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Zig's Ship Crafting Tip #1 - 10 Second Boosters
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Greetings all.  I havent had too much to do and I'm not a reply-to-every-post kind of correspondent, but still feel like i need to contribute some more, so I'm gonna start a weekly crafting tip thread just for kicks.  Many of you may already know these things, others may not.  Here is one I don't see anybody do so much:
Crafting Boosters - Fast with less drawbacks
A clear option when creating a booster is putting all possible points in to speed.  This does create a fast booster but they sure dont last long, and take a ton of time to recharge.  Then your next thought might be well lets put a few points in to energy in order to make this puppy last longer.  My idea of a proper boost length (and an easy one to achieve without a calculator) is approximately 10 seconds.  So you might put enough points into Booster Energy to equal about 10x the consumption rate.
Not a bad idea but there is a better way.
Instead of putting in to energy, put those points into booster consumption.  This accomplishes the same thing, however by not increasing the energy pool, you are allowing your by-default low crafted recharge rate to recharge your booster faster.  For example:
My Mark I booster, before experimenting, is 842.8 Energy, 21.6 recharge, 115.7 consumption rate, and 25.9 speed. 
To bring up the energy to a 10 second boost time takes about 7 points (I got lucky just now with to amazing successes in a row, up to 1180.9 energy - for a 10.2 second boost time).  With the remaining 8 points i can bring it up to a respectable 30.9 speed.  The drawback here is that it will take this booster 54 seconds to recharge.
On the other hand, if i instead put those 7 points into booster consumption, i can bring it down to 86.3 consumption, for a 9.8 second boost time.  But this booster recharges in only 39 seconds!  Still fairly slow recharge compared to what some looted boosters do, but you've got the crafted speed.
Hope this helps

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Re: Zig's Ship Crafting Tip #1 - 10 Second Boosters
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Excellent Post. Ive just started to really look at crafting boosters. For the most part, theres no way that we can compete with the boosters that can be looted and REed.
For example, my YT has a RE10 booster with 2.6k energy, 63.4 regen, 186 consumption, 49 accel, and 42 top speed. Now on crafting a booster with an overdriver. I was able to top the speed and accel but theres no way that i can come close to the stored energy. Granted not everyone loots equipment like this, but we should be able to craft something remotely close.
*Rant off*
Im starting to experiment with the lower lvl boosters to see what will fit my customer's needs.

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