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   Ranger Profession

Welcome to Ranger profession!
By: Calculus_Entropy   


The Ranger profession consists of skills that allow a Ranger to stay in the wilderness for extended periods of time, assist in the killing of creatures, and increase the yield of resources gained from those creatures.  What follows is a synopsis of the skills a Ranger possesses.



Novice Ranger (title granted: Novice Ranger)

Novice Ranger is available once you have mastered the Scout profession and have acquired 15,000 Scouting experience (xp).  This xp is gained by using your Scout skills to harvest creatures and by successfully sneaking past aggressive creatures (red on the radar) while you are using /maskscent.

Once you train in Novice Ranger, you receive increased modifiers to many of the skills gained in the Scout profession.  You also receive the schematic for the High Quality Camp Kit, and the /areatrack skill.  At this level, /areatrack can only track creatures and only gives a general compass direction towards nearby creatures.


The Wayfaring line (title granted: Wayfarer)

Scouting xp is necessary to level in this line.  Scouting xp in gained by harvesting resources off of creatures and also by using /maskscent or /conceal to successfully sneak past aggressive creatures.

The Wayfaring line contains three skill modifiers and many schematics that will be explained momentarily.  The Skill modifiers are Camouflage (related to the /conceal ability), Burst Run Efficiency, and Terrain Negotiation.  The /conceal skill is very similar in function to the /maskscent skill gained in Scout.  This skill uses the Camouflage modifier to see if you can successfully pass an aggressive creature or NPC without drawing its attention.

The fundamental differences between /conceal and /maskscent are that /conceal uses Camo Kits and can be applied to people that do not have this skill.  Camo Kits are crafted from planet specific components and are only useable on the planet for which they are intended.  For example, the resources to make a kit for use on Dantooine, and only on Dantooine, are Dantooine herbivore meat and Dantooine scaley hide.  Schematics for these kits are granted throughout the Wayfaring line, and the master box.  While you can't craft all of the kits until you reach Master Ranger, anyone who has the /conceal ability can apply any kit to themselves or others.  These kits are made with a Weapon, Droid, and Generic crafting tool and only the number of charges per kit may be experimented on.  Experimentation points are based on your Camouflage modifier.

The /conceal skill is generally more successful against creatures than /maskscent.  There are also certain NPCs that you can sneak past if you are concealed.  These are generally factional (Rebel and Imperial) NPCs.

The Burst Run Efficiency modifier has the effect of lowering the HAM (Health, Action, and Mind) cost of using /burstrun.

The Terrain Negotiation modifier gives added speed to crawling.  Terrain Negotiation for running and walking caps at +50, which is attained at Master Scout, therefore all of the Terrain Negotiation a Ranger receives is applied to crawling speed.

The Frontiering line (title granted: Frontiersman)

Wilderness Survival xp is necessary to level in this line.  It can be gained through the use of camps, crafting camps and traps, and successfully catching fish.

The Frontiering line gives modifiers and schematics that apply to camping and foraging.  As you progress through the line, more camps become available via schematics.  Camps negate the 15 second "call time" associated with calling vehicles, pets, and droids.  Camps are also able to auto-heal wounds in a similar fashion to a Medical Center (the largest camp, the High Tech Field Base, has the same healing modifier as Medical Center).  Note that camps cannot be experimented on.

This line also increases the modifier for the /forage ability.  This ability is used to acquire bait and food buff items.  The food buff items are usually small buffs with very short durations. 

The Tracking line (title granted: Tracker)

Scouting xp is necessary to level in this line.  Scouting xp in gained by harvesting resources off of creatures and also by using /maskscent or /conceal to successfully sneak past aggressive creatures.

The Tracking line has 3 modifiers in it.  The first is Creature Knowledge.  As this modifier increases, it allows you to see more information, about a creature, such as special attacks and creature levels, when you examine the creature.

The next modifier is Creature Harvesting.  This modifier simply allows the Ranger to harvest a larger quantity of a resource from a creature as the modifier increases.

The final modifier is the Creature-to-hit modifier.  This modifier improves your accuracy versus creatures.

This line also contains improvements to the /areatrack ability.  As you train in the line, more options become available.  Some improvements to the ability include:

  • Increased radius of tracking (up to 500m maximum)
  • Additional information as to the whereabouts of your quarry (i.e. direction and distance to quarry)
  • The ability to track NPCs
  • The ability to track PCs.

Special Notes on Tracking:

Tracking is a useful skill, but it is not foolproof.  The most important thing to note when trying to understand the /areatrack ability is that a Ranger cannot track what isn't there!  This means that if a creature hasn't spawned yet, we can't track it.  It also means that one could theoretically move 10m, and have the creature spawn on them.  The next thing to take note of is that Rangers cannot make things spawn.  Rangers are at the mercy of the spawning system like everyone else.

The Trapping line (title granted: Master Trapper)

Trapping xp is used to level in this line.  Trapping xp is gained by successfully trapping a creature.

The Trapping line contains modifiers for the Trapping and Rescue abilities.  The trapping modifier allows you to trap bigger prey as you increase in skill, and applies to Scout traps as well.  Rangers are also granted 2 new schematics for traps.  The Flash Bomb trap administers an area effect Blind state and the Sonic Pulse trap administers an area effect Stun and Dizzy state.  Note that traps cannot be experimented on.

The other modifier gained throughout the Trapping line is the Rescue modifier.  As this modifier increases, a Ranger has more success at using the /rescue ability.  The /rescue ability is similar in function to the /taunt skill in the Brawler tree; it causes all enemies attacking your current target to attack you as long as your current target is not attacking them.

Master Ranger (title granted: Master Ranger)

The Master Ranger box grants additional modifiers to most Ranger related skills as well as granting both melee and ranged defense (+10 to each).  A Ranger also obtains the final Camo Kit schematic (Dathomir) here.