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Musician Bug Thread - Updated 2/5/05   [ Edited ]
Musician Correspondent
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Registered: 09-23-2003

Server: Tempest

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Here's a tracking of the bugs currently affecting Musicians on Live.
Please see the post following this one for notes regarding categorization, and the purpose of this thread.

Confirmed reproducibility:

  • /changebandmusic causes players to animate and produce sound without providing any Entertainer game mechanics.
    To reproduce, have a player playing music in a group with another player who is not playing music, but has an instrument equipped. The player playing music types "/changebandmusic songname" where songname is the name of a song that the player who is not playing music is certified for. The player will animate and will produce sound, but other players will not be able to /listen to him ("playername is not playing music"), the player will not be able to flourish, and /stopmusic will not have an effect (the player must take a step to stop the animation).

  • /changebandmusic causes droids to play music without flourishing.
    This bug is almost certainly of the same root cause as the previous bug. To reproduce, have the droid that is not playing music grouped with a player playing music. The player playing music types "/changebandmusic songname" where songname is the name of a song that the droid has a recording for. The droid will play music but will not respond to bandflourishes. Stopping the playback via the droid's radial menu ends the bugged playback.

  • A player listening to a Musician who does /stoplisten can cause a break in the music on the Musician's client, followed by the introductory part of the music as the music resumes.
    When someone listening to a Musician uses /stoplisten, it can cause the Musician to stop listening to himself. (The Musician normally listens to himself so that the Musician can hear the music and so that the Musician can heal himself). The break happens when the Musician stops listening to himself, and the introductory music happens when the Musician automatically begins to listen to himself again (to fix a previous bug where the music would just stop). Instead, the root cause of the problem should be fixed so that the Musician does not stop listening to himself at all. Note that this bug also plagues Dancers, and with more potentially harmful effects to game mechanics.

  • Artwork for Ithorian Musicians playing music is the same as for other species, making it appear that the Ithorian is stabbing himself in the neck with the instrument.
    This bug is self explanatory. Could be fixed with a stethescope-like attachment that would connect the instrument to both mouths of the Ithorian.

  • No ability to store the Nalargon or Ommni Box without moving away from it.
    Since Musician is a performance-based profession, appearance is important, and it is not acceptable to have to move away from an instrument to have it disappear. There should be an option on the instrument's radial menu to store it.

  • The Nalargon and Ommni Box can be moved by any player, leading to player grief.
    Any player has the option of accessing "Play Instrument" on these instruments' radial menus. When a player selects that option, the instrument snaps to the player's location, even if the player cannot play the instrument. When moved far enough away, the instrument autostores itself. This has been used to grief players trying to use these intruments, and should not be allowed.

  • When a Musician calls a Nalargon or Ommni Box on a Player Theater stage, the instrument is nowhere in sight and not targetable.
    It is suspected that the Nalargon or Ommni Box actually spawns below the theater stage (see related droid bug below). Because of this bug, these instruments are not usable on the Player Theater stage.

  • Droid effects are not shown on a Player Theater stage when the droid is on the stage.
    The effects actually do occur below the stage, as can be seen by bringing a droid to the edge of the stage, where parts of the effects will show through the wall below. This renders the droid effects useless for shows on the Player Theater stage.

  • Entertainer game mechanics (healing/buffing) do not occur on the Player Theater stage.
    Because the Player Theater stage is considered "outdoors," the healing and buffing mechanics that an entertainer should be able to perform at the theater can only be done in the backstage area - not where an entertainer would rightfully put on a show.

  • Musician missions are labeled "Dancer" under the Mission Type on Entertainer Mission Terminals
    While the mission description and category rightfully describe the missions as Musician mission, the Mission Type in the Details of the mission is mislabeled.

  • There is no feedback for Musician buffs
    A Musician applying a buff has no feedback to indicate that a buff is being applied, nor any feedback that the buff was successfully applied after it is finished. Among other problems, this allows for players to claim that the buff did not work and refuse payment or demand refunds even if the buff was applied successfully.

  • Musician flourish animations are tied to the flourish sounds, and won't appear without the sounds.
    In order to see Musician flourish animations, you must be /listening to the musician/band. In addition, you must have sound enabled in the sound tab of the options. If you /listen to one group, you do not see the flourishes of another group. The visual aspects of the profession should not be restricted because of the auditory aspects of the profession.

Reported but not yet found to be consistently reproducible:

  • Reports of Musician group buffs not working (no buff being granted at all).
    Can anyone give specific steps to reproduce this?

  • While getting buffed by a Dancer and a Musician at the same time, the Dancer buff will not work (no buff granted) unless the player getting buffed performs /stopwatch while still listening to the Musician (if /stoplisten is done before /stopwatch, no buff).
    This is supposed to have been fixed by now. Is it still bugged this way?

  • Reports of Ommni Box flourishes not showing animations.
    There have been a few scattered reports of instances where a player on the Ommni Box was not displaying animations when performing flourishes. If anyone knows how to reproduce this bug, please report it.

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-Scipionus Mentus Master Musician, Master Entertainer, Dancer - Tempest

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Re: Musician Bug Thread   [ Edited ]
Musician Correspondent
Posts: 1008
Registered: 09-23-2003

Server: Tempest

I'd like to keep a bug tracking thread that I can look to whenever a dev might be poking around for something to fix. This should not prevent you from using /bug or reporting bugs in the appropriate threads (for example, when a publish comes through), but is meant for my reference and also so that people coming across bugs for the first time can check if their bug is a known issue.

