schematic to sell items to others.

What's the deal with the aprons? It isn't labeled!
Unfortunately until the tailor "learns" the schematic, he or she does not know what type of apron it is (i.e. chef, doctor, architect or tailor). There is no way to "make" one apron into another, so you're stuck with whatever you get.

How are tapestries different than other looted schematics?
Tapestries are single-use schematics that do not require looted materials.


I love pretty things! How do I find a tailor?
The best way to find a tailor near you is to ask around on your server. Most entertainers have relationships with several tailors. Here is a list of entertainer channels so you can get in touch with local entertainers.

Should I buy clothes on the bazaar?
This is really up to you. Always check the condition of the clothing.

Should I vendor shop or custom order?
There are advantages to both. It really depends on your schedule (i.e. whether you're on at weird hours) and your shopping style (whether you like to browse). I would definitely start out vendor shopping first to become familiar with the garment names, so that you know what to custom order. I would also recommend NOT mixing and matching from different sources. What one tailor considers "red" the other may not. Best to buy an entire outfit from one tailor.

How should I custom order?
First, figure out the garments you want. You can do that by going to an online catalog. Then select the color. Many online catalogs have a color chart to refer to. Then get in touch with your tailor. Most tailors prefer to do business via e-mail because it's less intrusive upon privacy, and at the same time provides an easy reference list of what to make. If you're short on funds, make sure to ask for a price quote up front.

I want red boots and dusters!
Unfortunately not all garments come in all colors. Boots and dusters both come in a drab palette.

What items can I wear together?
Here's a list of items that do not go together...

  • Backpacks and bandoliers
  • Vests and jackets/cloaks
  • Dresses and jackets/cloaks/vests
  • bodysuits and jackets/cloaks (BUT bodysuits and vests do go together)
  • long gloves and jackets (even shortsleeve jackets) - but long gloves work with vests
What items are gender-restricted?
See this chart.

What items are race-restricted?

  • Trandos cannot wear boots, shoes or gloves
  • Twi'leks cannot wear "normal" hats, only special twi'lek hats. However all races can wear the chef hats.
  • Wookiees can only wear wookiee gear, and other races cannot wear it
  • Rodians cannot wear the grand healer robe
  • Mon cals cannot wear long gloves


What is the best way to find a tailor to make components for armor or chef casks?
Because there is no experimentation involved in any component (except wookiee padding) try to find a non-master tailor. Normally, non-masters need cash, while master tailors are usually too busy to make components.

Do I buy crates from a vendor? Have the tailor specially make a batch for me?
Generally this is up to the tailor. Usually it is better to reserve an entire same-serialed "batch" because it makes large factory runs easier

Can I bring my own materials? What about using my own factory
Sometimes it's easier to bring your own materials, get a schematic, and run it in your own factory because the tailor's factory is busy. However, you still should pay the tailor for his or her time. It's very inconvenient to make schematics, and tailors don't appreciate the expectation that they will work for free if they are not using their own resources.

Known Bugs and Issues

The following is a list of all the known bugs and issues, and common problems.

  • Skirts will not take Clothing Attachments
  • Bandoliers are not craftable with storage. Storage bandoliers are pilot rewards.
  • Wookiee vendors will only wear clothing in the "wookiee wear" category. They will not wear armor, chef items, or wookiee smocks.
  • The schematic for the hooded cloak is "missing." There are two "cloak" schematics. The second is the hooded version.
  • The Extremely Revealing Skirt clips badly
  • Clothing at 0 condition is still equippable
  • Grand ball gown, tech pack, simple belt and ammo bandolier never have sockets
  • Non-master tailors cannot colorize third color option of 3-color schematics
  • Certain items have white/white as a secondary palette option which cannot be customized
  • Backpack sockets are nonfunctional
  • Rodian Females cannot wear the Grand Healer Robe
  • There is no craftable eyewear or capes
  • Certain items cannot be worn together:
    • Dresses+jacket/vest/cloak
    • Jacket+long gloves
    • Bodysuit+jacket/cloak
    • Robes/vests under Jackets/cloaks. Yeah, I know, Obi Wan did it, but you can't.

  • Certain items have limited palettes when they should have a full palette
  • 2 (or more) BE-enhanced in the same slot that calls for 2 (or more) identical panels only provide one bonus, and do not stack. See the bioengineering section of this guide for more details. (This is not a bug but a common issue)
  • Ithorian headgear still "breathes" or "wiggles" when dropped in a house or shown in examine.
  • Certain items grant artisan crafting xp, such as the rugged jacket
  • Palette #1 for simple waist wrap is non-functional
  • Belts equip far from the body
  • Certain boot palettes are reversed with the leather palette for the sole, and the REALLY limited palette for the boot part
  • Wookiee smocks are miscategorized under "robes" rather than "wookiee wear"
  • Tailor experimentation shows as "combat medic experimentation" in our skill mods (display bug only)

For other bugs and issues, see the recent top 5 and the Patch 11 buglist (warning: some entries may be out-of-date).

Please PM me with any additions/subtractions/broken links

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