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Star Wars Galaxies
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Zicx Bug Bomb : walk Through
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Quest starts in Narmle, on Rori, guys name is Gory Raincaller, he is located at -5427 -2233 on the NW side of starport . From there you are going to travel to Tatooine to Bestine then from there run down to Wayfar. Once you hit Wayfar, you are looking for Jowir he is located at -5251 -6551, once you talk to him he is going to direct you to go a short distance outside of town and take out about 4 Valerians, once that accomplished go back to Jowir he gives you a jar of Zicx bugs. At this point he will direct you to Palu, she is on other side of Wayfar at loc -5046 -6587, she is going to direct you to go rescue her little sister, again is a short distance out of town, with 4 or so Valerians to kill again. Go back to her she will "award" you a jumpsuit that is treated with +25 to disease resist. It only lasts for 24 hours and I assume that it just becomes a tan jumper.
Now you must go to the Sarlaac...loc is -6183 -3371, run out there, and remember to put the jumper on. Once there you will target the Sarlaac and it will allow you to get a sample of his Bile. Once you have it time to head back to Rori to Narmle and see the weaponsmith Gory again same loc as above. You must pick up the Bile and the jar of Sicx bugs and hand it to him. It take a few minutes then he gives you 5 Zicx Bug Bombs....stats are ....

Armour Pierce medium
Attack speed 6.0

Min Dmg 370
Max Dmg 580
Radius 7
Wound 7

Ideal range 20 +10
point blank -10

Is it worth it....prolly not
but heh I did it so if can use em maybe you can limp along when you are in theese locs. I wouldnt if you cant use grenades.

you recieve 1 stack of 5 of theese btw

Bolla Q'Wain

Delta Company

1st Battalion,1st Division

47th Imperial Expeditionary Force

Imperial Army


08-15-2003 11:51 PM  

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