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FAQ about resources
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PA: Night Stalkers
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There are three primary resources Scouts and Rangers deal in.
Meat, Bone, and Hide.

FAQ 1:
All creatures that drop a resource on any planet all drop the same type of resource.    Example - On Endor, if Gleaming Lantern Birds are dropping a Herbivore meat with the name of ABC, then all creatures on Endor that drop Herbivore meat will be dropping the same named meat.  The statitstics will not vary.  There are few exceptions, mainly around a shift time.   However, by and large, all resources on any one planet are alike.  
FAQ 2:
There is no set time to a shift of a resource and all resources shift.   A mediocre resource can be stable for a week to 15 days.  A great resource may shift in today and be gone tomorrow.  A lousy resource can shift in today and be gone tomorrow.  A fantasic resource can last as long as 15 days.  My point, there is no prediciting when and if the resource will shift.  Server resets used to be the set time, but no longer, they can shift at anytime.  A sure way to tell a shift is on the way, "...the creature is scrawny..."  message will be displayed when you harvest.  This means a shift of that resource is coming.  Resource A, let's say Talus carnivore meat, may shift, while nothing else on the server does.  Shifts are not interdependent. 
Rule of thumb:  Get it while the getting is good. it may be gone tomorrow.
FAQ 3:
Servers are independent,  resource names mean nothing, and there are no correlations found between servers with regard to resources.  Chilastra may have great Dathomir animal bone, the Rori avian on Scylla may mediocre and the Naboo leather hide on Bria may be the pits.   They might all have the same name, as the names are randomly generated, much like NPC names.  
Rule of thumb:  No one on another server can tell you what is good on your server, or what will be good, or when it will be good.  If you really want to know, go check the 3d party sites, or even better, go sample.
FAQ 4:
Prices vary from server to server, as the economies vary.   Prices may vary from buyer to buyer on a server.  I was recently getting 50cpu for hide from one guy, while another was offering 80cpu.  That same hide on another server may get no more than 15cpu, or could be worth 150 cpu on a third server.  The only way to accurately set prices for your product is to see what the market will bear, see what people are willing to pay, and watch your trade forums.  Ask other Scouts and listen to the spambots to see what people are buying and for how much. 
FAQ 5:
While the resources do vary from server to server, the creatures don't.  A kreetle is a kreetle is a kreetle (stinking rotten things).  A kreetle on one server drops as much resource as the kreetle on another server.  The names and stats will vary, but the resource type and amounts are pretty constant, within limits.  Yes, a Talus rasp always drops avian meat, regardless of server.
FAQ 6:
Stats.  Different professions want different stats in different resources.   How do you know who wants what?  Ask them.    They will be more than happy to tell you.  Fact is, some of the better docs, armorsmiths, chefs, etc. on my server send out emails with what they want, what planet it is on, and the animals dropping it.   That's handy. 
If y'all want to add to this list, feel free.   I am gonna stickie this for a bit, as there have been a spate of resource questions
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Re: FAQ about resources
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PA: Floor 42 Felons
Server: Bloodfin is your friend. Go your server and current resources under "Creature Resources". Just remember that its player updated so if you find its out of date go update the site.
Others prefer swgcreatures or some other sites but they all pull the same data from
Speaking of go to "advanced search" to answer "What drops resource x on planet y?"

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Re: FAQ about resources
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PA: Project Twilight
Server: Valcyn

more of a tip..... don't waste good resources on scout traps or camps. (never been more than a novice ranger, but I don't see any experimentation points in ranger either)

There are few things that brave men with Rifles and grenades can't blow the living **** out of. "Let's go kill somebody"

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