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Thread: Bases are coming!!

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    Think I will make my own armor anyways

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    Buche (Imp), Poisons, Comp, Jawa/T-21, Love you all long time
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    I will try to attend. I'll need to make a character for the Test Center so chances are my name will be JoeTomKata. I will use any weapon available but I would prefer a Rocket Launcher if available. I will wait to pick a faction to see which side outnumbers the other to try to compensate. I love you SWGEmu team, I truly do.

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    ill be there on my Jedl, imp ofc

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashur View Post
    you cant inb4 something like this.

    fu for even trying!

    Haha you're bitter because you wanted to post it <3

    <CULT> Overlord

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bertlast View Post
    Don't make sets better than the one I gave to Chri though.
    ^ what he said

    Quote Originally Posted by scattrrbrain View Post

    wHATS UP?!

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    Just some notes on the bases.

    * Not all features are implemented yet.
    * No skill checks on the terminals except for the smuggler term.
    * Minefields just spawn with the base.
    * Minefields can't be donated or destroyed yet.
    * Mines CAN be donated when purchased from the recruiter. You add mines to the minefield by donating them at the HQ terminal.
    * The DNA term only requires 10 matches to complete.
    * NPCs don't spawn yet with the base
    * Skill enhancements are not yet applied
    * Some of the terminals are not yet populated
    * Covert detectors are disabled.

    Here is what the minigames look like if you have never seen them.

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    [QUOTE=Haleigh;537223]Devs who care about SWG's most powerful and unique feature as much as the players do?

    THE MAYANS WERE RIGHT! The "IRL server" goes offline tomorrow, was fun everyone.

    Slight problem with the Whole Mayan thing they never took into account Ceaser adding in Leap years in 88 BC so if there Calender was right we all would have died in June.

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    6 days til the event. where is everyone??
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    Well I suppose i'll be a rebel and i'll be needing a vibroknuckler as well as a geo pistol. Name Qui'Va.

    --Perhaps a spiffy front page graphic would help draw attention?
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    Damn, I'm never awake at 9am, so I don't think I can make this one.
    Not a Commando
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivojedi View Post
    Considering that I wrote the code to make it that way, yes, I'm sure.

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    <- Mirius. Ill need pvp comp, jawa/t21 and some dots. Cant wait!

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    All I want is a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me
    I plan to be there.
    Tickler - Rebel
    need knucklers
    cure: disease/poison/dizzy
    also fire blankets

    going to use my old support template for base raids
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    I'll be there for sure!

    Stranger - rebel
    Gonna need a PH and some comp armor

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