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Thread: Base Bust 2: Dust Bowl Death-match!

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    Base Bust 2: Dust Bowl Death-match!

    Base Bust 2 Event

    The SWGEmu Events Team

    Base Bust 2: Dust Bowl Death-Match Event

    On Saturday, Feb 9th, 5PM EST (check your local time here), an event will be held on Test Center Nova in order to test different aspects of the faction bases and overall server stability before they they can be added to Basilisk.

    Everyone is welcome to join. There is a Character builder terminals aka Blue frog in every NPC city so you should be able to fix or build your templates and buff up before the event. Decent armor and weapons, food and poisons too will be provided as well.
    • Imperial players will meet up in front of the city hall at Sector 6 on Lok, -2098 4042.
    • Rebels will meet up at the city hall in Oaisis on lok, -2092 2536.
    Feel free to reply to this thread if you are going to attend. Team would like to have a head count by Thursday, January 31st to make sure they have enough armor and weapons for everyone. Please post your faction, character name and what weapon you would prefer. Of course you are still welcome to participate even if you don't inform as in advance.
    • We will need someone to lead the rebels and someone to lead the imperials.
    • Round one will be a pvp in a neutral area the winner will get to choose whether they would like to attack or defend the base for second round.
    We encourage you to report any findings you have of bugs/exploits/things that are wrong on here

    Event Rules:

    • No bystanders during the event! The only people permitted to watch the event are the QA and EC staff.
    • No outside heals. No outside resurrections. All healers involved in the PVP will be responsible for the healing. There will be no doctors/Combat Medicsís running around with the event healing while covert. You will be flagged Overt.
    This event is a testing event held with hopes of receiving feedback from players in regards to faction bases. The better the feedback we get the sooner we can get bases pushed to the Basilisk server for the entire community. A few items to note during the event are:
    1. Identical sets of Powerups, Foods, Drinks, Spices and Combat Medic Poisons and Diseases will be available on vendors in both cities. Buy only what you need. Leave enough for the next player. Vendor sales of these items will be monitored by QA for buyouts. Credits are free on Nova via Blue Frog. No need to horde.
    2. Armor and weapons will be provided at the best of our ability. Over 80 matching sets of Composite armor are available to each faction. All weapons and armor are pre-sliced. If you donít like the stats you were welcome and encouraged to come early and make your own.

    Please remember that bugs are expected. Report anything you find here, and if you don't know how to report bugs, you can find more info here.

    ~Skill checks for accessing the terminals are in place now, please take a look at the guide in Naikoi's post if you are unsure as to what professions you or your team will need to successfully take down a base.~

    Hope to see you all there.

    ~ The SWGEmu Events Team

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    We are very excited to see you all out again for this next event! PLEASE!! Check out this thread if you are unsure how a base bust works, or if you are unsure what professions you will need.
    Can't wait to see you out on the battlefield!

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    Oh I guess I'll be there, no need to twist my arm about it :P

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    I'll be there as a bystander again!! someone please remember to bring a smuggler for each side!!
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    All skill checks are in place.

    Bounty Hunter 2000 (Investigation II)
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    Commando 0200 (Heavy Weapons II)
    Novice Bio Engineer
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    Fear the pink.


    Cya on the battlefield.

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    Looks good, can't wait.


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    I'll be there, speced to cover the BE slice.

    Do the BE DNA sampling boxes give the bonus to slice? I could come as BE 0040 to test that.
    Haleigh Comette of Sunrunner

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    I might go as a music/dancer to see if you can heal wounds/fatigue while in the base.....always had one during base defense so might roll one just to chill at the back of the base to heal reb minds lol

    Taking down Emu interns faster than clinton

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    I'll be there. count me in. I'll need a good blaster though

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    I'm planning to attend.

    My character is rebel and a BH, so I should be able to cover that terminal if no one else wants to.

    I should be good with the gear I got for the last event.

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    I suppose I could come out of retirement for this one...

    Klu | Lofty | Loftkilla
    vendor at -2014 -4566, Corellia

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    ARMOR AND WEAPONS? who needs em!!! can we get an army of imperials in winged hawt pants vs an army of rebels in regular hawtpants! Let us fight like men and have the unforgivining sun boil our blood and tears!

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