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GalaxiesVariety: TheatreManagerQuest ...

Theatre Manager Quest (spoiler)

by K'vera Leann Ni- Sti


It's been long awaiting but finally we get something that can be classed as 'content' – an alternative way to fill our time!

So you want to be a star? Chatting it up in the cantina with the locals just isn't going to cut it I'm afraid. Not yet anyway...
First you need to register with your local theatre manager who will organise an audition for you before a distinguished panel of judges. As one would expect they hang out backstage chatting with the Musician and Dancer Trainers.

Don't jump in feet first though, remember this is a theatre – poise and grace. Be sure your attire is suitable and that if you are a musician that it is warmed up and in tune. Only then should you confirm that you are ready to take the stage.

Quest #1 – The Audition

Requirement: Dancing II or Music II
Goal:You will have just 30 seconds to make your way onto the stage and stand ready before the judges. Some of them can be quite unnerving so no matter how long they make you wait, do not say or do anything... just wait until they give you instructions. Expect to play certain phrases of certain songs at their request, whatever you do do not stop playing... just keep right on (i.e. use /changemusic command).

Example: Notice the 2 flourishes, change, 2 flourishes pattern
Judge 1 – «Please Start with Basic 2"
5 seconds later
Judge 2 – “Perform Flourish 2"
5 seconds later
Judge 2 – «Perform Flourish 5"
2 seconds later
Judge 3- “Change to ...»
3 seconds later
Judge 1 “Perform Flourish 1"
5 seconds later
Judge 2 – «Perform Flourish 5"
5 seconds later
Judge 3- “Stop...” (?)
They will indicate if you fail immediately, in which case you need to rehearse a little more and temper your enthusiasm.

NOTE: You need to keep track of the twenty four hours before you may audition again yourself, the theatre manager does not tell you how long it has been since your last audition. Also, bear in mind that the twenty four hours is of server up-time, not real time, so do not be surprised if you come back to the theatre at the time you failed the night before and still cannot try again. (Sassira)

If however they do not fail you...
...the theatre manager will confirm that they think you have talent and suggest you go back to the cantina and get the word out that you are on you way to being a star. That's right... cultivate a fan club! It doesn't have to be large as we all have to start somewhere.

Quest #2 – Advertising...

Goal: Entertain 10 people
Failable: No
Reward: Entertainer Rank One

This is achieved by people being entertained by YOU as an individual with /watch or /listen. It is advised they do a /stopwatch or /stoplisten first.
When you have your fan club it is worth talking with the theatre manager again as they will be able to organise some small performances for you.

TIP: If you are doing the musician quest and dance as well or vice versa... people watching you will still count towards your entertainment count as it is the entertainment that counts, not the actual entertainment discipline.

TIP: Starports seem to be a very effective way of getting these quickly. Station yourself near the drop off point and target people as they come to and fro and use the following aliases (or similiar).

questwatch: /tt Please can you /watch me for just 2 seconds? I have an audition in the theatre and if I pass I will be able to study the new 'Theatrical' dance, thank you!;

questlisten: /tt Please can you /listen to me for just 2 seconds? I have an audition in the theatre and if I pass they will give me the new 'Western' song score, thank you!

BUG: On the advertisement missions, sometimes the 10th / 20th / 30th person to listen to you gets the system message instead of you... he/she aslo gets the “You have reached rank one.” message. This happened to my on the first advertisement mission on Bria, but when I went to talk to the TM, she let me progress. (- LeBob)

Quest #3 – “First Show”

Requirement: Entertainer Rank One
Goal: Perform your dance or music so they are satisfied
Audience expectation: 1 song, 1 flo preferred, 1 flo disliked


Preferred songs: Waltz
Disliked Song:None
Preferred Flos:4
Disliked Flos: 3

A word of caution... entertaining is about providing the audience with that they want so it is worth spending a little time getting to know their likes and dislikes before taking the stage.



Quest #4 – Advertising...again...

Goal:Entertain 20 people
Reward:Entertainer Rank Two

Quest #5 – “Second Show”

Requirement:Entertainer Rank Two
Goal:Perform your dance or music so they are satisfied
Reward: 1,500cr
Audience expectation:2 songs, 2 preferred flos


Preferred songs: Starwars 1, Starwars 2
Disliked Song:None
Preferred Flos:3, 5
Disliked Flos: None

TIP: If you use the /conv technique above you should be ok, but it is worth having some friends with you to canvas the audience on your behalf and report back.

Quest #6 – Advertising...again...again...

Goal:Entertain 30 people
Reward:Entertainer Rank Three

Quest #7 – “Third Show”

Requirement:Entertainer Rank Three
Goal:Perform your dance or music so they are satisfied
Audience expectation:2 preferred songs, 1 disliked song, 3 preferred flos, 1 disliked flo


Preferred songs: Waltz, Virtuoso
Disliked Song:Jazz
Preferred Flos:2, 5, 7
Disliked Flos: 8

The Reward

To qualify for the reward from the Theatre Manager you must fulfill the following criteria:

If you fulfill the criteria you will be rewarded with the script for the new song «Western" or the new dance «Theatrical".

Now you're a star... get out there and take the galaxy by storm!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I fail the quest? You have to start over with that quest after waiting 24 hours. Also server reset will not effect this timer so it is a true timer, like those used in faction bases.
  2. How do I know how may people I have Entertained? Every time that some one selects you to watch, during the advertising quests. You recieve a system message stating the person that watched you and the number of people left. I recommend that you customise the chat colour to highlight the entire sentence when the words 'entertained' (or whatever it is, can't remember off top of my head) in another colour, like bright pink, so that you see them as they appear in the chat window. If you haven't got one already, create a separate system messages tab so that you can scroll back and look over them easily if you do miss them.
  3. All of the Theaters have Managers, can I start multiple quests from each of the Theaters? Absolutly not, all Theater Managers are linked. After you get a quest you get the standard, finish your quest dialogue from all of them. Also this means that you can travel around to different cities and not have to travel all the way back to the theater you started in.
  4. What else does my entertainer rank give me access to? The rank is currently being used only for the Theatre Manager Quest to our knowledge. One last note of the Rank, there is no command currently to see your rank and it does not display on your character sheet.
  5. What is with those audience members? The Audience will give you suggesstions on what they would like to see / hear or not see /hear, this includes specific dances / music, flourishes, and spectacles.
  6. How do I get a high rating during the quest? Use flourishes, spectacles, and the dances / music the audiance wants to see or hear.
  7. What happens if I don't have the required 400,000 experience points stockpiled? (by Nancy J?) You still receive the schematic but you will be unable to learn it until you fulfil the required criteria. When you do fulfil the criteria, it will ask you to confirm to tradingin the xp to learn the schematic.
  8. After I get the new dance/song, what next? Perform them of course! Dancers will need to practice Theatrical quite a bit to become proficient. At some point they will be told they are proficient in the dance and should seek out someone to teach advanced moves. The choreography teacher in the back of the theater will thean teach Theatrical2. (Untested? – Tiaga Kanuh)

Red-Dwarf – Thank you for the feedback
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