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Q) What should I grind for the crafting tree?

A) Make Biological Effect Controllers until you get the schematic for Advanced Biological Effect Controllers.

Q) I have 14 skill points that I want to spend on medic, how should I spend them?

A) 5 out of 6 Medics would suggest that you get First Aid II and Pharmacology III. This would use all 14 skill points. This combination would give you the ability to stop bleeds with FAII and the ability to use Stim C’s that have been experimented down to 30 Med use with Pharmacology III. However the one other Medic would suggest that you get Pharmacology IV and use stim pack D’s. These are a bit harder to find, cost more and you lose the ability to stop bleeds.

Q) I have 9 skill points available to spend on medic, how should I spend them?

A) With nine skill points, you can either go for Pharmacology III, which will allow you to use Stim pack C’s or you can get First Aid III, this would allow you to use Stim B’s, have the ability to stop bleeding and it will assist in making your Stims heal more damage per use. Getting Pharmacology III is probably the way to go, this will give you the most amount of healing, but if First Aid is important to you then go with option 2.

Q) I have diagnostics, why cant I heal my damage faster or any wounds faster.

A) The diagnostic skill allows you to heal other peoples damage faster. Due to a bug, it does not apply to yourself, also it does not apply to healing wounds. If you would like to heal wounds faster, you need to become a doctor.

Q) What kind of ingredients are useful for making stims and/or woundpacks.

A) This is a very broad question, but for the most part, you can count on the following:
1) All medical items look for Overall Quality, Potential Energy and Unit Toughness
2) The importance of each is as follows:
For effectiveness: OQ 66%, PE 33%
For charges: OQ 66%, UT 33%
3) Using advance components will greatly increase the overall quality of anything your making, But they require very specific resources.
4) A good practice for any starting medic is to get the scout skill and harvest meat off of any animal that you kill. This will be the ideal organic resource for crafting medical supplies.

Q) What resources do I need for advance components?

A) You will need the following resources:
Advanced Biological Effect Controller: (Used in creating Stims and Wound Packs)
Lokian wild wheat and Tatooinian fiberplast

Advanced Chemical Release Duration Mechanism: (Used in creating Stims and Wound Packs)
Class 4 liquid petro fuel and Herbivore meat

Advanced Liquid Suspension: (Used in creating Stims)
Dantooine berry fruit and Talusian water vapor

Advanced Solid Delivery Shell: (Used in creating Wound Packs)
Dolovite iron and Domesticated oats

Q) How much should I charge for my stims?

A) This varies widely from server to server and even from planet to planet. While you may be able to sell a poor quality Stim B for 1100 on Dantooine on the Tempest server, You may only be able to get 250 for that same stim, on the same planet, on another server. However a general rule of thumb is, Top quality Stim B’s sell for around 1100 and up, anything else sells for less. The best rule of thumb is, check your local market and price them according to what you see.

Q) Is there a macro for crafting?

A) There are macros that can assist you in the crafting process, but there are none that will do the process for you. Crafting goes far beyond the scope of just medic, however you can find some great information on how to create a macro in the following thread:

Q) Can I heal myself without getting the Medic profession?

A) No you cannot heal yourself without being a Medic. In order to heal your self you need the /healdamage skill, this can only be acquired by taking the Medic profession.

Q) Is there a macro for healing myself

A) Yes. “/healdamage self” or “/healdamage” + yourname