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Content Database: Nym's Quest
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By Tiveria

Quest Starting Location: Nym’s Stronghold, Lok (/way 474 5545)
Rewards: Nym's Slugthrower Carbine, badge

Working For Jinkins
  1. Recover Droid Memory Chip (Droid Cave (/way -3000 -660)

  2. Turn left at the first junction.

  3. Go to the back of the cave near the Hacker.

  4. Answer the Computer Questions

  5. Color = Orange

  6. Math = 720

  7. Joke = Sir!

  8. Search the droid, and you’ll get a memory chip.
  9. Go back to Nym’s.

  10. Open your inventory and drag the memory chip onto Jinkins. Talk to him.

Working for Kole
  1. The Gas Mine (6464, 3929)

  2. Go to the Air Filtration Unit at the back of the cave.

  3. Search the Air Filtration Unit, and you’ll get a Gas Filter Canister.

  4. Go back to Nym’s

  5. Open your inventory and drag the Gas Filter Canister onto Kole.

Working for Nym
  1. Research Bunker (892, -4180)

  2. The Grenade is in a crate on the right side of the base.

  3. The Data is in a computer on the left side of the base.

  4. Go back to Nym’s.

  5. Open your inventory and drag the two items onto Nym.

  6. When you talk to him, you’ll gain a Slug Thrower Carbine and a badge.

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