Please list a bug here if it's not yet listed. As with all bugs, the more information we can give about how to reproduce it, the better (some bugs are fairly easy to reproduce). I'll add the bug to the list, and at appropriate times I can show the list to the devs so that they can pick off the ones they think are doable in their schedule (e.g. quick, easy fixes are better candidates while a lot of effort is devoted to the Combat Upgrade).

Please Note: Whether the bug is listed in the "Confirmed reproducibility" or the "Reported but not yet found to be consistently reproducible" section is based on *my* knowledge, not that of the devs. Do not feel slighted if your bug does not appear in the "Confirmed reproducibility" list - even if I haven't personally seen a bug, if many people are reporting it as a Musician issue, it's my job to take that to the devs, and I take my job seriously.

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-Scipionus Mentus Master Musician, Master Entertainer, Dancer - Tempest

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Posts: 9
Registered: 10-03-2004

PA: Sentinal Plains Militia
Server: Ahazi

Musician Buff not working in group, except with /setperform

Erif Avisrae - Master Ranger, Master Scout, Master Rifleman.

Etwa Ogranow - Master Musician, Master Doctor.

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Community Elder
Posts: 986
Registered: 05-05-2004

Server: Corbantis

OK Scip I'll start with a couple of the obvious ones:

1. /changeband bug - if an entertainer is holding an instrument but not playing or a playback droid is grouped but not playing changeband will start their animation and the performer will start playing the base music but they cannot flourish or stop playing until they move around a bit.

2. duel buffing - The dancer buff only takes if the buffee stops watching before they stop listening.

3. /stoplisten - if someone stops listening to me my own sound stops and after a pause I hear the opening sound for the song playing before picking back up in my flourishes.

4. buff banking - This may be fixed based on recent complaints from some combatants but should be tested. I won't describe how it happens here, it is fairly well known but I'm not helping to spread the knowledge.

Admittedly overall musicians are in pretty good shape mostly fit and finish bugs except that stupid changeband bug.

Elwyn LyteFoot - Corbantis server

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Community Advisor
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Registered: 03-30-2004

PA: True Entertainers
Server: Bria

I think the banked buff exploit has been closed up.  I hope so at least because well, it's cheating.   I got into a mildly heated discussion with a combatter once when I said I would not do it.  Finally had to put the guy on /ignore..anyway back on topic.
1.  The bug that causes music on the musician's speakers to stop when an cusomter /stoplistens to the musician
2.  The /changeband bug Lytefoot noted above
3.  Ithorian musician stabbing themselves in the neck with any wind instrument (not so much a bug as was put in this way TH once mentioned they had considered a stethescope type attachment to go to their mouths)
4.  The inability to pick up one's own Nalargon/Omnibox after you are done with it in a public cantina.  Currently the only way to get it to store is to walk far enough away for it to autostore
5.  The ability for anyone to move your Nalargon/Omnibox and leave you animated mid-air.
6.  Nalargon/Omnibox targetting (I can't but help think this is a bug no other intsturment requires you target it)

Shailas V. Zann
Master Musician
Master Entertainer

"Guess what!?! I gotta fever!....And the only prescription is more cowbell."

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Wing Commander
Posts: 1500
Registered: 06-29-2003

PA: Visit the Entertainer Memorial - Bria

I like both lists, but have a couple of concerns about what could happen when these bugs are fixed. 
When someone uses /stoplisten, our song stops and restarts.  That's really the most reliable way for a Musician to tell whether or not a buff worked, because he then knows that the system read a /listen and a /stoplisten.  Once the /stoplisten bug is fixed, we will have no way of telling whether or not buffs worked unless there is a new buff interface added in the meantime. 
I fear that when the targetting issues with Ommni Box and Nalargon are fixed, we will no longer be able to share our instruments with other Musicians.  Perhaps, these could be made targetable only by Musicians or something so multiple people could still play the same instrument?  It could also be nice if the instrument were anchored to the ground, unmovable except by the person who dropped it, but still playable by others. 
Other bugs: 
Player Theaters stages don't allow for Nalargons, Ommni Boxes, Droid Effects, Healing, or buffing
There is no scaling increase in Ent Mission payout based on Musician's skill
Music missions are labeled "Dance" under the Mission Type (for that matter, Dance missions picture a Nalargon in the mission description)

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Interior Decorator
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Server: Starsider

#1, hands down, the absolute biggest problem that's bugged me since I applied my first buff as a Musician.
If I can't even prove I buffed someone, how the hell am I supposed to charge them for it?

Musician Dev Pro Tempore
A Jukebox plays finer music than any Musician is capable of playing.
No terminal should ever be better at a skill than a player. Disturbing, this is. Meditate on it, I must.

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Squadron Leader
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Registered: 07-25-2003

PA: Four Rivers
Server: Bria

If you go into options and uncheck the box that states enable sound, under the sound tab, all musician flourishes cease to produce any visual animation to the user. You can circumvent this by turning down the master volume, but the fact that the musician flourish animation is directly linked to the games sounds output can be considered among the smaller issues.

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Re: Musician Bug Thread
Musician Correspondent
Posts: 1008
Registered: 09-23-2003

Server: Tempest

All posts previous to this one have been catalogued. Thanks for the bug listings so far, everyone!

-Scipionus Mentus Master Musician, Master Entertainer, Dancer - Tempest

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