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Star Wars Galaxies
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Swordsman Trainer locations   [ Edited ]
Blue Glowie
Posts: 1114
Registered: 07-03-2003

Server: Infinity

Swordsman Trainer locations:

Talus - Daeric: 552, -2865

Corellia - Kor Vella: -3375, 3285

Tatooine - Mos Espa: -2971, 2032

Rori - Narmle: -5214, -2167

Naboo - Theed: -5382, 4327


Please correct me if those are wrong and feel free to add any waypoints for trainers in Player Cities (dont forget to add the server for those)

Thank you


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Re: Swordsman Trainer locations   [ Edited ]
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Registered: 08-19-2003

PA: Brotherhood of Tartarus
Server: Kettemoor

according to this there is another one in theed - but it has the Rori one listed twice and i'm at work right now so i cannot verify

edit: actually that other one in theed isn't the exact coords, but is close enough to the one listed here that i think it's safe to say is bogus

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Brotherhood of Tartarus
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